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Staples Wants to Give Breakrooms a Makeover

Staples believes that dual purpose areas like breakrooms and cafeterias are inviting, creating more productivity, which is why the brand is launching the "Ultimate Breakroom Makeover" contest. To enter, hopefuls must write an essay why their breakroom deserves a makeover. The winner will receive a $40,000 prize which includes design services, fresh and healthy snacks, coffee options, furniture, cleaning supplies, appliances and flat-screen TVs.

Source: MediaPost 5/6/16

Shock Top is Starting a Summer Camp For Nostalgic Millennials Tired of Acting Like Adults

Shock Top has partnered with Camp No Counselors, a sleepaway camp for grown-ups, for an interactive experience with the brand. Camp Shock Top will be at picturesque locations just outside four cities: New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Austin, Texas. The Anheuser-Busch brand's marketing effort for the summer will give 1,000 consumers the chance to stay in cabins and take part in typical summer camp activities like archery and beach volleyball to experience camp as an adult, with less rules and more booze.

Source: AdWeek 5/9/16

7-Eleven Introduces a Blue Slurpee Doughnut For Shark Week

Every summer, TV watchers unite together for one full week of binge watching different shark-related shows during Shark Week. In honor of the celebration, 7-Eleven has created a new Blue Raspberry Slurpee-flavored doughnut, available for just 99 cents. The cake doughnut covered with blue sugar crystals will be available on the first day of Shark Week, June 26.

Source: The Daily Meal 5/9/16

Hourglass Cosmetics is Launching Men's Services

Hourglass Cosmetics is changing the beauty industry by bringing products to a market that rarely sees significant action - men. Due to a growing demand, CEO Carisa Janes is bringing skincare products and highlighter palettes specifically for men into her stores. The men’s service, called H x Hourglass, launched officially on May 15 and marks the beginning of more complexion options for men.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 5/10/16

Insurance Company Uses Instagram to Determine Trends in Road Rage

The Auto Insurance Center has turned to Instagram to find the most “road rage” filled days, times and locations. The company relied on the use of #RoadRage on Instagram along with shared locations in order to determine the recent set of data that it released. The findings are not shocking, as the data listed Friday as the most road rage filled day, with August as the worst month. The hashtag results showed Los Angeles to be the city with the most road rage, New York City took a close second and Hawaii, shockingly, named as the top state for road rage.

Source: PetaPixel 5/10/16

Pizza Hut Delivered a Pizza to The Top of Mount Kilimanjaro

Pizza Hut, the Yum Brands-owned pizza makers, marked the opening of a location in its 100th country in a peculiar way. A pizza was made at the Dar es Salaam Pizza Hut location, flown to the Kilimanjaro International Airport and finally, the pizza was then driven and hiked to the Uhuru Peak at Mt. Kilimanjaro.  The delivery people took turns during the trek and claimed the Guinness World Record for “Highest Altitude Pizza Delivery on Land.”

Source: Mashable 5/12/16

Stuffed Animals Get Transplants in Adorable Campaign About Child Organ Donation

To raise awareness of a shortage of child organ donors, "Second Life Toys," was created to resurrect old, worn-out stuffed animals by combining them with parts from other fuzzy creatures. The demo round of the project, developed with the Japanese organ transplant group, Green Ribbon Campaign, led to the creation of characters like an elephant with a squirrel's tail for its trunk, a bear with monkey arms, a whale with a dragon's wings and a goat with bear leg.

Source: AdWeek 5/12/16

The Great Instagram Logo Freakout of 2016

Instagram changed its logo from the well-known polaroid camera to a neon colored square with white outlines that represents a majorly simplified camera. Instagram defended the change in its logo, stating that the new minimalistic and brightly colored design “reflects how vibrant and diverse [the user’s] storytelling has become.” The neon rainbow logo has not been well-received thus far, as many miss the nostalgic feel of the original Instagram logo.

Source: The New York Times 5/11/16

A Pop-Up Shop For Periods? U by Kotex Believes The Time Has Come

Kotex has created The Period Shop, a pop-up located in New York City, dedicated to all things period. The shop includes U by Kotex products, of course, but also custom tampon pillows, Brooklyn Bell ice cream and Bon Bon Bon chocolates from Detroit. Snacks, home goods, clothing and accessories along with "beauty experiences" are also available for consumers to enjoy.

Source: Ad Age 5/13/16

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