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Sprite’s Adding Rap Lyrics to Soda Cans, And We’ve Got Some More Ideas

Sprite is getting into the rap game with the "Obey Your Verse" campaign. Sixteen limited-edition cans will pay tribute to some of the most iconic rap lyrics, while four rappers were honored with their own sets of cans including Drake, Nas, Rakim and Notorious B.I.G. Some of the lyrics include "Started From the Bottom Now We Here" and "Lyrically I’m Supposed to Represent."

Source: E! Online 6/12/15

Target Swimsuit Campaign Shows Women What It's Like to Love Your Body

Target has launched a new body-positive campaign, “Target Loves Every Body,” to encourage women to embrace their bodies and bring the fun back into finding the perfect suit. The campaign's promotional video features stylist Zanna Roberts Rassi and four bloggers of all different shapes and sizes discussing their favorite parts of their body while also admitting their problem areas.

Source: Mashable 6/13/15

Perfumes With a Spot of Tea or Coffee

While the idea is not necessarily brand new, L.A.'s Scent Bar is selling unique scents like artisanal coffee or tea. The trend started in the niche and indie perfume market, but notable figures such as Thierry Mugler and Jo Malone have also toyed with these scents making it a bigger and more popular option among buyers today. This trend doesn’t show signs of stopping any time soon, seeing as Barney’s currently produces a branded tea-scented fragrance.

Source: LA Times 6/18/15

Why Celebrities Want You to Join Them in Painting One Fingernail Purple: PSA Puts The Nail in Domestic Violence

Safe Horizon, an organization that supports domestic violence victims, released a celebrity-filled PSA entitled "Put The Nail In It" to "end domestic violence by literally putting the nail in it." As part of the campaign, men and women are encouraged to make a donation and paint their left ring fingernail a shade of purple - the color associated with domestic-violence prevention - and share a photo on Twitter using the hashtag #PutTheNailInIt.

Source: AdWeek 6/15/15

Netflix Spins SoulCycle Emmy Stunt

Netflix is continuing to campaign hard for the Emmys this year with a new stunt at SoulCycle. Netflix sponsored classes at SoulCycle in select California locations with the incentive of a surprise appearance by a cast member from one of Netflix’s top series. This stunt is also not exclusively for Academy members, and is open to anyone in LA who signs up for the free classes. Additionally, all SoulCycle locations in Los Angeles will be providing Netflix-branded water and other types of freebies.

Source: Deadline 6/18/15

Here's What The Terminator Sounds Like Voicing The Waze App

The popular GPS app, Waze, has created a new voice to give users turn by turn directions, and the voice belongs to none other than the Terminator himself thanks to the latest Paramount partnership. Arnold Schwarzenegger loaned his pipes to Waze before his next Terminator installment, Terminator Genisys, comes to theaters on July 1. Users will be able to hear phrases like, “I’m looking for Sarah Connor, but we can go to your destination first.” 

Source: Yahoo! 6/15/15

‘Cop’ Pranks New Yorkers by Pretending to Lift a Cab Off The Ground has lifted stunt pranks to a whole new level. A live trick was held in New York City, when an aggravated meter maid seemed to lift an illegally parked taxi off the ground. Through building a replica NYC cab, staged a fight between a cab driver and meter maid, resulting in the maid showing her hulk strength in front of unsuspecting New Yorkers. The lifting of the taxi was an analogy to show how easy buying and selling a car on is.

Source: Elite Daily 6/16/15

James Murphy Begins New 'Subway Symphony' Campaign

James Murphy has partnered with Heineken and its "Open Your City" campaign to bring commuters musical entertainment through the grassroots Subway Symphony campaign. The point is to change the sound of subway stations through music, which will change from station to station. Both Heineken and Murphy are asking anyone who is a fan of the idea to tweet their support, using the message "I Support #SubwaySymphony." While the MTA has dismissed this project in the past, all remains hopeful that this time the campaign will take off and become a reality.

Source: Rolling Stone 6/15/15

Cheerios to Girls: Don't Diet

Cheerios is taking a stand using female empowerment and urging girls to avoid dieting. A new TV commercial debuted this week in Canada for Multi-Grain Cheerios. The ad features young girls being overwhelmed by “Dietainment,” the use of dieting messages. This ad is part of the brand’s anti-dieting continuous efforts that began in 2013.

Source: AdAge 6/17/15

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