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Pitbull And Hard Rock Partner to Benefit The Slam Foundation

Dale! International superstar Pitbull and the Hard Rock International have hit the global stage with the new release of the Pitbull Signature Series: Edition 35 merchandise line – all for a great cause! A percentage of the retail price of each shirt sold will be donated to the SLAM foundation through the Hard Rock Heals Foundation to help advance learning opportunities for children around the world. Inspired by the GRAMMY award-winning artist, the shirt boasts Pitbull’s famous moniker, “Mr. Worldwide” on the front in electric lettering. Fans can purchase the limited-edition gear online or at participating Rock Shops at Hard Rock Cafe, Hotel and Casino properties around the globe. (client)

Source: Music Connection 1/21/17

Tostitos Introduces Super Bowl Party Bag That Can Tell if You’ve Been Drinking And Call You an Uber

Just in time for the Super Bowl, Tostitos has made a limited-edition "Party Safe" bag that can tell when consumers have been drinking and will help them get home safely. Created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, this new bag comes equipped with a sensor connected to a microcontroller, which detects small traces of alcohol on a person's breath. Once detected, a sensor turns red and forms the image of a steering wheel, along with an Uber code and a "Don't drink and drive" message. Frito-Lay’s chief marketing officer says the brand’s goal is to remove 25,000 cars from the roads Super Bowl Sunday evening by providing $10 off Uber codes on its bags.

Source: New York Daily News 1/25/17

Watch Mattel's Cute New “Dads Who Play Barbie” Campaign

Mattel has kicked off a new campaign, “Dads Who Play Barbie,” featuring unscripted clips of real dads playing Barbie with their daughters. The campaign comes as part of its ongoing “You Can Be Anything” positioning, which helps to demonstrate gender equality. It will be promoted in 30 and 90-second spots, as well as in digital, print and on social media using #DadsWhoPlayBarbie.

Source: Mashable 1/23/17

Taco Bell is Now Selling a Chalupa With a Shell Made of Fried Chicken

Fans of fried chicken and Taco Bell tacos will have the opportunity to try something a little bit different. Taco Bell went nationwide this month with its latest creation: a taco that has a shell made out of only fried chicken. The shell contains all-white seasoned chicken while the inside of the taco is packed with lettuce, tomatoes, cheddar cheese and avocado ranch sauce. The restaurant has been testing the new taco in its markets in Bakersfield, Calif. and Kansas City, Mo. with positive results. The taco became available in Taco Bells across the country on Jan. 26.

Source: Delish 1/12/17

Clinique’s Latest Chubby Sticks Bring New Meaning to Coloring Outside The Lines

Clinique and Crayola teamed up to create the ultimate Chubby Lip Crayon Box featuring limited-edition Clinique Chubby Stick colors revamped with Crayola crayon names. The brand is looking for the packaging to evoke a crayon in its silhouette and worked closely to bring the colors of Crayola to life, expanding the experience and joy of coloring to be a part of everyday personal beauty. The collection launched Jan. 2 for $17 each, and is available through February.

Source: Refinery29 1/2/17

This Daring PSA for Organ Donation Introduced the Jerk Everyone Came to Love

Donate Life, an organ donation advocacy group, created a three-minute film titled “The World’s Biggest Asshole” to bring awareness to millennial men about organ donation. The main character of the film displays acts such as stealing, harassing a dog, peeing in a beer bottle and more. However, when he kicks the bucket, viewers discover that the character had (against anyone's expectation) signed up to be an organ donor. Viewers are then taken through the stories of individuals Sweeney's selfless act saved—and see how the jerk ultimately ended up doing good in the world.

Source: Adweek 1/17/17

Chuck E. Cheese’s Celebrates 40th Anniversary With Social Media Contest

Chuck E. Cheese’s is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a social media contest titled, “#KidsGoingOn40.” The children’s entertainment venue is asking parents to snap photos of their children acting like 40-year-olds and share it to Instagram or Twitter. Prizes will include 400 Chuck E. Cheese's tickets, a Kid Motorz Mercedes Benz or a three-in-one family game table. To enhance the campaign, additional celebratory, in-restaurant promotions, prizes and giveaways will be announced in the coming months.

Source: 1/23/17

This Incredible Machine Turns Any Kind of Fruit Into Alcohol

Startup company Alchema has introduced a "home cider system" that will convert fruit, sugar, water and yeast into cider from the comfort of your home. The "Smart Homebrewer" comes with an app for your phone that connects the machine to your wi-fi and includes a list of various recipes of craft mead or cider. Users can simply select the recipe they want to make, add the listed ingredients to the homebrewer, press the start button and in one to two weeks (depending on the recipe) will have homemade cider. The Alchema can also turn grapes into wine if users can wait the 16 weeks.

Source: Delish 1/9/17

Johnsonville Just Made an Amazing Sausage-Themed Reality Show You Need to Watch

Sausage company Johnsonville has created something you never thought you needed – a sausage-themed reality TV show. The three-part series will mimic the look and feel of shows seen on the Food Network and will revolve around competitors making game day-appropriate recipes with sausage. The lucky winner will get a year’s supply of sausage and will be entered into Johnsonville’s “Big Game Binder” recipe book.

Source: Adweek 1/12/17

How to Make Google Maps Order Your Next Uber

There’s a new way to order an Uber and it’s even faster than just opening up the app. Google announced an essential update to its Google Maps app which allows consumers to directly order an Uber without leaving the app. Now users can look up the directions from point A to B while booking a ride at the same time. To make the offer even sweeter, Uber is rewarding consumers with $15 off the first ride.

Source: CNET 1/25/17

The World's Rudest, Most Passive-Aggressive Billboard Coughs at Nearby Smokers

A new campaign from Swedish pharmacy Apoteket Hjärtat introduces a judgmental, passive-aggressive, coughing billboard to convince smokers to quit. The digital poster uses outdoor smoke detectors to identify nearby smokers and shame them by sending the man on the screen into a hacking fit. It then displays a series of kick-the-habit products like nicotine patches.

Source: Adweek 1/16/17

L'Oreal Launches Smart Hairbrush at CES: A Bargain at $189?

Going to the hair salon can be quite expensive and time consuming which is why L’Oreal created a new smart hairbrush that will analyze consumers’ hair. Called “Hair Coach,” the brush collects and analyzes grooming patterns to recommend the right products and techniques. Each brush contains a tiny microphone that records the sound of brushing to detect if hair is dry, frizzy or prone to breaking. Users can easily check updates right on their smartphone app.

Source: AdAge 1/4/17

Monopoly is Letting You Decide if They Should Change The Classic Tokens

No token is safe in Monopoly. Unlike the voting that took place in 2013 that gave the Iron the boot, all eight spots are up for grabs this time around. On the voting page, users navigate a mansion that has the 64 eligible tokens on display. While making their way through the home, users can update pieces like the classic thimble and top hat to more modern pieces like a kissy face that bears resemblance to an emoji and a T-Rex.

Source: Time 1/10/17

Duracell Pushes The Idea of Trust in Its First Offbeat Ads From W+K

When trimming ear hair, the last thing many want is the battery in the trimmer to conk out, leaving users with a forest in their ear. To instill trust in its AA-batteries which power popular devices, Wieden + Kennedy New York launched a campaign for Duracell called “Trust is Power.” The campaign shows that Duracell plays “a huge and trusted part in many small, everyday moments.”

Source: Adweek 1/23/17

“Shower Beer” is a Dedicated Beer For The Bathroom (Yes, This is Real)

If beer lovers ever wanted to enjoy a relaxing brew in the shower, but didn’t think they could finish it by the time they got out… no worries! PangPang Brewery and creative agency Snask have solved those problems with "Shower Beer," a new brew made specifically to be enjoyed in the shower. This new shower BFF is about half the size of a normal bottled or canned beer and has a ramped up alcohol level ready to help beer drinkers get their buzz on in right around three sips.

Source: People Food 1/6/17

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