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JetBlue Let Kids Plan, And Pay For, Their Next Family Vacation in Its Latest Charming Stunt

JetBlue interviewed children, ages four to eight, on why their parents deserve a vacation and where they would take them if they could, making it a kid’s business to plan the next family trip. JetBlue asked the kids how much they thought the trips would cost and offered them the trips at prices they could afford. The Little Tickets campaign aimed to show people that a little time together can go a long way.

Source: AdWeek 7/10/17

Gatorade’s Gritty New Ad About Failure Accidentally Proves Its Own Point

Gatorade released a gritty new ad from TBWA\Chiat\Day about the value of failure. Along with legendary athletes like Michael Jordan and the Manning brothers, the spot features a notable cameo from Cubs slugger Kyle Schwarber. Yes, Schwarber—who was just demoted to AAA baseball after a wretched start to the 2017 season. The series is different for the brand that usually showcases hard work leading to success. The tagline for the ad read, “Make Defeat Your Fuel.”

Source: AdWeek 6/28/17

American Greetings Takes on Infertility In Its Latest Card Campaign for Millennials

Building on its Give Meaning campaign, American Greetings released a new spot just in time for National Parents Day that touches on infertility. Since one in eight couples (including millennials) struggle with infertility, the brand hopes to demonstrate that it understands not only how hard it is to be a parent, but how trying it can be to become one. Additionally, American Greetings is aiming to remind consumers that in the right moment, a card can mean everything.

Source: AdWeek 7/10/17

Cards Against Humanity Came Out With a "For Her" Edition to Mock The Pink Tax

Cards Against Humanity is taking a humorous stance against the pink tax – women paying more for female-targeted products. The brand released a Cards Against Humanity “For Her” edition which contains pink colored versions of the same cards from the original game but cost $5 more. All profits from the “For Her” edition will go to Emily’s List, a political action committee focused on getting more pro-choice Democratic women elected into public office.

Source: Hello Giggles 7/11/17

Heinz Hopes Chicago Dog Sauce Will End The City’s Ketchup Aversion

Heinz rolled out a new campaign just in time for National Hot Dog Day, in an effort to get Chicagoans to put something ketchup-like on their next hotdog. For the campaign, Heinz has developed a tomato-based “Chicago Dog Sauce,” that is being sampled in the Chicago area. The catch? Chicago Dog Sauce is just Heinz ketchup with a different label. Non-Chicagoans can purchase the Chicago Dog Sauce on for $5 for a limited time.

Source: People 7/19/17

Jersey Shore Cast Reunites in Burger King Commercial

MTV’s Jersey Shore cast reunited in the name of Burger King’s new Chicken Parmesan sandwich! The notorious reality show group gathered together at a Barnegat, N.J. location to film a commercial for the new menu item. After sharing their latest life updates, the spot ended with the cast dong their classic fist pump dance with the Chicken Parmesan Sandwich in hand.

Source: The Daily Meal 7/14/17

State Farm Breathes Life Into the Possessions We Love in Evocative ‘Backstory’ Campaign

In order to promote its new tagline, “Here to help life go right,” State Farm and DDB Chicago released a number of new spots for a campaign titled “Backstory.” The campaign explains that while possessions are material they still represent something more important. The commercials feature goods such as a piano, car and chair that are refurbished and brought new life. The materials with meaning are representative of priorities, dreams and struggles, and the focus on middle America makes the commercials easily relatable. “Backstory” will see a staggered nationwide release on broadcast and online.

Source: AdWeek 6/29/17

Heineken 0.0’s First Ads Prove You Can Have Fun Without Alcohol

Heineken and Publicis Milan debuted a new 60-second TV manifesto to announce the brand’s first zero-alcohol beer, “Open to All.” The brand’s goal is to challenge those who say that beer should not be drunk in the afternoon by giving them a reason to try Heineken 0.0. The new beer targets those who want to have a zero-alcohol beer whenever they feel like it.

Source: AdWeek 7/5/17

Brawny Celebrates “Amer-I-CAN” Spirit

Brawny launched a series of videos featuring three people who have overcome obstacles to achieve great things and truly embody the brand’s “Amer-I-CAN” spirit. The campaign is an extension of Brawny’s “Stay Giant” campaign, which highlights Americans who have triumphed over adversity.

Source: MediaPost 6/30/17

Manhattan's Richest Residents Can Now Use Their PHONE to Change The Color of Skyscrapers at The Touch of a Button

New York’s latest exclusive club is a much-whispered-about free app called Spireworks, which, true to its name, allows users to control the colors of the lights atop One Bryant Park (aka the Bank of America Tower) and 4 Times Square, with control of One World Trade Center available on special occasions. Each night after sunset, users can log in, choose a building and select from a palette of colors during a two-minute session. Cloud-hosted software sorts all the requests, tells the lights what to do, and voila!

Source: The Daily Mail 7/13/17

Lego Brings Life-Size Builds From Marvel, DC and Star Wars to Comic-Con

Life-size Lego versions of Thor: Ragnarok's leading man, Justice League's Flash and characters from Star Wars: The Last Jedi were on display at the San Diego Comic-Con this month, alongside new and upcoming sets based on fan-favorite properties. Of the three full-scale models, Thor was the most impressive in terms of scale, standing seven feet tall and made of 33,495 Lego bricks, the result of 290 hours of work. Luke Skywalker may be slightly shorter — he was, after all, too short to be a Stormtrooper — but is the result of 277 hours and 36,743 bricks, while the Flash stands unusually still at just over six feet and 20,090 bricks.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter 7/19/17

Designers Made These Jaw-Dropping Toilet Paper Wedding Gowns to Promote Quilted Northern

Quilted Northern teamed up with Cheap Chic Weddings to sponsor the 13th annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress competition, creating wedding dresses completely out of toilet paper. To compete, designers could only use glue, string and of course, Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper. Out of 1,517 entrants, ten finalists were chosen and flown to New York for a fashion show style event where the winner was selected.

Source: AdWeek 7/25/17

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