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The Squeezable Mayonnaise Crisis is Coming to an End

Hellmann's took a look at the design of its squeeze bottled mayonnaise and decided it needed an upgrade. The brand has come up with a new design that will eliminate the amount of mayo wasted per bottle. The company believes that this is a very serious problem in America and it needs to be fixed. The company calculated that with the old design, 1,000 pounds of mayonnaise were trapped in squeeze bottles last year; enough to make 32,000 turkey club sandwiches. The new design will improve mayo waste by 60 percent compared to the previous design.

Source: Buzzfeed 6/22/15

Snapchat Introduces 'Tap to View' Controls

Snapchat has released a part of their app where users can now use a “tap to view” option to view messages and stories from their friends. Instead of holding down the screen for as long as 140 seconds, users can now hold down on the touchscreen to view snaps or other stories. This upgrade also includes the ability to add a selfie to a snapcode which appears on profiles.

Source: 7/1/15

Old Spice Launches Weird Video Game That Takes You Through Manly Muscles

Old Spice launched an online video game where players navigate chambers of the shirtless body of Terry Crews, actor, former NFL player and Old Spice spokesperson.  The sequence of events players choose can lead up to two hours of footage with different missions and storylines.  Players can choose to be a cast of characters played by Crews, ranging from a doctor, 80s exercise video weightlifter, sitcom mom and super-villain.

Source: Mashable 6/30/15

The Swiss Tourism Mountain Man in This Interactive Billboard Yodels And Gives People Free Train Tickets

Switzerland’s Graubunden Tourism is well-known for their clever interactive stunts designed to publicize the remote moutin region, and once again, has created another interactive campaign. This year’s campaign targets the “stressed” urban commuters in a Zurich train station via interactive posters. As commuters walk by the posters, a mountain man can see and talk to people who walk past. The gruff guy yodels and beckons the passerby to come visit him at a nearby idyllic mountain village. If they accept, the screen prints out a ticket!

Source: Creativity Online 7/1/15

Pizza in a Cone? D'accordo!

A famed Italian pizza chain is turning America’s favorite fast food into the ultimate convenience for on-the-go consumers. Kono Pizza, which serves pizza by the cone, is planning to expand its franchise footprint in the U.S. with up to 10 new restaurants in locations including Philadelphia, Charlotte, NC and Newport, NJ. The chain, which has 140 restaurants in 20 countries, currently has only three locations in the U.S.

Source: 6/29/15

Amazon's 20th Birthday Party Will Bring "More Deals Than Black Friday"

Amazon has announced that in honor of the company’s 20th birthday, a huge online sale will take place in the US, the UK, Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and Austria. This major event will be available only to Amazon Prime subscribers and will provide more deals than Black Friday. The sale will take place on July 15 for the entire day, starting at midnight ET, with new deals starting as often as every ten minutes.

Source: 7/6/15

McDonald’s Making a Bigger Quarter Pounder

Beginning next month, McDonald’s will be launching the new burger that will weigh 4.25 ounce before cooking and take a different shape. The current Quarter Pounder patty starts out at four ounces precooked then shrinks to 2.8 ounces. The change in the patty is supposed to improve the taste, appearance and texture of the burger.

Source: Fox News 6/25/15

Google And Molson Team up to Make a Voice-Activated Beer Fridge

Molson’s beer fridges are becoming an international sensation for Canadians at home and abroad. The latest promotional fridge out in the world requires people to say, “I am Canadian,” Molson’s slogan, in six of 40 recognized languages with voice-recognition software provided by Google. Once completed, the fridge will open up containing free beer. The next display for the fridge will be on July 10 in Toronto for upcoming PanAm Games.

Source: TechTimes 6/30/15

Maddie Ziegler Fronts Betsey Johnson x Capezio Collab, And She's The Perfect Campaign Star

Classic dancewear brand, Capezio, has partnered with designer Betsey Johnson for a new clothing line and found a face for the campaign in Dance Moms star, Maddie Ziegler. The #betseyxcapezio collection includes cheetah print leotards, quirky T-shirts, lace-up spandex shorts and of course, a sparkly leotard. Johnson herself has said the line has, “the perfect mix of performance, princess, and punk,” and is currently available for purchase. 

Source: 7/1/15

AppleCare Now Covers Worn-Out Batteries

AppleCare warranty service has broadened its coverage to cover worn out batteries, which could extend the life of many Apple customer’s devices. MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pros with a battery at less than 80 percent of its original capacity can be replaced (for free!) under the coverage, since battery replacement for a 15-inch Macbook Pro can cost around $200. In the past, this type of coverage only applied to iPhones, iPods and the Apple Watch. The new coverage will most likely only benefit those who purchased an extended warranty.

Source: Gizmodo 6/29/15

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