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The North Face Redefines Exploring in New Campaign

The North Face’s new campaign is expanding its “Never stop exploring” theme as well as its definition of exploring. The ad shows a young girl watching North Face athletes participate in activities such as skiing and snowboarding, but viewers also see glimpses into the activities of marine biologists and photographers. The campaign features a 75-second video on YouTube with additional 30 and 60-second television spots scheduled to air on Comedy Central and during main sporting events, such as Sunday Night Football.

Source: MediaPost 9/29/15

These Wrecked Toy Cars Found in Cereal Boxes Send a Sobering Drunk-Driving Message

Arrive Alive, an advocacy group on Ontario college campuses, partnered with Arrowhead Mills, to remind college students of the dangers of drunk driving. The group handed out free samples of Arrowhead Mills cereal to students with an unpleasant surprise inside—little wrecked cars, seemingly from accident scenes. The stunt was timed to breakfast because of one key piece of data: it can take up to 12 hours after your last drink to reach zero blood alcohol level. The phrase, “Just because you slept, doesn't mean you're sober,” goes along with the stunt.

Source: AdWeek 9/30/15

It's Peeple: The App Where You Review Other Humans — Without Their Consent

Peeple, the “positivity app,” will allow users to rate and search human beings in the same way we rank and file restaurants, hotels, and care services with scores. Users will be able to add virtually any person to the service and at the moment, there is no way to opt out once added. When the app launches in November, users will be able to review friends, coworkers, dates, and pretty much anyone else, using a five-star rating scale.

Source: Mashable 10/1/15

Harry Potter Fans Can Have Christmas Dinner in Hogwarts’ Great Hall This December

For one night in December, visitors will be given the opportunity to eat Christmas dinner in Hogwarts’ Great Hall at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour, just outside of London. Taking place from 6 p.m. to midnight on Dec. 3, attendees will be given a two-course meal, with a number of magical surprises and guest appearances, before being let loose to take in the rest of the two studio set tour.

Source: PR Examples 9/30/15

Beatles Donate Iconic Song to PETA For Use in Animal Adoptions Campaign

PETA has launched a new campaign promoting the adoption of animals and received a perfect donation for the campaign ad - usage of the song “Can’t Buy Me Love” by the Beatles.  The video also features dancers from the Baila Conmigo salsa troupe, seen on “America’s Got Talent,” happily dancing alongside adopted pets. Former Beatle Paul McCartney is a longtime supporter of the organization.

Source: 9/29/15

Netflix Engineers Actually Made a "Netflix And Chill" Button

A Netflix and Chill button comes to life! The company’s engineers unveiled a prototype of the Netflix and chill-esque button, named “The Switch,” at the 2015 World Maker Faire, along with step-by-step instructions to DIY your own button. The Switch will dim your lights, activate your phone's Do Not Disturb feature, allows users to order takeout and prepares for a full on Netflix-binge. What could be better?

Source: 9/29/15

'The Martian' Asks You to Ship Potatoes to a Friend (or Enemy)

Looking to pull a prank on a friend? 20th Century Fox is here to help by offering promotional potatoes that are shipped box-less with pre-paid ‘Martian’-themed postage stamps plastered on the sides to promote the highly anticipated premiere of the movie starring Matt Damon. Fox is providing free shipping to the first 1,000 visitors to, but fans can send their bud a spud for ten dollars once the offer expires.

Source: Mashable 9/29/15

Barbie Made a Zendaya Doll Based on The Star's Dreadlocked Oscars Look

Barbie has honored actress Zendaya by creating a Barbie Doll based on the hair and outfit she wore to the 2015 Oscars. The Barbie was presented to the actress at the Rock 'N Royals concert benefiting VH1's Save The Music Foundation in Los Angeles and Zendaya claims that the doll represents much more than a memorable award ceremony outfit and that the doll is a positive message to send to her fans.

Source: Huffington Post 9/28/15

JetBlue Told New Yorkers to Steal Its Bus-Shelter Ads, And Rewarded Them For it

In an effort to promote itself as “New York’s Hometown Airline,” JetBlue has placed 185 gift vouchers in public spots all over the city’s five boroughs – consumers just have to steal to redeem their vouchers! The airline created giant #NYCTakeoff ads around New York City bus shelters in plain sight, but people must rip them off the shelter to win. Once they are peeled off, the ads feature snarky lines such as “Snooze You Lose” and “Takers Gonna Take.”

Source: Creativity Online 9/30/15

Sony TV Division ‘Pictures’ Healthier Environment

Sony Pictures Television is working to envision a healthier environment with their recent campaign. The campaign, “Picture This,” uses a video to highlight environmental issues, contrasting pollution with images of nature, while asking audiences to think about the future. Sony’s efforts are focusing on the conservation of national parks, encouraging viewers to make a difference.

Source: Media Post 9/29/15

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