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Pennzoil Showcases Next Level Performance With New Joyride Circuit Mini-Film

Pennzoil is taking automotive exhilaration to the next level with its new content series, Joyride. In the first video of the series, Joyride Circuit, famed precision driver Rhys Millen expertly navigates the chic streets of Barcelona in a Pennzoil signature yellow Ferrari 488 GTB! The Joyriders featured in the series recognize Pennzoil as a category leader and want to experience the technology it has to offer first hand. Throughout the series, Joyriders will travel to different locations all over the world, testing out Pennzoil’s hidden test vehicles in the pursuit of innovation and speed. Check it out on the Pennzoil YouTube page here: (client)

Source: Maxim 3/10/16

Kraft Very Quietly Changed Its Mac & Cheese Recipe Months Ago - And Nobody Noticed

After announcing the removal of synthetic coloring and preservative in its mac and cheese last April, Kraft Heinz decided to forgo campaigns around the change and instead announced that fans #didntnotice the change since the brand’s official switch in December. Calling it “the world’s largest blind taste test,” Kraft Heinz reassured customers that the product they love could maintain the same great taste while changing the recipe for the better.

Source: Business Insider 3/7/16

Kevin Bacon Humorously Promotes Eggs Again, This Time by Singing With His Brother

Kevin Bacon is back to show how well he, and now his brother, pairs with eggs. In "Wake Up to Eggs with the Bacon Brothers," the two show up at awkward moments in the homes of unsuspecting people and sing the praises of eggs with mixed results. The last play-on-words commercial with Bacon won a Cannes Lions in the PR category and more importantly, boosted egg sales across the country. "Who better to continue waking people up to eggs than the duo who knows and likes eggs best?" says Kevin Bacon.

Source: AdWeek 3/8/16

CVS to Pour $50 Million Into New Anti-Smoking Efforts

CVS will fund a new $50 million multi-year anti-smoking campaign, “Be the First,” to bolster its image as a healthcare first company. This funding from CVS comes after the company stopped the sale of tobacco products in 2014. Over the next five years, CVS will provide funding to leading anti-tobacco and youth-oriented programs such as the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and Scholastic in an effort to further reduce tobacco use in young people.

Source: Fortune 3/10/16

MLB Will Allow Players to Use Snapchat During a Spring Game

Snapchat and MLB have teamed up for a multi-year partnership to bring fans behind-the-scenes photos and videos of Spring Training. The SnapBat, essentially a baseball-themed selfie stick, which was introduced in 2015 during the homerun derby is also back for players to use. With this partnership, Snapchat will cover MLB games and events both this season, and in future years.

Source: Yahoo 3/4/16

Microsoft’s Empowering New Ad is All About The Power of Women

Microsoft released a new ad in honor of International Women’s Day, which the brand asks young girls to name an inventor. The girls are able to rattle off inventors like Edison and Tesla, but are stumped when asked to name a female inventor. The ad acknowledges the women inventors of the world, who often go unnoticed for their contributions and encourages young women to put themselves out there and #makewhatsnext.

Source: 3/8/16

Google Destinations Lets You Plan a Trip on Your Phone, No App Required

Google has recently launched “Destinations,” a new function that provides travelers all the information they need for trips in a one-stop shop. The search engine handles all the heavy lifting of planning a trip and presents it to users in a perfectly curated, neatly organized platform, complete with booking options and itinerary suggestions. The service also offers flight and hotel options, peak tourist times, average temperatures and precipitation, and even special activities tailored to travelers’ interests.

Source: Mashable 3/9/16

How to Get Your Hands on Free Ice Cream at Dairy Queen

Get ready to scream for ice cream! Tuesday, March 15 is Free Cone Day and in honor of the food holiday, Dairy Queen locations nationwide are serving up cones on the house. The deal includes one free small soft-serve per customer at participating locations of the Blizzard-slinging chain.

Source: 3/7/16

Brita Hopes to Make a Big Splash With Stephen Curry

Last week, Steph Curry appeared at a California school to speak with students about the benefits of drinking water. Brita also announced a contest for people to come up with ideas for commercials about water, with the winning spot set to air later this year. Brita will promote its brand in a 30-second commercial featuring Curry surrounded by water as he takes shots on a CGI-infused basketball court.

Source: Ad Age 3/10/16

Mophie's Motorcycle-Riding St. Bernards Will Save Phone Batteries at SXSW

Smartphone accessory maker Mophie is again enlisting adorable St. Bernards to help ‘save’ attendees from dying smartphone batteries at SXSW. This year, the dogs will ride to the rescue in motorcycle sidecars, providing fans with additional power. In order to get a charge, SXSW attendees need to tweet a photo that shows their dying battery to Mophie’s account, with the #MophieRescue hashtag.

Source: Mashable 3/8/16

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