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The Coca-Cola System Announces $1 Million Contribution to Operation HOPE

Coca-Cola recently unveiled a million dollar contribution to Operation HOPE in order to provide financial education to women and girls. The goal is to empower women with new skills that will help them financially in the long run. This collaboration is the second of its kind  for these two brands, as the first began in 2014 with “The Atlanta Economic Empowerment Tour.”

Source: Bevnet 12/28/15

Lean Cuisine Can Block The Word Diet From Your Computer

Losing weight is one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions. It is so popular that one marketer says the word “diet” is seen on the Internet or on TV every three seconds during the month of January. Lean Cuisine decided to play on the word association and introduced a Google Chrome extension that covers up phrases such as “diet” or “dieting” with an orange box, similar to the one seen on its packaging. The brand’s hope is that the boxes help filter the conversation of dieting.

Source: Ad Age 1/8/16

Forget Fitness, This Wearable Tracks Your Emotions

Instead of tracking fitness throughout the day, this bracelet created by Feel tracks feelings and stress levels. The inside of the bracelet tracks blood volume pulse, sweat gland activity and skin temperature. All of the data is collected and sent to the users phone as a visual. This device also provides reminders to breathe, listen to music or do yoga whenever stress levels spike. 

Source: Mashable 1/13/16

Heineken Turns to Women to Help Curb Men’s Drinking in New Push

To curb men’s drinking in a global campaign, Heineken is turning to women to help make a change. The new spot shows a frustrated woman striding through the city, singing “I Need a Hero” as drunken men sleep in nightclubs and bars. At the end of the ad, a man charms the woman serving him drinks in a bar when he turns down a second Heineken and leaves with faculties intact. The brand has been running ads to promote responsible drinking since 2011, including an ad in 2014 that stated, “dance more, drink slow.” The newest ad is the first incorporating women to help promote the message.

Source: Food and Beverage News 1/12/16

Two Faced’s New Eye Shadow Palette Smells Like Peanut Butter And Jelly

Attention all comfort-food lovers and beauty junkies: Too Faced is launching a product inspired by everyone’s favorite lunchbox item - peanut butter and jelly. The delectable combo, which has inspired everything from phone cases to viral songs, has now entered the makeup world in the form of an eye shadow palette. Fans who have tried any other Too Faced products (its chocolate line in particular) will know that the brand believes makeup is a multisensory experience - which means that these shades will smell like the sandwich, too.

Source: Refinery29 1/12/16

The Revenant's Immersive Site Lets You Experience The Struggle of DiCaprio's Character

To help promote the release of Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest quest for an Oscar, The Revenant and 20th Century Fox are transporting viewers to the unforgiving terrain his character traveled during his 200-mile trek for survival. The studio launched, an immersive VR experience available on desktop and mobile, that picks up right after his run-in with that grizzly. This virtual reality puts viewers right in Leo’s shoes and gives an intense look into the film with a few spoilers sprinkled in.

Source: AdWeek 1/8/16

The Surprising Way Pokemon Is Celebrating Its 20th Anniversary

It’s time to “Train On” and celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pokemon! To celebrate the anniversary, Nintendo announced that a Pokemon ad will run during the biggest game of the year, the Super Bowl. This latest development is part of a series of promotions surrounding the brand’s anniversary, including a push to share the hashtag #Pokemon20 on social media.

Source: Fortune 1/14/16

Krispy Kreme Makes Us All Winners With Its $5 Deal

While the brand’s guests may not have won the lottery, Krispy Kreme's latest deal was the only jackpot fans needed. Krispy Kreme offered a consolation prize for anyone who was still dwelling on the billion dollar lottery loss. On Thursday, Jan. 14, Krispy Kreme offered guests a chance to get a dozen Original Glazed Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme for $4.99 at all participating shops in the U.S.

Source: SheKnows 1/14/16

AT&T Makes it Personal in Campaign Debut

In its new marketing campaign, wireless provider AT&T went back in history to show consumers how the brand continues to provide technology of the future. The 60-second commercial shows the first-ever telephone and Alexander Graham Bell before switching over to modern times. The goal of the campaign is to reiterate to consumers that AT&T is evolving continuously to create a network to meet the changing needs of consumers.

Source: MediaPost 1/12/16

Conde Nast Launches New Creative Campaign

Conde Nast launched a social media and video campaign on Jan. 14 designed to promote its creative storytelling and focus on partnerships with a variety of influencers. The brand tapped 37 influencers, including a range of celebrities as well as its own employees. Employees contributed their own “creativity selfies,” while other partners participated in separate videos designed to spotlight what creativity means to them. The campaign ties in an out-of-home advertising component seen in prominent NYC subway ads, and a significant social media push through both Conde Nast social accounts and the accounts of the celebrities asked to participate.

Source: Ad Age 1/14/16

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