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Burger Flavored Beer Just Makes So Much Sense

Ever wish you could have your burger and drink it too? Red Robin has partnered with New Belgium Brewing to introduce Grilled Pineapple Golden Ale, the first-ever burger-inspired beer! The Golden Ale style beer (5.5% ABV), inspired by the chain’s signature Banzai burger, was developed to complement the burger’s teriyaki and pineapple flavor profile. The beer will make its debut at the nation’s largest beer expo, Great American Beer Festival, in Denver on Oct. 6-8 and will be served on-tap at Red Robin restaurants in Colo. while supplies last. (Client)

Source: Mashable 9/26/16

Land O'Lakes Is Donating Meals to People in Need for Every Food Photo You Delete From Instagram

Land O’Lakes is using Instagram to join the fight against hunger with the brand’s new “Delete to Feed” campaign. The brand is challenging Instagram foodies to think about all the people who go without food each day. For every food post that is deleted from an Instagram account, Land O’Lakes will donate 11 meals to those in need. Between now and mid-October, those wishing to participate can connect their Instagram account to the campaign’s Delete to Feed website so Land O’Lakes can accurately track how many food photos have been deleted. The brand hopes to have 2.75 million meals donated by the close of the campaign.

Source: Adweek 9/21/16

Google Takes on Uber With New Ride-Share Service

Google is rolling out a ridesharing service in the San Francisco area that works in conjunction with its navigation app, Waze. Rather than operating like a taxi, the new service from Waze will connect riders with drivers who are already heading in the direction of their destination. The service is priced competitively to offer rates lower than both Uber and Lyft. The pilot program began in May and will be available to all Waze users in the San Francisco area beginning this fall.

Source: Wall Street Journal 8/31/16

Delta Captures Millennial Travelers’ Interest via Snapchat-Based Scavenger Hunt

Delta Air Lines is landing its latest promotion, Delta Dreamhunt, on Snapchat, marking its debut on the popular mobile storytelling app. To kickoff its effort, the airline is hosting a five-week-long scavenger hunt in Los Angeles via the app, where participants can win prizes including free flights, concert tickets and invites to the 2017 Grammys. Snapchat users can follow clues on Delta's new Snapchat account along with its Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feeds.

Source: 9/13/16

Cheeky New Work for Mr. Clean Kicks Off Search for a New Face

After 60 years with the same mascot, Mr. Clean is inviting potential new faces to submit audition reels for the squeaky-clean brand and attend several casting sessions over the next month. To introduce the contest, the brand has a new 60-second spot with Kellan Lutz spoofing an audition reel for the role. While the iconic Mr. Clean is not going away, this campaign gives consumers a chance to have a little bit of fun with the brand. Mr. Clean will announce the $20,000 contest winner in mid-October.

Source: Adweek 9/8/16

Venmo Brings the Expression ‘Pony up' to Life in its First-Ever National TV Ad

Venmo, the popular money transfer app, is using its first nationwide campaign to ask users to ‘pony up’ by literally getting on a pony. Putting a literal twist on the common phrase, the campaign shows people that Venmo can remove the awkwardness of splitting happy hour tabs, restaurant bills and monthly rent. As part of the campaign, Venmo will also randomly reimburse selected users for their payments.

Source: The Drum 9/12/16

Spotify and Tinder Link Up to Form a Match Made in Heaven

Those who values music when looking for a romantic partner are in luck – Tinder is now here to help. In its new partnership with Spotify, users can sync their playlist to their Tinder profiles and be matched based on musical preferences. Users have the ability to see the other person’s most-played tracks and try out music they haven’t heard before.

Source: Forbes 9/21/16

This Powerful Campaign Hopes to Teach Young People What Consent Is

A new campaign called “Know No” is hoping to educate young men and women across the U.S., as the sexual assault epidemic on college campuses continues. The spot features dancers in Chicago pretending to sleep on a bench or a mattress with a sign reading, "If I can't say no, I can't say yes" in front of them. The “Know No” website includes a series of questions designed to teach young men and women when consent is given and when it is not. After answering any number of questions, the user can share the quiz with friends on Facebook or Twitter. The campaign’s goal is to teach as many people as possible what consent is and start the conversation among families and friends.

Source: Adweek 9/2/16

Life Is Good Taps ‘Positive State’ to Battle Toxic Election

T-shirt guru Life is Good launched a new campaign, Positive State, to combat the negative messaging surrounding this year’s presidential election. Using #GROWtheGood, the brand has asked lucky optimists in all 50 states to share reasons why their state is an upbeat place to live, offering cash rewards for the best causes. The hope is that a little optimism can go a long way and hopefully change the tone of political conversations. Following the election, Life is Good will hand out $25,000 in grants for good causes uncovered in local communities.

Source: MediaPost 9/16/16

Cough Drop Company Signs Ryan Lochte to Endorsement

Cough drop company Pine Brothers recently announced its partnership with USA Olympic Swimmer and gold medalist Ryan Lochte. This comes in hopes that people will forgive the 32-year-old who was involved in a drunken incident at a Rio de Janeiro gas station. Lochte will appear in print ads and commercials, advertising that its throat drops are "forgiving on your throat." Pine Brothers CEO Rider McDowell claims Ryan is a “good guy” and says they are giving him a second chance because of his previous work with charities.

Source: ESPN 8/25/16

Etsy's First Global Campaign is an Expression of Individuality, Just Like the Stuff It Sells

Etsy, the creative, fun and artsy online marketplace that we all know and love, has come out with their very first global advertising campaign. The “Difference Makes Us” campaign shows how something simple like a coffee mug or a nightstand can be an expression of an individual’s unique creativity. With this new campaign, Etsy hopes to encourage consumers to show off their own expressions of individuality. As part of this new campaign, the brand will be swapping out products in each ad. According to CCO Paul Caiozzo, "The bigger idea here is to manifest difference by making a commercial that would always be different."

Source: Adweek 9/14/16

The Breadwinners Project Reminds us That the Wage Gap is an "Everyone Issue"

With 40 percent of household breadwinners being women, the #BreadwinnersProject is dedicated to supporting female breadwinners and finding out what makes them tick. Alisa Leonard, founder and CEO of Hello Q, teamed up with her fellow powerhouse colleagues to create the campaign, which features 35 women who speak about their experiences in being the primary or sole breadwinner in their family. The campaign includes a survey designed to help the campaign learn more about this group of women and to educate markets on how they can address them more moving forward.

Source: Bustle 8/29/16

Bob Evans Restaurants Jumps on Political Bandwagon

The Sausage Selection Election might be the most important decision we make this year! Bob Evans is calling all voters to vote between sausage patties (Patties for the People) and sausage links (Links for Liberty). Voting ends Oct. 17 and those who cast their vote get a free side of breakfast sausage at any Bob Evans restaurant. 

Source: MediaPost 9/19/16

PepsiCo Introduces Organic Gatorade

PepsiCo is introducing a version of Gatorade that’s certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, testing whether a product created in a lab with artificial flavors and colors can adapt to America’s growing natural-food movement. The company will sell strawberry, lemon and mixed berry G Organic. The goal is to focus on the potential to change ingredients while not compromising the taste in order to maintain current customers while still attracting new ones.

Source: AdAge 8/30/16

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