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First Live USA TODAY Podcast Talks Memorabilia at Hard Rock Cafe

USA Today’s Dad Rock podcast took its show on the road, with its first-ever live taping at Hard Rock Cafe Washington D.C. with Jeff Nolan, Music and Memorabilia Historian for Hard Rock International. During the live broadcast, Nolan told stories about his job and discussed Hard Rock’s most famous memorabilia pieces, including a Jimi Hendrix flying-V guitar, hand-written notes/lyrics by Gram Parsons, a wallet and contents recovered from the wreckage of the Buddy Holly plane crash, Michael Jackson's Beat It jacket, and the most recently acquired gold-leaf piano that belonged to Elvis Presley - the collection’s 80,000th piece. The podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and TuneIn. (client)

Source: USA Today 12/11/15

Watch TiVo Crash a Movie Theater And Interrupt a Film With Commercials

To promote TiVo’s 500GB DVR system that highlights not being interrupted while watching TV at home, 100 influencers were invited to a private screening of James Bond film “Spectre” and were interrupted by a hidden camera prank “003” times. The reasoning behind the stunt was that fans won't stand for interruptions at the movies, so they shouldn't put up with them at home either.

Source: Adweek 12/21/15

Oprah Winfrey to Front Weight Watchers’ New Campaign Outlining Holistic Approach to Healthy Lifestyle

Weight Watchers is launching an integrated campaign in the UK to encourage women to be kinder to themselves through the hashtag #womankind and the brand's "Beyond the Scale" program. Oprah Winfrey is featured in the ads and gives insight into her journey in embracing a healthy lifestyle. Winfrey speaks to her highly-publicized past weight loss struggles, making her relatable to those looking to get on board with Weight Watchers.

Source: The Drum 12/22/15

Zappos Offering $100 For Loser Gifts

Zappos offered consumers $100 for their white elephant gifts, and the chance to do a good deed. On Dec. 26, the first 500 callers received a $100 gift card and a prepaid shipping label so they could donate their unwanted gift to charity. The promotion, themed #ZapposHappyReturns, came about as the retailer tried to think of ways to improve on its already-liberal return policy.

Source: Media Post 12/22/15

The Beatles’ Music Can Now be Streamed Worldwide

The Beatles’ music is now offered on streaming services worldwide, which began on Dec. 24 at midnight! The group’s official website announced that their music is available on nine subscription streaming music services including Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Rhapsody and Amazon Prime. Thirteen studio albums and a number of collections are featured, giving listeners more than 220 classic songs to choose from.

Source: Buzzfeed 12/23/15

Subway Hopes Tony Hale’s Humor Can Help Save Lunch Break

Tony Hale of Veep and Arrested Development was cast for Subway’s new campaign, #SaveLunchBreak. This campaign is a series of digital shorts intended to inspire people to leave their office and get a Subway sandwich. In the first video, “Sub-liminal Monologue,” Tony hides as he suggests people take their lunch breaks, then pretends he wasn’t speaking to them. His hints get less subtle as the video continues, with him spraying a guy with water and screaming.

Source: Ad Age 12/14/15

You Have to See OPI's New Hello Kitty Nail Polish Collection

This January, nail brand OPI will be releasing its collaboration with Hello Kitty, which consists of 12 limited-edition lacquers (and matching gel shades). The bottle tops are covered with Kitty’s adorable face and fans will notice that the primary colors of Kitty's original outfit - red, blue and yellow - made it into the collection, as well as a pearly white and licorice black. Each bottle will cost $10 when the collection launches at Ulta.

Source: PopSugar 12/18/15

How One Direction Helped KitKat Get Its Most Retweeted Tweet Ever

Popular boy band One Direction officially announced that they are taking break, starting March 2016. Hearing the devastating news, KitKat tweeted a photo of four KitKat bars, each with a name of the one of the band members. The clever caption to read “Enjoy the break & see you soon!... #HaveABreak #1D,” and tagged each of the bandmates. The bittersweet tweet earned more than 120,000 “likes” and nearly 98,000 retweets, becoming the brand’s most popular tweet to date. 1D fans are hoping the widespread tweet will encourage KitKat to sell the customized candy wrappers that so cleverly honors the band.

Source: DigiDay 12/18/15

Target’s Dog Mascot Learns New Tricks in Marketing Blitz

Bullseye the Target dog has re-emerged as a signature part of the company's efforts to revive its marketing efforts. The popular mascot made her return this month at a Star Wars themed shopping event posing with Darth Vader. Bullseye has not only become a part of the brands advertising and marketing once again, she is also featured in stores including Bullseye benches where fans can pose with a replica of Bullseye for a selfie (#TargetDog), and browse Bullseye’s Playground, the stores discount bin area, which features blown-up Bulleye dolls and seasonal Target merchandise.

Source: New York Times 12/22/15

Adidas Gave Snoop Dogg His Own Football Talk Show as a Prelude to Super Bowl 50

Adidas is tapping rap superstar Snoop Dogg for some pre-Super Bowl content by giving him his own talk show, Turf'd Up, where he’ll be interviewing ex-NFL players, celebrities and revered sports personalities. The trailer for the first episode was released recently and the first episode will post on Snoop Dogg’s YouTube channel - which has 1.3 million subscribers - on Dec. 30. While Snoop Dogg might seem like an unconventional pick for this football coverage, the brand has an established relationship with him as they tapped the rap superstar to be the head of football development earlier this year.

Source: Adweek 12/21/15

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