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Macy’s Bets on Power of Santa Belief This Holiday

There's a lot of wishing going around this holiday season, and Macy's is hoping to capitalize on that desire for positivity with the latest iteration of its "Believe" campaign. Now in its ninth season, this year's marketing push centers around the new Santa Project, a social media call to arms asking consumers nationwide to post Santa belief-related photos, messages or videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube under #SantaProject.

Source: AdAge 11/14/16

Ashley Graham Has Her Own Barbie And She Made Sure Its Thighs Touch

Ashley Graham is once again making headlines in the best way possible. After being named Glamour’s Woman of the Year, the model is the newest celebrity to have her own Barbie doll. Ashley made sure that the one requirement she had came true – having the doll’s thighs touch. She even went as far as to request cellulite be put on the doll; however, she let that request slide because putting cellulite on plastic wouldn’t work. Ashley’s doll follows other launches from the Fashionista Barbie line that feature curvy, tall and ethnically diverse dolls. Most recently, the brand even launched Barbie President and Vice President dolls. Graham told the Hollywood Reporter, “Now every girl does look like Barbie. It’s not an unattainable thing.”

Source: HelloGiggles 11/15/16

This Powerful Campaign Has Answers for Parents Googling 'Down Syndrome'

A new campaign was recently launched by the Canadian Down Syndrome Society in which individuals with Down syndrome read and answer the most popular Google searches regarding the condition. This campaign helps to show how individuals with Down syndrome read, play sports, have a job, cook and more—but most importantly they show that someone with Down syndrome can do all of these things. Whenever someone Googles these questions, these videos will now pop up as an answer.

Source: Adweek 11/1/16

New Cheetos Holiday Collection Includes Bronzer That Gives a ‘Vibrant Cheetos Glow’

Cheetos is trying to help you keep that summer glow while celebrating the holidays with its new “colour de Cheetos Bronzer,” one of many new products released for the brand’s holiday collection. Other items to add to your holiday wishlist include a Cheeteau Perfume and flamin’ hot pants. No matter whom you are shopping for this holiday season, Cheetos has something for the family and Cheetos lovers alike.

Source: USA Today 11/18/16

Google Home Review: Home is Where The Smart is

There is good news for fans of Google search, as the company is expanding beyond the search bar used everyday on computers and phones everywhere. Designed to rival Amazon’s Echo, the new Google Home comes more affordably priced at $129 (versus the $170 asking price for the Echo). The Home is intended to sit in a house or apartment and provides access to all of Google’s services whenever they are needed. Interactions with the Google search bar have always revolved around screens, but this move by Google indicates the trend of information sharing without the need to type on keyboards. Removing screens and keyboards allows users to multitask more easily without being tethered to their device.

Source: USA Today 11/3/16

How This Poster in a Women's Restroom at a Bar Cleverly Combats Sexual Assault

A county council in England has come up with a clever and discreet way of combatting sexual violence and abuse. A poster in the women's bathroom at a bar advises anyone who is feeling unsafe on a date to ask the bar staff for "Angela" – a code word alerting the staff that someone is in need of help. The idea of being helped discreetly is the most compelling part about the campaign. The “Ask for Angela” posters are part of a wider #NoMore campaign, which aims to promote a culture change in relation to sexual violence and abuse, as well as empower victims to make a decision on whether to report incidents.

Source: Adweek 11/1/16

Uber is Giving Away Free Rides From The Airport For The Holiday

With the holidays around the corner, Uber has partnered with American Express to offer free rides for customers traveling to the airport for the holidays. The deal is available for a limited time only to American Express cardholders using the promo code “AMEXAIRPORT.” Riders are credited with up to $65 and can use the deal twice before Dec. 31. 

Source: USA Today 11/16/16

McDonald’s Brings Back McRib Along With App to Help Find it

For a restricted amount of time, McRibs are available in a limited number of McDonald’s locations. One of the most unique aspects of the McRib campaign is how much of it is left up to customers. McDonald’s does not indicate where the McRib is available or for how long, leaving the dedication of its fans to search them out. However, McDonald’s is offering its own first-party McRib locator in the form of a mobile app housed in Apple’s App Store as a helping hand to those rib-loving fans. The new app comes amid McDonald’s larger move toward digital, and mobile in particular, as it tries to target a younger, more digital-savvy audience.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily 11/18/16

Attention Brides: You Can Now Add SoulCycle Classes to Your Wedding Registry

SoulCycle has teamed up with a wedding registry website to allow couples to add SoulCycle classes to their registries. Both companies wanted to allow fitness-loving couples the opportunity to enjoy a fun workout together. There are currently two cycling packages available on Zola—a 20-class package and a 30-class package—which can be redeemed at your nearest studio location.

Source: InStyle 11/2/16

Young Athletes Face Down Doubters in These Powerful Powerade Spots

Powerade has created a series of powerful social media films featuring young athletes facing comments from doubters about their chances in sports. Each spot shows one young athlete facing a different type of negative message from an adult, whether about their sexuality, injuries, lack of funding or gender. Powerade used real athletes instead of trained actors and includes the tagline “Power Through,” pushing athletes to ignore the negative comments and stay determined to succeed.

Source: Creativity Online 11/7/16

Pringles is Introducing a New Christmas Flavor

Popular chip brand Pringles has been capitalizing on holiday flavors recently, and the unique sweet and salty combinations have been performing exceedingly well with fans. This year, Pringles fans can have a happy holiday by snacking down on the newest flavor, Sugar Cookie. This new flavor will be displayed in a classic ugly sweater canister and will be accompanied by other returning flavors, including Salted Caramel and Pecan Pie.

Source: Adweek 10/19/16

JetBlue Unveils Special ‘RetroJet’ Paint Scheme

JetBlue, an airline that inaugurated service in 2000, paid homage to the iconic jet age of air travel by debuting a 1960s aircraft paint scheme. Dubbed “What’s Old is Blue Again,” the jet featured a one-of-a-kind retro paint scheme, and all crew members wore retro uniforms. Passengers were treated to themed cupcakes and retro amenity kits.

Source: USA Today 11/11/16

NCAA Sponsorship Deal With Pizzeria to Kick Off in Terre Hut

Pizza Hut is kicking off its multi-year NCAA sponsorship at the men’s and women’s cross country championship in Indiana by temporarily renaming the championship’s host city, Terre Haute, to “Terre Hut.” The mayor made an official name-change proclamation where a new Terre Hut sign was unveiled. The temporary name also aligns with the way some Hoosiers actually pronounce the city’s name.

Source: Indiana Business Journal 11/16/16

EBay Returns to TV for the Holidays

EBay is making a comeback to television with a brand new holiday campaign in 2016. The 30-second centerpeice spot, “The Giver,” focuses on the range of personalized items available via the online marketplace. EBay explains that, while the convenience of holiday shopping has increased, the thoughtfulness of gifting has decreased. The campaign, which uses the tagline, “The gift they’re waiting for is on eBay,” consists of two 30-second commercials, as well as four 15-second spots for digital video. These are the brand’s first national holiday TV ads in nearly two years.

Source: AdAge 11/7/16

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