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Gabby Reece Partners with Pacira Pharmaceuticals and ASER to Help Combat the Opioid Epidemic

Professional athlete and broadcast personality Gabby Reece is partnering with Pacira Pharmaceuticals to launch a new campaign called Choices Matter, aimed at educating patients and caregivers about non-opioid alternatives for pain management following surgery. The campaign is tied to new research that showed that one-in-10 postsurgical patients prescribed an opioid became addicted to, or dependent on the drug. Choices Matter was developed in partnership between the American Society for Enhanced Recovery and Pacira Pharmaceuticals. For more information visit: (client)

Source: U.S. News & World Report 8/2/16

Under Armour Women's Ad Campaign Stars Copeland and Vonn Promoting Crossback Bra

Under Armour launched a new campaign called, “Find Strength In Support, ” which shows off the new Armour Mid Crossback bras featuring ballet dancer Misty Copeland. In the accompanying videos, Misty and other strong women are seen with encouraging words written across their backs. The messaging promotes the strong support system that is behind every strong and independent woman. The campaign encourages the public to post images of themselves and their biggest supporters with the hashtag #StrengthinSupport.

Source: Baltimore Sun 7/27/16

The One Product Rachel Bilson Never Leaves Home Without

ChapStick® recently launched their first-ever tinted lip balm – ChapStick® Total Hydration Moisture + Tint – with help from spokeswomen and actress Rachel Bilson and celebrity makeup artist Matin. Rachel and Matin joined ChapStick® at a launch event in NYC to help introduce the new product. (client)

Source: InStyle 7/26/16

Amy Schumer is Joining Old Navy’s Roster of Funny Girls

Amy Schumer will join a roster of women that has included Elizabeth Banks, Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus during Old Navy’s back-to-school campaign. The spot features Amy babysitting her niece and nephew and realizing she lacks “hipness.” Her nephew recommends Old Navy for its 60 percent off promotions for back-to-school, which is like a kid’s red carpet event. The 30-second spot also features young influencers whose following may give Old Navy a boost on social media.

Source: AdAge 8/1/16

Should Niagara Falls be Named 8th Wonder of the World?

In a new campaign, the Tourism Partnership of Niagara argues that many neglect to acknowledge the Niagara Falls for the wonder that it is. With the campaign, they are hoping to not only put the falls on the map, but also make it the 8th wonder of the world. Using the hashtag #Claimthe8th, the Tourism Partnership of Niagara is aiming to increase chatter and get tourists excited to visit.

Source: AdWeek 8/9/16

The New Parenting Trend Is To Name Your Baby After Pokémon

According to BabyCenter, the names of Pokémon creatures Roselia (+5,859 spots), Onyx (+2,184 spots) and Eevee (+1,377 spots) are all on the rise for girls compared to last year*. Additionally, the names Star (+2,040 spots for girls), Ivy (+1,287 spots for boys), and Shay (+369 spots for girls, +64 spots for boys) are spiking in popularity – perhaps Pokémon-loving parents are being inspired by the creatures Starmie, Ivysaur and Shayman. Plus the name of the main character, Ash (+248 spots), is gaining traction for boys. With nearly 50 percent of BabyCenter moms playing the game (according to a recent BabyCenter poll), this connection might not be that far-fetched. (client)

Source: BuzzFeed 7/26/16

Brands drop letters A, B and O from signs in brilliant call for blood donors

Noteworthy landmarks and signs across the globe are missing few key letters this month in an effort to encourage more people to donate blood. From Amsterdam’s famous “I Amsterdam sign” to Tesco supermarket store signs in the UK, signs in 21 countries are dropping the letters A, B and O as a part of the Missing Type campaign. Launched by NHS Blood and Transplant and the London-based Engine Group, the campaign highlights the 30 percent decrease in blood donations that has occurred over the past decade. The campaign also called upon individuals to participate by dropping the letters from their names on social media platforms and use the hashtag #MissingType.

Source: Mashable 8/17/16

Amazon Alexa gets its first touchscreen video chat device

The rollout of Amazon Alexa-enabled devices that transcend the Echo continues to grow – this time with its first touchscreen video device called Nucleus. Roughly the size of a tablet (9 inches x 7 inches and just 2.1 pounds), the Nucleus combines touchscreen video screens with embedded cameras that can be accessed via app on your smartphone, allowing you to communicate with any room in your home or office equipped with a Nucleus device. As a plug and play system for the next generation of video intercom devices, Nucleus is indeed an attractive and relatively affordable solution. But when paired with Alexa, it appears to deliver the powerful smart home environment most of us have only seen on television or in films in the homes of the wealthy.

Source: Mashable 8/4/16

Bud Light's Popular NFL Team Cans Are Back With a New Minimalist Design

Bud Light has brought back team-specific cans for the 2016-2017 NFL season. The beer giant has partnered with 27 of the 32 NFL teams on distinct can designs, which got a minimalist makeover from design firm Jones Knowles Ritchie. According to Bud Light's VP Alexander Lambrecht, the new streamlined look is intentional and the brand wants to celebrate the teams again this year in “a very iconic way.” Lambrecht added, “The can feels like a team jersey that you can drink out of.” Be on the lookout in September when Bud Light rolls out a local content campaign to accompany the newly redesigned cans.

Source: AdWeek 8/1/16

The Genius New Way To Take Cold Meds

CVS has changed the game when it comes to taking medicine this upcoming flu season. Consumers can now get all the medicine they need without having to do much of anything with CVS’ new cold and flu medicine packaged into Keurig K-Cups. The new meds work just like regular single-serve cups and are available nationwide for $9.99.

Source: Refinery29 8/16/16

Girl Scouts Celebrate National S'mores Day with New S'mores Cookie

The Girl Scouts of the USA celebrated National S’mores Day on August 10th with the announcement of its first new cookie in the lineup in two years: Girl Scout S’mores! The cookies will be made available in two varieties: a crispy graham cookie double dipped in crème icing and enrobed in a chocolately coating and a crunchy graham sandwich cookie with a chocolate and marshmallowy filling. Who wants s’more?

Source: USA Today 8/10/16

Aerie’s New Body-Empowerment Campaign Uses Real Women as Models

Aerie’s new campaign titled “Share Your Spark Experience,” celebrates everyday women of all shapes and sizes. The brand recently released a new video on their YouTube page featuring 40 inspiring “Aerie girls” with a variety of sizes, ethnicities and ages. “Half of the girls had never even been on a photo shoot,” plus-size model and face of the campaign Iskra Lawrence, says. “And yet all these women proudly bared their real selves to share their spark with girls everywhere.”

Source: Yahoo! Style 8/3/16

Subway Debuts #SearchforBetter Campaign; Updates Logo

Subway’s newest branding campaign take a different approach to its long-time “Eat Fresh” messaging. The campaign, titled #SearchforBetter, takes a more emotional approach highlighting the fresh food and locally sourced ingredients that are a staple with the Subway brand. The campaign’s message is, “The search for better is one of our greatest traits as humans. It’s a new commitment. A bold move. Even a fresh start. This appetite for better is everywhere — in people, communities — and also at Subway. Every day, we’re finding new ways to serve fresh, locally sourced produce and food free of artificial preservatives whenever possible. Because the best way to stay fresh is to never get stale.”

Source: MediaPost 8/8/16

Whirlpool Aims to Improve School Attendance by Providing Students with Access to Clean Clothes

According to Whirlpool, students who do not have access to clean clothing are more likely to skip school. Partnering with DigitasLBi, the company launched the program ‘Care Counts’ at 17 schools. After adding washers and dryers in order to make it easier for students to clean their clothes, 90 percent of students improved their attendance in the first year of the program, averaging 6.1 more days in school than the previous year. The initiative is expected to expand to more than 30 schools in its second year while more than 300 schools have expressed interest in the program.

Source: The Drum 8/1/16

Simone Biles & The Final Five Are Coming to a Special K Box Near You

Kellogg's is putting Biles and the U.S. Women's Gymnastics team, who made America proud by taking home the gold in the team all-around event, on the Gold Medal Edition boxes of Special K Red Berries. One side of the new Red Berries box shows Biles’ gold-medal image and Team U.S.A.’s image appears on the other. Kellogg's noted that this is the very first dual-sided box, which was created specially to honor two distinct accomplishments. The Gold Medal Edition cereal box is available for free at

Source: Refinery29 8/15/16

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