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Red Robin CEO Tattooed to Hold Up Her End of Bet

Red Robin CEO Denny Marie Post challenged restaurants to improve a key quality metric by the end of 2017 and, if they did, she vowed to get a tattoo of a Red Robin hamburger emblazoned on her arm. The challenge was too enticing to ignore, and the goal was reached almost a year early! In response, Denny held up her end of the deal during a company meeting in Las Vegas and got inked with a “Billy the Burger” tattoo. (client)

Source: USA Today 2/1/17

Supreme-Branded Metro Cards Have NYC Shook

After successfully selling bricks with the iconic Supreme logo, the street wear brand launched a partnership with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority in NYC to distribute NYC metro cards with the red-and-white logo simply because they can. Just like when they sold the bricks, lines at the subway kiosks are out the door.

Source: Huffington Post 2/21/17

American Girl Is Finally Releasing Its First Boy Doll!

The newest member of the American Girl doll family has arrived, and his name is Logan Everett! For the first time in the brand’s 31-year history, they are introducing a boy. Wearing his hipster T-shirt, dark-wash jeans and brown hair, Logan the drummer is the latest push in the brand’s attempt at making more contemporary figures and stories to further diversify the line.

Source: Popsugar 2/14/17

JetBlue Just Surprised Commuters in NYC With A Jamaica Trip

At New York’s Jamaica station, JetBlue and Jamaica Tourist Board teamed up for a tremendous giveaway. Representatives asked commuters to consider trading in their train ticket for something a bit more exciting – a trip to Montego Bay. The trips included hotel accommodations along with airfare out of New York City to paradise.

Source: Travel Pulse 1/30/17

Michelin Cuts Through Marketing Fog with Contextual Advertising

Major tire manufacturer Michelin is tapping into the AccuWeather app for a targeted mobile campaign on the weather brand’s suite of products to promote its wiper blades during rainy forecasts. To promote Michelin Wiper Blades, the auto parts brand started a campaign that targets consumers in locations that are currently experiencing snow and rain. Michelin’s campaign will effectively appeal to on-the-go consumers through its location data. Each ad campaign under the new suite of products will feature weather-triggered criteria, a new integrated ad display and location-based content, specific to each user. (client)

Source: 2/17/17

Stella Artois Launches Third Year of 'Buy a Lady a Drink' Campaign

Anheuser-Busch InBev is providing six months of clean water to someone in the developing world for every multipack of Stella sold, and one month for every bottle sold in pubs. It is introducing limited-edition packs to highlight the program. To help spread awareness, the brand launched two ads that highlight the aim of the campaign: to end the trek millions of women face to collect clean water. The ads will be supported by social media, including a documentary launched on Facebook.

Source: Campaign Live 2/22/17

Pop-Tarts Made Into Pizza, Tacos, and Even “Fries”

Pop-Tart fans can get their fix in New York City with the Pop-Tarts Cafe. After opening up a cereal bar last summer, Kellogg’s has decided to turn the spot into a Pop-Tart themed cafe – but only for one week. Customers can order from a variety of items, like pizza, burritos and fries. Each creation is made for those with a sweet tooth, using Pop-Tarts as the base.

Source: USA Today 2/21/17

BBDO Launches an Eye-Opening Campaign to Name More American Landmarks After Women

Although there are 320 million women living in the U.S. today, only eight percent of outdoor statues are dedicated to women. This number includes road and building names, as well. In BBDO’s new “Put Her on the Map” campaign, the agency attempts to highlight famous women by having public properties named after them. Additionally, the campaign highlights landmarks already named after notable, historic females. The campaign includes videos used to emphasize this issue in a simplistic yet moving way. The video prompts young girls to try to think of landmarks named after women. The concept behind the campaign lies in the idea that, if successful women are not visible, young girls do not have a blueprint for their own potential.

Source: Adweek 2/10/17

RDR Ad Watch-Give A Fuller Life

Little Mended Hearts is a nonprofit that benefits children with heart conditions. Its new online campaign, “Give a Fuller Life,” features an animated story that literally becomes more colorful as contributors donate money. The story begins with a boy named Max in an empty world. By visiting, users have the opportunity to click on buttons with increasing dollar amounts. The more money the user gives, the more Max’s world comes to life. The story was inspired by Max Page, who was born with a serious heart condition.

Source: Rare Disease Report 2/21/17

After 22 Years Under Construction, Gets an Very Unexpected Makeover

To celebrate National Almond Day, Silk decided to update, a URL owned by Gary Almond, a businessman who registered the domain 22 years ago and never updated it. Because Gary was unwilling to sell the URL, Silk created a professional-looking business page for him in honor of the holiday. As part of the overhaul, Silk released a video of the debut of the site to Gary, along with a Q&A video on why he was unwilling to part with the domain and held on to it for all those years.

Source: Adweek 2/16/17

Hater, The App That Lets You Find Love Based on What You Hate

Launching officially on Feb. 8, Hater provides more than 3,000 topics for users to swipe their feelings on. The hand-selected topics will range from polarizing subjects, including: Butt Selfies, Hickeys, Coachella and Halloween. Users will swipe up if they love it, down if they hate it, left if they dislike it, right if they like it or click through for no opinion on the matter. Hater will then use a complicated algorithm to match consumers with people with whom they can hate on things.

Source: Mashable 2/2/17

The Honest Company Celebrates ‘Honest Moments’ Like Childbirth in Its First Brand Campaign

Co-founded by Jessica Alba, the Honest Company is launching its first brand campaign, “Honest Moments.” It all starts with birth with “The Big One,” a 60-second spot featuring real mothers telling their birth stories – complete with actual footage. While it doesn’t promote a particular product, it serves as an encapsulation of the brand’s “For this moment. For every moment.” tagline. Other spots promote particular products, including “The Personal Stylist,” which features a new mom picking out her infant’s outfit and equating it with office culture.

Source: Adweek 2/22/17

Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks Teamed Up to Make the Prettiest Water Bottles

Popular fashion brand Lilly Pulitzer and mega-coffee brand Starbucks teamed up in an unlikely partnership with S’wells to create four water bottles in never-before-seen prints from the Lilly Pulitzer Studio. The new bottles keep beverages chilled for 24 hours and hot ones warm for 12 hours, and are now available at 4,000 Starbucks locations nationwide.

Source: Brit + Co 2/13/17

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