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Entenmann's Bakery and Hard Rock Cafe Team Up for National Donut Day

Hard Rock Cafe and Entenmann's delivered a sweet mashup for National Donut Day. The Cafes in Times Square and Yankee Stadium served up an over-the-top Sweet and Spicy burger featuring Entenmann’s Rich Frosted Donuts, as well as a Breakfast Burger with egg and bacon nestled between two Glazed Donuts. Fans could wash it down with a martini made with donut-infused vodka or a totally Insta-worthy Donut Day Sundae. (client)

Source: AOL 6/1/17

Orly’s New Collection Finally Makes It Possible For Muslims to Wear Nail Polish

Many Muslim men and women are not able to wear regular nail polish because it conflicts with prayer practices – nail polishes are believed to create a barrier over the skin, which prevents water from touching every part of the body during ablutions. However, Orly's new polish collection offers a solution. The polish brand has teamed up with Muslim Girl to release a new collection of six halal-certified polishes, all of which let oxygen and moisture pass through the polish.

Source: PopSugar 6/14/17

The Cayman Islands Partners with Chef’d to Launch First-Ever Destination-Inspired Meal Kit

Chef’d, the only non-subscription fresh ingredient meal kit delivery service, has teamed up with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism to bring a series of meal kits that will transport foodies right to the tropical coast of the Caribbean Sea. Known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean, The Cayman Islands meal kits feature a collection of five hand-crafted recipes that pay tribute to the country’s rich culinary heritage and celebrated local chef talent. (client)

Source: Travel Pulse 6/14/17

Delta Painted Exotic Locales on a Brooklyn Wall for Singles to Snap Selfies Like They’re World Travelers

Delta Air Lines, with help from Wieden + Kennedy New York, has put scenes from nine exotic destinations on a wall in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, so that NYC singles can take selfies for their dating profile – looking like attractive jet-setters. The printed photos on the wall feature Honolulu, Paris, Los Angeles, Pisa, London, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Moscow and Zurich. The #DeltaDatingWall will be up throughout the summer. In addition, Delta, in partnership with Tinder, held a singles-centric event where consumers could actually get a proper photo taken next to the wall by a professional photographer.

Source: AdWeek 6/7/17

Reporter Freaks Out on Disneyland’s New Guardians of the Galaxy Ride

Reporter Cory James recently previewed Disneyland’s Guardians of the Galaxy – MISSION: BREAKOUT! ride and found it particularly terrifying. James was filmed on the ride live on TV and could not stop screaming. At one point, the reporter looked like he was about to pass out. The video has gone viral with more than one million views on Facebook alone.

Source: E Online 5/27/17

NFL Lifts Liquor Ad Ban, Raising Pressure on Beer

The liquor industry is finally ready for some football. Whiskey, vodka, rum and other spirits will be allowed to advertise in NFL games this season for the first time, according to new league rules that give liquor a boost in its long quest to be seen as socially acceptable as beer. The changes give spirits brands access to America's most popular pro sports league and the millions of viewing eyeballs that come with it. But liquor brands will still be treated as second-class citizens when compared to beer. The number of 30-second liquor ads allowed per game is capped at four, with a limit of two ads in any quarter or during halftime, according to the rules, which were confirmed by an NFL spokesman.

Source: AdAge 6/3/17

Lady Gaga Created These New Starbucks Drinks for a Good Cause

Lady Gaga partnered with Starbucks to help curate the new Cups of Kindness collection for the Seattle-based coffee company. This collection of four non-dairy drinks includes two internet favorites: the famous Starbucks Pink Drink and the newer Ombre Pink Drink. Lady Gaga also created two new Starbucks drinks for this collaboration. The first is the Matcha Lemonade, a “vibrant green drink…made with finely ground Teavana matcha green tea, combined with crisp lemonade then shaken with ice.” The second Lady Gaga-approved Starbucks beverage is the Violet Drink, which is a Very Berry Hibiscus Starbucks Refresher that’s swirled with coconut milk and ice.

Source: People Online 6/12/17

Shark Week Going for Gold With Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps will kick off Discovery’s Shark Week by racing a great white shark. Shark Week will take place in July, and Phelps will star in two specials, “Phelps vs. Shark: Great Gold vs. Great White” and “Shark School with Michael Phelps.” The second special will find Phelps learning about the creatures at the Bimini Shark Lab in the Bahamas.

Source: CNN Online 6/16/17

Ken Doll Gets A Makeover With New Body Types, Skin Tones And Hairstyles

Last year, Mattel gave Barbie a long overdue makeover with three new body types and a variety of skin colors and hairstyles. Now the toy company is announcing another move toward inclusiveness with “new and diverse” Ken dolls. The line comes with 15 new Ken dolls, featuring three body types – “slim,” “broad” and “original” – with seven skin tones, eight hair colors and nine hairstyles (yes, including a man bun).

Source: HuffPost 6/21/17

E*Trade Stokes Rage Against the 1% In Remarkable Ads From MullenLowe

E*Trade hopes its newest campaign, “Don’t Get Mad,” will re-establish the company in consumers’ minds as the original place to invest online. The campaign uses “truth bombs” to shake prospects out of financial passivity. It urges viewers to not be angry with the 1 percent, those who inherit wealth or those splurging on expensive things, but to invest.

Source: AdWeek 6/19/17

Nutella Creates Seven Million Jars Covered in One-of-a-Kind Patterns

In order to accurately reflect the diversity and passion of the Italian people, Nutella is offering its famous spread in a variety of new color combinations. The Ferrero-owned hazelnut spread has created seven million uniquely labeled and limited edition jars. The campaign is called “Nutella Unica” and utilized a unique algorithm to create millions of color combinations with corresponding ID codes. The new jars began distribution in Italy in February and sold out within a month. Now Nutella is bringing the project into new markets starting with France. Nutella plans to do more of these campaigns in the near future.

Source: Creativity Online 5/30/17

Ben Stiller Reunites ‘Dodgeball’ Cast For Charity Fundraiser

Dodgeball fans should get read to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge with White Goodman and the rest of the Purple Cobras for a charity dodgeball game. Ben Stiller has brought Vince Vaughn and the rest of the cast of the 2004 film back together for a charity fundraiser. Benefitting the Stiller Foundation, one lucky winner will have the chance to play with Ben Stiller, the Purple Cobras and the Average Joes.

Source: ABC News 6/15/17

What Happens in Vegas Takes Fanciful Flight in Latest Iteration

The “What Happens in Vegas” message has evolved, featuring channel-specific campaign messaging. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitor Authority has created updated iterations of the campaign messaging including Snapchat ads that feature a “Lens” event that transitions the user’s face and surrounding background into a Las Vegas pool party. They are also using the #WHHSH to represent “what happens here stays here.”

Source: MediaPost 6/6/17

Kellogg’s Targets Millennials With Froot Loops Gear

In order to target millennial consumers, Kellogg’s has launched a new Froot Loops campaign with Neff Headwear to create new gear and accessories dubbed “Whatever Froots Your Loops.” The campaign kicked off with sunglasses featuring interchangeable faceplates and arms in a bright variety of colors, just in time for summer. The shades sell at $40 and hope to inspire consumers to “do what makes them most happy.”

Source: Fortune 6/15/17

Sassy Yoplait Campaign Encourages Moms to Ignore the Haters—and Keep Breastfeeding in Public

Yoplait knows that the first rule of motherhood is that someone is always judging. When moms are not struggling to balance parenthood with the many other stressors of modern life, people online and off have their own parenting strategies and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. The yogurt brand opens its new campaign “Mom On” with a scene that will feel very familiar to anyone who has even a passing knowledge of the Mommy Wars: breastfeeding in public. The ad’s final line lightly touches on another issue moms face as they are pressured to feed their children only organic, free-range, GMO-free products.

Source: AdWeek 6/20/17

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