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Take a Seat at New York’s Upscale Cereal Café

In New York City's Times Square a new cereal café called "Kellogg's NYC" opened on July 4. The café includes both basic cereal and elaborate cereal-based celebrations. The menu features traditional cereal favorites, but customers can also choose from such delightfully “highbrow” items like "The Pistachio-Lemon" cereal bowl. For $7.50 a bowl (yes, a regular box of cereal costs far less than that), this unique option comes with Special K Original, Frosted Flakes, pistachios, lemon zest and thyme.

Source: Mashable 6/30/16

Reese's Summer Olympics Push Stars Winter Olympian Winner Vonn

Reese’s is putting a twist on its Summer Olympics-inspired campaign by tapping into Winter Olympian Lindsey Vonn. In the brand’s, “Do Summer Like a Winter Olympian” campaign, Vonn will attempt various summer events such as archery, fencing and rhythmic gymnastics. The campaign is focused on social content with two TV commercials rolling out in July. This marks the first time in more than a decade that Reese’s is using live action in a spot rather than animation.

Source: Creativity-Online 6/28/16

Google Sharpens Search Results For ‘Skin Rash,’ ‘Tummy Ache’ And Other Symptoms

More often than not, when people look up symptoms on Google, the internet will often misdiagnose the condition in question with a disease or illness that is much worse than the real issue. Google has found a way to fix this problem by partnering with the Harvard Medical School and Mayo Clinic to build a new feature called symptom search. Now when people Google “stomach pains,” “skin rash” or any other common problem, Google will provide additional related symptom terms below the search box. The symptom search will facilitate the search and provide people with more accurate medical advice.

Source: Wall Street Journal 6/20/16

Babies Pose With Their Food Look-Alikes in Cute Campaign For Gerber

In a new campaign for Gerber, fresh fruits and veggies are jplaced alongside their look-alike infant counterparts—blueberries and bright eyes, a baby faux-hawk with a pineapple top, peaches with peach fuzz. These visuals showcase the brand's message regarding TLC for babies as well as their food. The ads are being run in both print and on TV along with an additional short digital film detailing the brand’s cold puree and flash cooked production process to capitalize on the wildly popular farm-to-table trend.

Source: AdWeek 6/22/16

Delta Instituting ‘Go Fridays’ in New York

After a study showed that only 8 percent of New Yorkers take advantage of Summer Fridays, Delta launched a summer-long promotion to find overworked New Yorkers and give them rewards that encourage them to leave the office. Delta is utilizing a “Go Fridays” bot to identify NY employees and give them Delta flight vouchers, reservations for NYC restaurants, Mets and Yankees tickets and more. For those not tracked down by the bot, New Yorkers can tweet @DeltaNY using #DeltaGoFridays and explain why they deserve a Go Friday reward.

Source: Travel Pulse 6/28/16

Check Your Cheetos! Find a Strange One And Win $60,000!

Cheetos released a new campaign on that will extend throughout the summer. It is called the Cheetos Museum and encourages people to submit Cheetos shaped as other things or people for the chance to win $10k. It has been receiving a lot of national attention including footage on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “The Today Show.” Some submissions include a cat, giraffe, Abe Lincoln and more. Cheetos has been posting a video series on Facebook to get people involved and excited about the contest.

Source: Huffington Post 6/29/16

Mr. Potato Head Gets a Twisted Makeover

U.K. based grocery store Asda partnered with Hasbro to launch a limited-edition version of the popular Mr. Potato Head toy that looks a little bent out of shape. The new design aims to call attention to wonky and misshapen vegetables that often get passed up for more aesthetically pleasing ones in stores despite being just as tasty. All of the proceeds from this limited-edition toy will be donated to FareShare, a charity that distributes surplus food to those in need. 

Source: Mental Floss 6/27/16

Alicia Keys Continues Her #NoMakeup Pledge at The 2016 BET Awards

Alicia Keys attended the BET Awards on June 26 as a continuation of her pledge to go makeup free. Recently she posted a powerful Lenny essay announcing her #nomakeup campaign because she does not want to cover up any aspect of herself. She wrote, “Not my face, not my mind, not my soul, not my thoughts, not my dreams, not my struggles, not my emotional growth. Nothing.” Alicia is committed to the revolution of women showing their real and raw selves even at a red carpet event.

Source: 6/28/16

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