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A Cheeky Move by Red Robin: Introducing The Wedgie Burger

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews is dishing out its own version of the “wedgie.” The casual dining restaurant’s newest limited time offering, The Wedgie Burger, is a 450 calorie burger topped with bacon, guacamole, tomato and red onions inside of a lettuce wedge bun. To coincide with the launch, the Gourmet Burger Authority is partnering with the DUDE. Be Nice Project and giving guests an opportunity to give their friends a “wedgie” via an e-gift card promotion. Through Feb. 7, a portion of the proceeds will be given to the DUDE. Be Nice Project to help recognize community members who inspire positivity and encourage young people to be nice to one another. (client)

Source: Denver Business Journal 12/30/15

Upscale Gym Chain Equinox Glams Up Breastfeeding in New Ad About Hardcore Commitment

To kick-off 2016 and urge New Year’s resolution-ers to actually “commit to something” this year, fitness club Equinox has released a series of controversial advertisements that feature highly debated topics such as breastfeeding in public. The campaign is built to encourage gym goers to make a statement with their workout goals, the same way mothers nationwide have made a statement through the public nursing of their infants.

Source: Mashable 1/5/16

Aquafina Stages Red Carpet Surprise For E! Golden Globes TV Spot

PepsiCo’s Aquafina worked with E! to build brand awareness during the Golden Globes. The television station produced a red-carpet themed ad for the brand, which debuted on E! during the network’s “Live from the Red Carpet” special. The ad is related to Aquafina’s “For Happy Bodies” campaign that launched last summer and highlighted young adults as well as children dancing to emphasize their “feel good moments.” The new 30-second ad features a red carpet pop-up set in Los Angeles. People who stopped to try Aquafina were surprised when “paparazzi” and an E! News correspondent appeared.

Source: MediaPost 1/5/16

Finally, You Can Make a Lego Person That Looks Like You

Playing with Legos just got so much cooler. Funky 3D Faces is an Etsy seller that has created Lego heads that look just like their owner. By sending in a picture of a face and profile, the company will create a 3D-printed Lego head that can be attached to any existing Lego figures. The heads are $30 each, but Funky 3D is offering buy two, get one free throughout January. Lego fans can get customized at

Source: Huffington Post 1/6/16

Is The Sleep Hoodie The New Snuggie?

A hoodie with a built-in inflatable pillow could become a new napping trend, thanks to clothing brand Hypnos. The company’s Standard Hypnos brand hooded pullover features a small inflatable pillow stuck in the hood, allowing for naps to be taken anywhere. The wearable sleep aid, which ends its Kickstarter campaign on Jan. 11, has already exceeded the campaign goal to raise $30,000 with more than $110,000 raised.

Source: 1/4/16

Here's How to Get a Free Blowout at Drybar While Celebrating 'PLL'

Drybar and Pretty Little Liars have teamed up to offer free blowouts, including tax and tip, on Tuesday, Jan. 12 to celebrate the hit show’s season premiere on Freeform, formerly ABC Family. Fans can request series-inspired signature styles such as “The Aria Straight Up” or “The Spencer Mai Tai” and watch episodes from Season 6 in the salon. Spaces are limited, so Drybar is urging consumers to book their appointments online or through the brand’s app while the offer still lasts.

Source: Bustle 1/5/16

Geico Expands Its Brocabulary to Sell Brotastic Brosurance

Geico throws back to the ‘80s with a 30-second “Flextacular” spot that features two “bros” pumping iron in the gym and discussing how switching to Geico can save cash on insurance. In addition to the new spot, Geico also has a companion series of short “Brocabulary” clips on YouTube and T-shirts are available with some of the duo’s favorite bro-phrases.

Source: AdWeek 1/6/16

Pizza Hut Introduces ‘Hut Swag’ Clothing Line: Fashion With Extra Cheese

Pizza Hut has taken its love for all things pizza to the next level with the launch of the Hut Swag line. Capitalizing on the viral pizza phenomenon, the chain released cheesy fashion items including hats, scarves and T-shirts adorned with sayings like “My pizza my life” and “Devoted to pizza.” In case that’s not enough, fans can even add pepperoni pizza to their bedroom decor with Hut Swag blankets and pillows. Sweet dreams, pizza lovers!

Source: The Guardian 1/7/16

Dolce & Gabbana Launches Line of Hijabs And Abayas

Dolce & Gabbana has launched its first line of hijabs and abayas. Designer Stefano Gabbana proudly broke the news of the new collection on his Instagram. The full collection comes in "sheer georgette and satin weave charmeuse fabrics” and includes copious lace details along hems. The Italian fashion house is just the latest brand to cater to Muslim women - deemed by Fortune to be "the next untapped fashion market."

Source: 1/5/16

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