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DeLorean Makes Pit Stop at Goodyear For Back to The Future’s Big Day

To celebrate the iconic day of Oct. 21, 2015 in “Back to the Future II,” Goodyear wanted to make sure the DeLorean was in tip top shape. The classic car made a pit stop at a local Goodyear dealer for a full checkup before its big day in Lakewood, CA. Goodyear Eagle tires were used on the original car in the Back to the Future trilogy, which famously traveled forward in time.  (client)

Source: Baltimore Sun 10/21/15

Fill Your Frame With Your Favorite Things For This Week’s Instagram Challenge

SanDisk, a company that designs and develops flash memory storage devices and software, is hosting an Instagram community challenge to fill the frame with a photo or video of the user’s favorite things. SanDisk encourages said users to fill the screen with their favorite color, food, object, etc.  This is part of SanDisk’s campaign for its new line of mobile storage devices. 

Source: Mashable 10/20/15

Hess Truck is Back, Even Though Gas Stations Are no More

As of Nov. 1, the Hess Toy Truck will be for sale, even though the gas stations are no longer in business. The Hess Corporation has been selling toy trucks at its gas stations during the holidays since 1964. This year’s model features a red fire truck and ladder rescue at a price of $30.99 in mall kiosks around New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Source: Fox News 10/20/15

iOS 9's Puzzling Eye Emoji is Explained: It's The First Ever Made For a Social Cause

Adobe has teamed up with the Ad Council to take advantage of the latest iOS 9.2 update and help make a difference with our favorite emojis. The partnership has created the first ever emoji for a social cause - a purple eye inside a speech bubble. For those who are witnesses of bullying, the use of the purple eye helps them to speak out against the injustice. The new emoji is part of a larger campaign called “I Am A Witness,” which aims to go past speaking to the victims or the bullies, and starts demanding accountability from the witnesses to start making a difference.

Source: AdWeek 10/21/15

Your Pet Could be The New Mascot of Trix Cereal

General Mills announced earlier this year that they are following the trend of removing all artificial colors and flavors and colors from Trix Cereal by the end of 2016. In an effort to raise awareness for this huge change, Trix Cereal is also changing its artificial mascot - the silly rabbit. The company is currently doing a casting call to have a real bunny temporarily replace the cartoon bunny and be the honorary mascot of the cereal.

Source: The Huffington Post 10/21/15

'Sesame Street' Introduces Autistic Girl Into The Neighborhood

Sesame Street developed an autistic character named Julia through the “See Amazing” initiative.  Julia is a preschool girl who spends time playing with Elmo, Abby Cadabby and Grover. The goal of the “See Amazing” initiative is to de-stigmatize autism. The campaign represents an important step forward in public conversations aimed at autism, one focused on celebrating all kinds of minds. The target group for this initiative is communities with children ages two to five. The character will also be featured in a digital storybook “We Are Amazing, 1, 2, 3!” which shows how Julia and Elmo play with the same toys, but in different ways.

Source: Forbes 10/22/15

Target Gets Into Halloween Spirit With Virtual Reality, Mobile Site

This Halloween, Target is catering to its online and mobile audiences with the launch of an interactive YouTube series and mobile site. “The House on Hallow Hill” debuted on Oct. 19 and allows Halloween-spirited fans to decorate rooms with different themes. Once successfully decorated, fans receive a 10 percent off coupon to use in Target stores to do their real Halloween shopping. On Oct. 26, Target will introduce “Treatster,” a mobile site that will allow parents to help other parents find the best houses in the neighborhood for trick-or-treating. Each time a house is voted as a treat, a pumpkin will appear on the virtual map.

Source: AdAge 10/19/15

McDonald’s Next Big Menu Move Could be Sweet Potato Fries

McDonald’s is testing its new sweet potato fries in Amarillo, Texas. If the Texas crowd goes wild for the sweet fries, they could be available nationwide. The brand is aiming to please health-minded consumers with recent announcements, including future use of cage-free eggs and organic burgers.

Source: NYPost 10/22/15

UNC Children’s Hospital Launches The 'Krispy Kreme Challenge Children’s Specialty Clinic'

Krispy Kreme Challenge is run by the students of N.C. State University committed to raising a total of $2 million for the UNC Children’s Hospital - nearly $1 million of which has been raised since the race’s inception as a charity event in 2006. The remaining $1 million will be raised by 2020. The challenge - slogan: 2400 calories, 12 doughnuts, 5 miles, 1 hour -involves a five-mile run, beginning and ending at the bell tower of the North Carolina State University campus in Raleigh. Halfway into the run, participants stop to eat a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts (thus the name of the event). This year’s race will be held on Feb. 15, 2016.

Source: Buzzfeed 10/23/15

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