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'Adaptoys' Revolutionizes Playtime For Families Living With Paralysis

The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation announced the creation of Adaptoys, adapted versions of popular toys that allow people with physical disabilities to experience the joy of actively playing with their families. To bring these accessible toys to more families nationwide, the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, in partnership with advertising agency 360i, launched a crowdfunding campaign at to raise funds supporting the research, development and production costs for at least 100 adapted remote controls cars. Former Rutgers football player Eric LeGrand and Donna Lowich, a 65-year-old grandmother of three, illustrate the impact these toys can have for individuals living with paralysis in an inspirational video that can be watched here. (client)

Source: 5/2/16

Pink Floyd to Launch Massive Vinyl Reissue Campaign

Classic rock band Pink Floyd will reissue their entire musical catalog on vinyl this spring through their own label, Pink Floyd Records, in association with Columbia. The reissuing will take part in waves, starting with the band’s first four full length albums in June. Each LP will come out on 180-gram vinyl with packaging that the band promises will replicate the original releases.

Source: Rolling Stone 5/6/16

There's Something Different About These New Essie Nail Polish Bottles

The newest Essie Nail Polish collection is getting a super chic makeover that will blow fan’s minds. The brand is launching a 42-shade Gel Couture collection featuring fun and stylish names as well as a new bottle shape inspired by twirling dresses on the runway. The Gel Couture nail polish will retail for $11.50 in stores and online this June.

Source: Seventeen 5/4/16

StubHub Wants You to Stop Microwaving Sad Dinners And Experience Events Instead

StubHub launched a new brand identity campaign, encouraging people to go out and enjoy live concerts and sporting events, instead of spending time on the couch eating leftovers. The new TV spots show the anticipation leading up to live events such as a ballet, baseball game or boxing match, contrasted with a guy in a dark apartment microwaving the aforementioned dinner. StubHub boasts itself as, "your ticket out."

Source: AdWeek 5/4/16

Sprint Unveils ‘The Last Emoji,’ to Fight Texting While Driving

In honor of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, Sprint took to the streets of Miami with “The Last Emoji.” Using car scraps, such as old seats and worn tires, Sprint created a sculpture of an emoji for drivers to see. As texting while driving has been gaining more attention for the potential dangers, Sprint is encouraging those who pass the sculpture to take a picture and post it with #SprintSafeDrive.

Source: CNN Money 5/4/16

JetBlue Aims to Change Stigma of Crying Babies in Powerful New Ad

JetBlue’s new #FlyBabies ad focuses on the worries parents often face ahead of a long flight with a small child. The ad aims to curb the stigma of parents traveling with young children by encouraging passengers to smile at the sound of a cry rather than complain. While some people have come to associate flying with frustration these days, JetBlue had passengers singing an entirely different tune on Flight 213 from New York to Long Beach, California when passengers received a 25 percent discount off their next trip for any and every tearful moment, experienced on the flight.

Source: TODAY 5/3/16

American Girl Has a Hit With Diabetes Doll Kit

American Girl has introduced a diabetes care kit for dolls. The kit comes with items that kids with Type 1 diabetes are familiar with including a blood sugar monitor, insulin pump, injection pen, glucose tablets, medical bracelet and lancing device. The kit is a result of a petition started by a 13-year-old girl with Type 1 diabetes who wanted to raise awareness and sort out confusion about the disease with friends.

Source: The New York Times 5/4/16

Aquafina Unveils Campaign For Its New Line of Naturally Sweetened Sparkling Water

Aquafina released two :15 second TV spots to promote its new line of naturally sweetened sparkling water. Part of its ongoing “For Happy Bodies” campaign, Aquafina is hoping the spots will help sell its flavored sparkling water can, which only contains 10 calories. The spots focus on the feel good moments that water brings after drinking and targets healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

Source: The Drum 5/2/16

Face-Swap With Your Favorite Netflix Characters on The Streets of Paris

Netflix fans in France now have the chance to take on the appearance of the inviting yet menacing politician Frank Underwood or the happy-go-lucky bunker survivor Kimmy Schmidt. The video-streaming service has strategically placed billboards all over Paris encouraging passers-by to swap faces with some of their favorite characters from Netflix shows like House of Cards, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Narcos and Orange is the New Black.

Source: Digital Trends 5/5/16

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