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Voters Pick The 'Best' Songs For The Leading Presidential Campaigns in Hard Rock’s Newest Survey

Hard Rock International has asked Americans to remix political hopefuls’ campaign songs in a new survey - did voters hit the right notes when they played campaign DJ? Results from Hard Rock’s survey revealed more than half (54 percent) believe the best presidential campaign song for Donald Trump is “You’re So Vain” by Carly Simon. Additionally, 37 percent think Hillary Clinton’s campaign song should be “The Great Pretender” by Freddie Mercury (originally by the Platters), while 33 percent chose “One Love / People Get Ready” by Bob Marley & The Wailers as the song to carry him to the White House. Check out the full results to see if Americans are singing the right tune. (client)

Source: USA Today 2/25/16

Arnold Worldwide Helps Millennials Get Over Realtor Anxiety

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) is now trying to reach millennials in a new, fun way to help reduce the stress caused in the home-buying process. Its new digital brand campaign, “Get Realtor” is an online video series that that takes a reality game-show approach. The videos, supported through social media, shows millennials how much easier the process can be when using a realtor versus going it alone.

Source: MediaPost 2/23/16

Morgan Freeman is Finally a GPS Navigation Voice

One of the world’s most recognizable voices is now available to give directions. Waze, the popular, user-friendly navigation app, has teamed up with Morgan Freeman to promote his latest movie "London Has Fallen." In addition to hearing lines from the movie, users can also purchase tickets to the movie through the app and find movie theaters with showings nearby.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 2/22/16

This is Why You're Seeing so Many Kiss-Print Selfies on Instagram

To fight back against cyberbullying, Tarte Cosmetics wanted to give fans an artistic way to stand up for the cause. Starting with a few makeup artists, the brand launched the campaign #KissAndMakeup, encouraging fans to post a selfie on Instagram with a kiss mark on the back of their hands to show support for victims. Since the launch, many have posted their own version of the selfie, including actresses Lily Collins and Chloe Grace Moretz.

Source: InStyle 2/19/16

Eight O'Clock Dramatizes The 'Secrets' of Whole-Bean Coffee

Eight O’Clock Coffee is attempting to place packaged whole-bean coffee into the spotlight. The brand’s new campaign reveals a “secret,” which is that coffee lovers do not need an expensive coffeehouse when they can make their own “perfect” cup at home with Eight O’Clock whole-beans. The campaign is made up of radio ads, as well as social media aspects. Additionally, Eight O’Clock Coffee revealed on its social channels that it will be giving away prize packs to further promote the campaign.

Source: MediaPost 2/22/16

JCPenney Puts The Penny to Work in Its New Campaign

JCPenney is kicking off a new marketing campaign focused on its plans to make the customer experience worthwhile. A series of ads began running on Feb. 28 highlighting the retailer’s focus on affordability and value by looking, in a fun way, at what customers can get for just a penny. The new launch coincides with upcoming deals that will offer one-cent discounts following significant market research by the brand. The campaign stretches across digital, social and print advertising.

Source: Ad Age 2/24/16

Neutrogena Launches First Global Campaign

Neutrogena launched the brand’s first-ever global campaign to encourage women to “See What’s Possible” and chase their dreams. A video brings to life the brand’s voice on beauty and female empowerment. Women across the world can join the conversations by sharing their own personal stories and words of encouragement to empower other women through social media by using the hashtag #SeeWhatsPossible.

Source: Cosmetic Business 2/24/16

Snapchat Lets You Design And Buy Your Own Custom Geofilter

Snapchat users who love to slap a geofilter on top of their photos can now create their very own for just $5 each. On-demand geofilters will allow users to customize filters for everything from birthday parties to weddings to concerts and more. Prior to this announcement, the company only allowed users to overlay their photos with filters paid for by brands or filters that were specific to their location.

Source: Tech Crunch 2/22/16

Damn, a Bunch of Brands Picked Up on The 'Damn, Daniel' Meme This Week

Anyone on Facebook or Twitter this past week has probably seen the 30-second video of a teenage boy named Daniel at school with his friend saying "Damn, Daniel" over and over again. The video took the Internet by storm, turning the 14 year-old into a viral sensation, virtually overnight. Clorox was quick to hop on the “Damn, Daniel” train on its social media accounts. Its tweet, “Whatever happens to those white shoes, just known that we’ve got your back” received more than 6,000 retweets proving that a play on a viral sensation can be very rewarding.

Source: Adweek 2/22/16

Boy Scouts 'Ambush' Girl Scouts in Sneaky Stunt From 'Got Milk?'

Got Milk? capitalized on the idea that people can’t have cookies without milk in its stunt to crash Girl Scout Cookie sales by having Boy Scouts sell milk. The milk was donated on behalf of Dean Foods with all proceeds going to the Boy Scouts organization. Got Milk? released a video showcasing the one-time event, which pops-up in Twitter feeds whenever someone tweets #girlscoutcookies.

Source: 2/24/16

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