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New Lisa Frank Clothing Line Lets You Laze Around Like Never Before

Nineties nostalgia is everywhere, and now throwback fans can wear it too. Lisa Frank, the nineties sticker icon, has brought its signature images to clothing. The Frank collection includes T-shirts, crops tops, leggings and dresses to name a few. Nineties girls can now rock prints that appeared on their favorite stickers and folders back in the day.

Source: Mashable 7/20/16

Free People is Launching Natural-Focused Beauty

For the first time, apparel company Free People is expanding its brand to create an all-natural beauty line. The beauty line will keep the same vibe as the clothing - bohemian, romantic and free-spirited. From skin-care and cosmetics to hair-care, the brand is creating every product to be natural and animal cruelty free.

Source: Allure 7/18/16

John Cena is 'Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!'

The once popular “Hefty! Hefty! Hefty!” slogan is back with a twist. In Hefty’s latest campaign, the Hefty chant is represented by popular WWE personality John Cena, and the corresponding wimpy chant is represented by comedian Rob Schneider. The campaign will be featured on television, digital and social.

Source: MediaPost 7/18/16

This Nonprofit is Searching For Millennial Bone Marrow Donors on Snapchat

Be The Match, a nonprofit that manages a bone marrow registry to help blood cancer patients, is launching a campaign called “Be the Guy,” looking for young, healthy blood donors on apps that are popular with millennials - like Snapchat. Its recruitment initiatives focus on men ages 18-24. The vertical video ads will run within the Live Stories and Discover sections of the app. Be The Match is also running online videos on Twitch, Instagram and Facebook to find donors.

Source: Adweek 7/14/16

Holographic French Fry Packet Scares Away Seagulls

Australian fast-food chain, Hungry Jack’s has created new holographic packaging for French fries available at coastal locations to keep pesky seagulls from stealing food. The company claims that the glittering surface of the new packaging reflects light and scares the seagulls away, leaving the Australians free to enjoy their fries, sorry, chips.

Source: 7/15/16

Fruit of The Loom Tricks Shoppers at Pop-Up Shop

Fruit of Loom opened a pop up “luxury” lingerie store to prove that its packaged underwear is just as good as the fancy underwear women pay double the price for. In the pop-up store, the brand unpackaged its underwear and bumped up the prices. Women loved the fabric, colors and feel of the underwear. At the end of their purchase, the Fruit of Loom logo was revealed and customers were shocked to see that the underwear came from a bag.

Source: Chief Marketer 7/20/16

I Can’t Believe It’s Fabio! Iconic Supermodel Toasts His Fun Career

Fabio is back and wants consumers to know that he is still a hunk! Teaming up with I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter, he appears in an ad for the “Unbelievabot” toaster - a one-of-a-kind creation that prints images and messages on toast. The campaign features plenty of tongue-and-cheek humor and Fabio's "I'm so cool" attitude.

Source: Parade 7/19/16

Fashionable Hospital Gowns Make Sick Teens Feel Unique

Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada created the Ward + Robes program that has produced about 100 different hospital gowns, bringing together top designers and teens to create unique gowns that better express the personalities of teen patients. People across the globe are invited to submit their own hospital gown designs and donations to the program.

Source: AOL 7/19/16

Zipcar Offered Pokemon Go Players Free Rides in Boston

On July 21, Zipcar offered rides to Pokemon Go players in Boston. During their ride, players, aka “trainers” were given a survival kit, which included various necessities like a phone charger and snacks. Using the hastag #ZipCatch, Twitter users were able to coordinate one-hour rides for their Pokemon search.

Source: Adweek 7/21/16

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