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Get a Wedding And Honeymoon For $100 at Hard Rock Cafe

To celebrate the launch of its Bob Marley Signature Series merchandise, Hard Rock Cafe made Valentine’s Day one to remember by inviting couples to tie the knot in-cafe. As part of the One Love Bob Marley Signature Series Wedding, Hard Rock Cafes in New York, Las Vegas and Hollywood, CA offered ten wedding packages that included two Bob Marley Signature Series T-shirts, an in-cafe wedding ceremony complete with a minister, photographer and cake, and a four day, three night honeymoon hotel stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Punta Cana or Cancun for only $100! (client)

Source: Metro New York 2/10/16

BelVita Aids Ladder Climbers With Fake British Accent Lessons

Mondelez International’s BelVita breakfast biscuit brand has launched a new campaign “British Businessman.” The concept behind it is that Americans are so taken by British accents that if a person can fake one, he or she can get away with practically anything, especially at work. The brand has developed a website that features an eight-part audio series “Learn to Speak Fake British” to aid those who may want to master the accent. The site also has a lighthearted video, which can be found on YouTube as well as on the brand’s Twitter and Facebook accounts, that features a person using the technique.

Source: MediaPost 2/9/16

Skype's New Emoji Were Created by Paul McCartney

Exactly 52 years after Paul McCartney and The Beatles made their historic debut on The Ed Sullivan Show, Sir Paul is bringing his musical talents to the emoji world. Skype enlisted McCartney to create 10 new “Love Mojis” to include characters that dance to short chords of his music. This partnership is a match made in heaven, seeing as McCartney wrote some of the most iconic love songs that the world has ever seen. These characters are available for free on Skype.

Source: The Verge 2/10/16

A 56-Year-Old Model Will be an Ad Star in Sports Illustrated’s 2016 Swimsuit Issue

The ever-popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue has once again hit stands. As women continue to stand up against the standards set by the beauty industry, the publication realized that it would be doing a disservice to have the same type of models in this year’s issue. SI’s swimsuit edition for 2016 features “Swimsuits for All,” an online retailer that sells sizes 10 through 34. The models wearing the full-figured suits are curvier than models from previous years. Among them is model Nicola Griffin, who, at the age of 56, is the oldest (and arguably the boldest) model ever featured in Sports Illustrated.

Source: AdWeek 2/9/16

'Zoolander' Creates Real 'Center For People Who Don't Age Good' in N.Y.

Who doesn’t want to look “really, really ridiculously good looking?” Kiehl‘s opened up "The Derek Zoolander Center for People Who Don't Age Good" in New York City to promote the brand’s two limited-edition Kiehl’s x Zoolander 2 sets: The Ridiculously Youthful Collection, or The "Blue Kiehl" Men’s Collection. Timed with the premiere of the movie sequel, The Center was opened to the public from Feb. 9-13. Visitors were guided along a journey by male models where each step addresses skin care routines to keep users young-looking, such as Phalangeal Preservation or Decontamination.

Source: Hollywood Reporter 2/8/16

Target Launching Gender Neutral Décor Line For Kids

Target is launching its newest line called Pillowfort on Feb. 21. The home decor line for kids, while not entirely devoid of traditional gender color schemes, does not declare the bedding to be for girls or for boys specifically. The line features patterns and designs such as astronauts, whales, stripes and dinosaurs. Pieces with names like "Discovery Den," "Ocean Oasis" and "Camp Kiddo" prove that the retailer isn't selling to genders, just kids.

Source: Business Insider 2/8/16

This Virtual Reality App Will Show You What It's Like to Have a Concussion

A team from the University of Arizona has created a new virtual reality app to show athletes what it is like to get a concussion. New app BrainGainz simulates the visual symptoms common after concussion hits, which is meant to urge players to recognize the signs and get off the field. The app is being presented to the NCAA in order to help future student athletes.

Source: Mashable 2/9/16

A Bank Set Up This 10-Foot-Tall ATM to Celebrate The Arrival of NBA All-Stars

BMO Financial, the Bank of Montreal, recently installed a 10-foot-tall ATM in its flagship location, First Canadian Place in Toronto. The reason for this rare sight is due to the NBA All-Stars. This is the first year that BMO Financial is an official sponsor of the NBA and in order to generate awareness and create buzz, the bank created the ATM to be the height of a NBA regulation basketball hoop.

Source: AdWeek 2/10/16

Adidas Offers $1 Million to NFL Prospect Who Breaks 40-Yard Dash Record

Adidas wants to add a major incentive to this year’s 40 yard dash drill at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine, which begins Feb. 26. Last year, Adidas offered $100,000 to the fastest three 40-yard dash times of prospects who wore a pair of Adidas cleats. This year, Adidas ups the ante with an offer of a $1 million prize to any NFL prospect that can break the 40-yard dash record while wearing a pair of the Adizero 5-Star 40 cleats. The current record of 4.24 seconds was set at the Scouting Combine by Chris Johnson in 2008.

Source: USA Today 2/9/16

AT&T Taps Fullscreen Influencers For Year-Long Mobile Video Campaign

AT&T is going to prioritize mobile video in 2016 as it looks to reach a younger audience. The company is working to create Hello Lab, a yearlong project featuring 10 digital and social influencers that will result in new video series as well as podcasts, concerts, meetups and giveaways. The featured pieces of content will have a distinct emphasis on mobile, the influencers themselves will be creating their content by using their phones as mobile production studios. Some of the talent Hello Lab has signed on includes video star Grace Helbig, Vine music stars Us the Duo and more. Though the project for now is scheduled for a year, it's possible it will last beyond that.

Source: Ad Age 2/11/16

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