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Goose Island Tropical Bacon Burger Makes Sizzling Debut at Hard Rock

Hard Rock Cafe has unveiled its latest burger and beer pairing perfect for summer - the new Goose Island IPA duet! Beat the heat with Hard Rock’s Goose Island Tropical Bacon Burger, featuring a Certified Angus Beef patty brushed with Goose Island IPA glaze and topped with chili spiced bacon, grilled pineapple, mango salsa, chipotle purée, arugula and Cheddar, paired with a cold Goose Island IPA. Visit a local Hard Rock Cafe to try out the new duo and toast to the dog days of summer through August 31, 2015. (client)

Source: 7/8/15

KFC And Adobe Create Comic Books For San Diego Comic-Con

KFC is switching things up with its new Colonel Sanders comic books. The books chronicle the Colonel’s life adventure from sixth grade dropout and gun-fighting gas station owner to fried chicken mogul. The comic books debuted at Comic-Con and some even included collector’s edition comics. KFC also partnered with Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim to sponsor free Wi-Fi for Comic-Con attendees.

Source: brandchannel 7/8/15

Star Wars App Lets You Take Selfies With Vader, Brush up on Lightsaber Skills

As the December 2015 release date for Star Wars: The Force Awakens inches closer, Disney has released its new Star Wars app. The app is available for both Android and iOS and contains a countdown to the film’s highly anticipated debut. Additionally, it provides fans with GIFS, a lightsaber game, movie news and the ability to take a selfie with a Star Wars themed background or one of the franchise’s iconic characters.

Source: Mashable 7/8/15

Mom Creates Clothing Line so Autistic Children Can Learn to Dress Themselves

Lauren Thierry quit her job as a financial news anchor to stay home and advocate for her 17-year-old son who has autism. After seeing how difficult it is for her son to get dressed in the morning, she decided to create a clothing line that would make this daily task much easier. Independence Day Clothing Company designs clothes without zippers, buttons or tags. The clothes are reversible without a designated front or back. There is also an option for a GPS tracker to be installed in order to locate the child wearing the clothing.

Source: ABC News 7/6/15

MasterCard to Allow Customers to Take a Selfie to Verify Online Payments

MasterCard will soon be allowing its customers to use their selfies as passwords.  The credit card company will be launching a pilot program in the fall that allows people to use a facial scan technology to provide identify verification. As a security measure, customers will have to blink in their picture to ensure it truly is them. In order to use this feature, customers will download an app that goes beyond eye color and skin color to provide a confirmation.

Source: 7/7/2015

Doppler Labs Just Raised $17 Million to Create Earbuds That Don't Play Music But Let You Customize How The World Sounds Around You

Doppler Labs CEO Noah Kraft has taken the first step toward bionic hearing by inventing a way for people to change the inevitable natural sounds they hear throughout the day. The new “Here” active listening system contains wireless earbuds that are controlled through a mobile app so the user can customize the volume and elements of their world and inserts them into a unique experience. These earbuds can even be used at a concert to turn up the band’s bass or focus on the singer. The special earbuds also enable users to add sound effects like echoing, reverb and flange.

Source: Business Insider 7/7/15

Semicolon Tattoos Are a New Way to Talk About Mental Health

An inspiring global movement is completely changing the way we discuss mental health – with one simple semicolon. Project Semicolon, a non-profit organization, offers hope to those struggling with depression, suicide, addiction, etc., and encourages people to draw or tattoo a semicolon on their body. The idea behind it – “A semicolon is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author is you and the sentence is your life.”

Source: Mashable 7/7/15

Kat Graham & Jasmine V Named New Brand Ambassadors For Wet N Wild

Fan favorite beauty brand, wet n wild, has named new brand ambassadors and introduced a new beauty campaign called #StayWild. The newest ambassadors include Kat Graham from the Vampire Diaries, singer Jasmine Villegas and actress Brianne Howey.  Each new ambassador has created a look using wet n wild products for fans to try for themselves.

Source: Hollywood Life 7/9/15

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