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Rachel Bilson Reveals Her Best Kiss Ever

ChapStick® announced actress Rachel Bilson as the brand’s new spokesperson. Bilson’s partnership with ChapStick® will focus on the advanced skincare line to elevate the importance of lip care while communicating the innovation of the ChapStick® brand through its newest products. (client)

Source: AOL 1/26/16

Capri Sun Organic Launching With Integrated, Multi-Stage Campaign

Capri Sun launched a new organic fruit drink line, which adapted the Push Play platform. This stems from parents wanting their kids to stray from heavily structured lifestyles, which will allow them to be creative, engage in spontaneous play and have fun. Three new 15-second spots debuted on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network, encouraging these themes while also using digital advertising through Facebook.

Source: MediaPost 1/25/16

Chelsea Handler’s New App ‘Gotta Go’ Gets You Out of Awkward Situations

Say goodbye to awkward moments! Chelsea Handler has created a hilarious, yet useful app called “Gotta Go,” designed to get users out of uncomfortable encounters, such as bad dates or unpleasant conversations. The process is as simple as setting up an excuse in the app, which will come in the form of a text or call at a scheduled time. The app even allows users to choose which person the call or text will come from, making it more believable.

Source: TechCrunch 1/25/16

WNBA Touting 20th Anniversary Season With 'Watch Me Work'

The WNBA has been around for 20 years and, to celebrate this major milestone, the organization has launched a new campaign called “Watch Me Work.” The campaign puts the spotlight on the players that make up the WNBA, past and present, as well as the generational shift that has occurred since the beginning of the league. On Feb. 3, which is National Girls and Women in Sports Day, the campaign will encourage kids and adults to post videos with #WatchMeWork to promote awareness.

Source: ESPN W 1/28/16

For Its Super Bowl Ad, Colgate Asks You to Turn The Water Off When You Brush

During the Super Bowl, Colgate will release a 30-second ad raising awareness about the importance of conserving water. The ad, which does not promote any Colgate products, starts with a man letting the faucet run as he brushes his teeth. The ad continues by letting viewers know that up to four gallons of water are wasted when the water is left running. Viewers are encouraged to use the hashtag #EveryDropCounts as a pledge to turn off the faucet when they brush.

Source: AdWeek 1/27/16

At Qdoba, Kiss Someone And Get a Free Burrito This Valentine's Day

Qdoba will let fans love one to get the other again this year, when the Mexican chain brings back its kiss-a-person-for-a-free-entree program. When customers get to a register at any participating Qdoba on Feb. 14, all they have to do is ‘”share a kiss” to receive a free entree with the purchase of one. The brand is also offering a chance to win $500 or Qdoba gift cards by sharing a selfie kiss in Qdoba between Feb. 10 and Feb. 15.

Source: Huffington Post 1/22/16

GoPro And Periscope - A Match That Makes Some Sense

GoPro and Twitter-owned Periscope are teaming up to create a new feature where users can live-broadcast video from their GoPro devices connected to their iPhones. This collaboration between GoPro and Periscope is going to allow users to capture footage from a GoPro and iPhone camera throughout a live Periscope broadcast. Additionally, it was announced that these live broadcasts can be shared directly from a user’s Twitter feed rather than having to follow an external link.

Source: Forbes 1/26/16

Dairy Queen Has Something Special For Singles This Valentine’s Day

Dairy Queen has designed a blizzard just for single people on Valentine’s Day! Aptly named the Singles Blizzard Treat, this concoction comes packed with salted caramel truffles and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Additionally, Dairy Queen is selling a single red spoon packaged in a velvet jewelry box to use while enjoying this new treat.

Source: Yahoo! 1/26/16

How Budweiser Ditched Its Old Look And Crafted a New Visual Identity - a 140-Year-Old Brand’s Makeover

Budweiser’s visual identity recently went under a top-to-bottom makeover with everything from its packaging and logo to the typography receiving a face-lift. Though this is the 13th redesign in the brand’s history, it’s the first time Bud has used the same packaging worldwide. Until now, only 80 percent of its product has looked the same. The brand’s new look combines the most memorable parts of Budweiser’s legacy including the bow tie, distinct red coloring and the classic script.

Source: AdWeek 1/24/16

The Y Embarks on Its First National Advertising Campaign

The YMCA is aiming to change the misconception about the company’s missions and programs by launching its first-ever national advertising campaign. The objective of this campaign is to inspire people to donate by reminding the public that the facility is not just a gym and swim center, but also an impactful nonprofit. In addition to rebranding efforts, the YMCA is changing the logo and shortening the official name to the Y.

Source: The New York Times 1/23/16

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