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'Got Milk?' Broadens Its Palate, Pairing With Sweet And Spicy Foods in Beautiful New Ads

The new “Got Milk?” advertisements for the California Milk Processor Board look beyond pairing milk with cookies and features milk paired with spicy foods, such as enchiladas, chili and hot sausages. The campaign, "Food Loves Milk" is made up of TV commercials, print ads and online banners, emphasizing sweet and spicy themes and less common foods, such as peanut-butter-and-bacon sandwiches. "Food Loves Milk" is designed to make mouths water and inspire instant milk cravings, because it’s an “undeniable fact that milk makes food taste better.”

Source: AdWeek 10/6/15

ABC Family to be Renamed Freeform to Keep Millennials on The Hook

Beginning January 2016, ABC Family will change its name to Freeform to better reflect its young audience getting older. Viewers will find the same shows, just a new name that better fits the network's programming strategy with series such as the wildly popular Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy. The network says the new name "speaks to the mindset and attitude of what the channel has defined as Becomers," a 69 million-strong block of younger millenials with spending power in the trillions.

Source: Digital Trends 10/7/15

FDA Targets Youth With Hip-Hop Anti-Smoking Campaign

To educate today's youth about the dangers of tobacco, the FDA is trying a different approach in its latest anti-smoking campaign, "Fresh Empire." In order to dissuade young African Americans, Hispanics and other groups from using tobacco, the campaign will use hip-hop culture to target minority teenagers throughout the U.S. The launch is timed to coincide with the BET Hip-Hop Awards, which airs on Oct. 13.

Source: CBS News 10/6/15

Out of Beer? Bud Light's Smart Fridge Will Tell You

Bud Light is launching a Bud-E-Fridge, a smart refrigerator that alerts users when they are running out of beer, a six-pack is perfectly chilled or if someone dares to remove a can. It’s a Wi-Fi connected device that works in tandem to an app to alert users right on their smartphone. For now, it’s available in California and is selling at a price of $299.

Source: CNBC 10/5/15

Clarisonic Tries to Sell Men on $189 Device With Daring Social Media Ads

Men spend a lot of money on things like shoes, cars and watches, but don’t think twice about washing their faces with just soap and water. That’s why Clarisonic is looking to persuade men to buy its new $189 “Alpha Fit” sonic cleanser with a social media campaign. Some of the ads will feature “dude-to-dude” lines like, “It’s your f-ing face” while others will target the women in their lives, who may be more likely to buy the product for them.

Source: AdAge 10/5/15

New Chrome Extension Blocks Out Names, Photos of Mass Shooters

The web browser, Google Chrome, has come up with a new extension called “Fame Control,” which focuses on one specific issue: blocking the names and faces of suspected or convicted mass shooters. Once it is installed, the software scans the users Facebook and Twitter feeds for mentions or images of shooters or suspects and replaces them with a graphic thanking them for refusing to glamorize mass murderers.

Source: Huffington Post 10/7/15

Jennifer Aniston Stars in Funny New Emirates Commercial

To promote the airline’s amenities, Emirates Airlines has aired a commercial starring its newest brand ambassador, Jennifer Aniston. The actress stars in the fun commercial that shows Aniston having a nightmare about being on a flight without a shower or a bar, like Emirate Airlines offers, but wakes up from her dream in her reclining bed-like seat with her iPad propped by her side on an Emirates plane.

Source: 10/6/15

Campbell’s Soup Shows ‘Real Real’ Life in New Brand Campaign

Campbell’s Soup has launched its first major brand push in five years with an ad campaign depicting real families and real weather patterns. The soup giant embraced the tagline “Made for Real Real Life” for the campaign, which aims to show a diverse mix of American families and matches the company’s corporate objective of “real food that matters for life’s moments.” The ads cover a wide variety of Campbell's branded products from canned soup to "Star Wars" soups, soup in K-Cups, Soup on the Go cups and Campbell's skillet sauces.

Source: 10/5/15

Chester Cheetah is Running For Mayor, Because #America

Chester Cheetah, the cheetah known from the Cheetos’s packaging, is running for mayor of Chester, Montana. Chester's platform includes painting the local playground slide orange, installing orange crosswalks and distributing free Cheetos to the community of about 863 residents near Montana's northern border. He's got a slogan, some mad baby-kissing game and a pretty sweet tour bus.

Source: Huffington Post 10/7/15

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