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Music Photos of 2015: July – Avicii

What started out in Hard Rock’s hometown of London has made its way to the beaches of Spain! Hard Rock Rising Barcelona took place Friday, July 24 through Saturday, July 25 at Platja del Forum in Barcelona, Spain. One of the top DJs in the world, Avicii, closed out the inaugural festival with a rousing rendition of “Wake Me Up” on July 25. Over two days, thousands of festival-goers witnessed as legendary artists from around the globe performed, including Kings of Leon, Lenny Kravitz, Steve Angello, Robbie Williams, Juanes and more! (client)

Source: Billboard Online 7/27/15

A New Dr. Seuss is on The Loose!

A new Dr. Seuss book has been released, titled “What Pet Should I Get?” The story is about a brother and sister that go to a pet store and are allowed to pick out one pet to bring home by noon. The publisher, Random House, included an eight-page afterword explaining how they discovered the story and also suggested that families in the 21st century shouldn’t purchase animals from pet stores, which PETA applauded. Even though the zaniness of this book may not be as comparable to other books by Seuss, Random House brought the story to life by adding color to the imaginative drawings done by Dr. Seuss.

Source: USA Today 7/27/15

Pantone Adds a Vibrant Swatch of Color to New Cafe in Monaco

The world’s first Pantone-hued café has opened in Monaco. The pop-up Pantone Cafe, which is owned by the Monaco Group and will run through September 9, features decor and a menu that follows the Pantone color system with vibrant hues. Customers can order based on the numbered Pantone colored system, with menu items including Black Coffee (Pantone 19-111), a Decadent Chocolate eclair (Pantone 19-1625) or a Green Salad (Pantone 15-5534).

Source: 7/24/15

Clever NFL Ads Imagine What Friends Would Talk About Without Fantasy

The NFL’s fantasy league just launched the "Friends Don't Small Talk, Friends Talk Fantasy” campaign, which combines fans and NFL players discussing their fantasy squads and the awkward conversations that pop up if they cannot talk about the league. The ad features NFL stars like Victor Cruz, Odell Beckham Jr., Randall Cobb, Eddie Lacy and Antonio Brown discussing their fantasy leagues.

Source: AdWeek 7/27/15

May The Feet be With You: Adidas Unveils Custom Star Wars Sneaker

Adidas has partnered with the Star Wars brand to deliver limited edition, customizable Star Wars sneakers leading up to Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Fans can choose between gold or silver, add Stormtrooper prints and finish with Star Wars-printed laces. The sneakers are priced at $110-$120 and they even have three-dimensional Darth Vadar and Stormtrooper molded backs!

Source: Mashable 7/30/15

Groupon Launches Food Delivery Service

Groupon has officially jumped into the restaurant delivery game, offering 10 percent off every order in Chicago from national chains such as Quiznos, Popeyes, Subway and Papa John’s, as well as Windy City eateries like Ditka’s, Al’s Beef, Star of Siam and Wishbone. The service, dubbed “Groupon To Go,” will expand this fall to Boston, Massachusetts and Austin, Texas, before entering other locales. “Groupon To Go” will be incorporated into Groupon’s massive email program, as well as its mobile app.

Source: USA Today 7/30/15

Fall Out Boy Supports Bring Music to Schools, Bring Music to Life Campaign

In an effort to inspire the next generation of musicians, Hot Topic’s Bring Music to Schools, Bring Music to Life campaign features students from Little Kids Rock non-profit organization and popular music group Fall Out Boy. Hot Topic will offer a variety of in-store promotions during the back-to-school season and will continue to promote its “round-up” initiative, where customers can choose to round-up the cost of their in-store or online purchase, and the difference will be donated to Little Kids Rock, Notes for Notes and the Grammy Foundation. To date, the Hot Topic Foundation has raised nearly $1 million.

Source: Look to the Stars 7/29/15

Women’s Health Encourages People to #LeanIntoLunch

Women’s Health Magazine’s editorial team discovered that 80 percent of all workers don’t take a lunch and that employees who do take lunch are more productive overall. Editor-in-Chief Amy Keller Laird was inspired to launch a #LeanIntoLunch campaign in the office. Each day this month, she has sent an email to her colleagues with funny GIFs, memes and videos to encourage everyone take a real break for lunch and actually leave the office if possible. The magazine also teamed up with Tumblr to spread the #LeanIntoLunch movement to other social platforms.

Source: Social Times 7/24/15

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