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Rich People’s Pets Will Soon Have a Better New York City Airport Terminal Than You

Soon, New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport will be launching the first-ever flight terminal for animals. The 48 million dollar project titled “The ARK at JFK” will handle more than 70,000 animals flying in and out each year. The facility will take in any animal type including horses, goats, and even sloths being transported for shows, farms, racetracks and anywhere else all over the world.

Source: Mashable 7/19/15

This Lovely HP Commercial Has The Year's Most Perfect Soundtrack

To promote the first fully integrated 3D scanning desktop, HP appealed to the emotional side of consumers that almost every adult could relate to. The commercial shows a little girl as she rises through the professional ranks and becomes stuck in the workday rut, but then rediscovers imagination and creativity.

Source: AdWeek 7/21/15

Forever 21 Wants to Put Your Face on The Big Screen

Forever 21 partnered with Breakfast, an electronics manufacturing agency, to create a giant, digitally synced adjustable billboard made of cloth, wood and aluminum that turns your Instagram photos into thread. Now through Tuesday, July 28, the machine will be up and running 24 hours a day, rendering versions of Instagram photos hashtagged #F21ThreadScreen while cameras stream it live at - band send users auto-edited clips of their photos being re-created.

Source: Cambio 7/25/15

Dunkin', Spotify Team to Offer Branded Concert Music

In an effort to promote iced coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts has partnered with Spotify to release music and content from Dunkin’s “branded live concert series.” The content will be accessible through social media channels and Spotify platforms, and the campaign includes “pop-up” concerts in Philadelphia, Miami, Boston, Chicago and New York. All of the concerts will be streamed on Periscope. Additionally, artist Christylez Bacon will transform Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffee cups into drums and create original music, which will be released via Spotify and social media channels. Videos, custom playlists and other content from the concerts will be available at

Source: MediaPost 7/21/15

IKEA's New Placemat Helps You Stay Logged Out During Dinner

IKEA has launched a new line for this September called “Sittning.” The collection is made up of limited edition dinnerware, which includes a placemat with a pocket for stowing away your smartphone during meals. The placemat is called “Logged Out” and lets you hide your smartphone to have normal conversations face-to-face with people. The pocket is made up of a thin fabric, allowing you to see bits of the notifications that may pop up during dinner.

Source: Mashable 7/23/15

After Tremendous Fan Support, Fresno Grizzlies Contemplate Permanent Change to ‘Fresno Tacos’

The Fresno Grizzlies, the AAA minor-league affiliate of the Houston Astros, announced that the team would be taking on a new name for one night only. As an ode to taco trucks, the Fresno Grizzlies will become the Fresno Tacos on August 6, complete with uniforms that showcase the new name. Within the first 50 hours of the announcement, fans ordered nearly 900 “Tacos” hats. The team never intended for the nickname to get so powerful. The Grizzlies’ management is now reportedly in talks to consider permanently embracing the new nickname.

Source: The Daily Meal 7/21/15

Look Out Coconut Water. Maple Water Could be The Next Big Thing

Bottled water entrepreneur Kate Weiler is completely changing the water business with the help of one natural element – a maple tree. Drink Maple is maple tree sap, but in its raw form, maple sap is just ground water that a tree has absorbed. Packed with 46 nutrients and a light, sweet maple taste, this water is low-calorie, gluten-free and non-GMO. While other specialty waters are coming from a lab, this one comes straight from nature.

Source: AdWeek 7/22/15

Serena Ryder Tapped For 2nd Quietest. Concert. Ever.

Serena Ryder, known for her hit single, “Stompa,” will be the headliner in the second Quietest. Concert. Ever. This rare occurrence will take place outdoors with the performance beamed to the audience via wireless headphone technology. Tickets for this unique show are free for fans, but they can only be won through contests and giveaways held by Parks Canada.

Source: 7/22/15

Alex Morgan Represents U.S. Women on Historic 'FIFA 16' Cover

Electronic Arts is poised to announce that Alex Morgan will be the first female soccer star to be placed on the cover of its FIFA video game. Alex Morgan will be next to Lionel Messi, the world’s top male footballer. This is the first year EA Sports will add a women’s soccer player to the licensed title. It will feature twelve different national teams: USA, Canada, Brazil, England, Mexico, China, Germany, Australia, Italy, Europe, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden. Christine Sinclar, captain of the Canadian team, will appear with Messi on the cover of the Canadian edition. This new game will go on sale in North America on September 22.

Source: ESPNW 7/20/15

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