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General-Market Goya Campaign Celebrates 'Real Life Chefs'

Goya’s new “Real Life Chefs” campaign highlights that even though “everyday cooks” make mistakes, that they can depend on Goya’s product quality. The campaign includes four ads, which will be aired on regional and cable networks including New York and Philadelphia as well as one ad that is meant specifically for social media. The ads feature “amateur chefs” from a variety of cultural backgrounds and lifestyles, which are reflected through music tracks.

Source: MediaPost 10/15/15

This Underwear Company Wants to Change Our Idea of The 'Perfect' Male Body

Dressmann, a clothing company based in Norway, has committed to making clothes for all shapes and sizes of men. Known for making clothing for “the perfect man,” Dressmann launched the #JustTheWayYouAre campaign to highlight various body types and expand the picture of what a perfect body looks like. According to a survey by TNS Sifo of 2,068 men in Norway and Sweden, one-third of guys have negative feelings about their body.

Source: Huffington Post 10/14/15

Dropbox Shares The Awesome Work of Creators in First Brand Campaign

In its first-ever brand campaign, Dropbox is showcasing some of the extraordinary individuals who use its services. The service put together over 100 collaborators and filmed them creating whatever they wanted. The group includes scientists at Imperial College London, designer Barber Osgerby, food photographer Yuki Sugiura, data visualist Marcin Ignac, and food entrepreneurs/jelly sculptors Bompas & Parr. Instead of replicating situations in a controlled studio, the shoot happened across studios, offices and laboratories.

Source: Creativity Online 10/13/15

Hallmark Teams With Best Friends Animal Society

Partnering with Best Friends Animal Society, Hallmark is pledging to help 2,000 shelter pets find "forever" homes in the next two years. Hallmark is helping by using its characters Jingle and Bell, two husky pups, to spread information about the Best Friends Animal Society with newly-themed items that will be available online and in stores. In addition, Hallmark will be donating $100,000 to the society for expenses such as adoption fees.

Source: MediaPost 10/14/15

Chobani is Hungry For Snapchat Fans

Chobani has become part of College Game Day Live story on Snapchat to make a bigger effort on the channel. The 10-second piece of content debuted on Saturday and was integrated into two slots of the story. Additionally, Chobani content will be embedded on Nov. 14 and Nov. 27, the day after Thanksgiving.

Source: AdAge 10/14/15

These 'Smart Leggings' Will Completely Change How You Shop For Jeans

A new app developed by LikeAGlove is making the "trying on jeans" process endurable with smart technology. The brand has created "smart leggings" that contain built-in conductive fibers to measure the shape and contours of the users' legs to make jean shopping easier. The measurement gets sent to their phone through the LikeAGlove free app and personally matches their measurements with popular denim. The leggings can be pre-ordered for $49.99 through December and will ship in early 2016.

Source: Refinery29 10/13/15

UNICEF, Target Team Up to Sell Kids' Fitness Bands That Help Save Lives

Target has partnered with UNICEF to help save the world one malnourished child at a time. Together, they’ve created a wearable fitness tracker and mobile app for the UNICEF Kid Power program, which helps children become more active, set and reach fitness goals, and help underfed or needy children in other countries. By reaching certain fitness goals and performing various activities, children wearing the bands can help send life-saving food packets to others in need around the world.

Source: Mashable 10/13/15

Samsung Warns You What's Round The Corner in Billboard Stunt For Galaxy S6 Edge

These days, the majority of people do not pay attention when walking down the street and can easily bump into others.  Samsung is here to help! In an effort to promote the Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung has placed digital billboards on street corners all over Stockholm, Sweden to warn oncoming pedestrians of what’s around the corner. The features of the billboard will highlight the smartphone’s features of live notifications, which ‘round the edge’ of the screen.

Source: Creativity Online 10/13/15

Starbucks is Testing Coffee Office Workers in The Empire State Building

Shortly after launching its mobile ordering service, Starbucks is now testing the waters on a coffee delivery service. Currently exclusive to the Empire State Building, “Green Apron Delivery” lets employees in 150 offices order food and beverages through a website that is then delivered to their office within 30 minutes. While this service is a only a test, it's an example of how the company is looking to make digital ordering mainstream.

Source: AdWeek 10/13/15

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