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San Francisco Will Transform Into Gotham to Fulfill Batman-Loving 5-Year-Old's Make-a-Wish

Miles may be a five-year-old, but he's up against a big battle - leukemia. The Make-a-Wish Foundation decided to grant Miles' one wish, which is to be a superhero. On Friday, Nov. 15, Miles will officially be Batkid! Make-a-Wish of the Greater Bay Area is bringing Miles' dream of being a superhero to life by turning San Francisco into Gotham for the day, so that Miles can save the city from evil. It's Batkid to the rescue!

Source: E! Online 11/4/13

Lay's New Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips: For Women, of Course

Lay's is giving women what they want - chocolate covered potato chips. Exclusively at Target, Lay's potato chips will be available in milk chocolate as Lay's announces the salty-sweet combo was created for young women who love this combination. The Target trial run could become a permanent addition to the Lay's line if sales prove that Lay's has really found what women want.

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek 11/4/13

Victoria's Secret Unveils $10 Million Fantasy Bra

Victoria's Secret has debuted its Fantasy Bra, this year named the Royal Fantasy Bra. Model Candice Swanepoel has the honor of wearing the 18-karat gold bra, made with more than 4,200 precious stones and a 52-carat pear-shaped ruby. Swanepoel will be wearing the bedazzled bra designed by jeweler Mouawad at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

Source: USA Today 11/7/13

ATM Forests Sprout in NYC to Support Green Transactions

TD Bank joined forces with Greenery NYC to transform four of its ATMs into "A-Tree-Ms." The green initiative adds that for every paperless and envelop-free transaction at an "A-Tree-M," TD Bank will plant one tree in New York. So keep an eye out residents of NYC, 15,000 trees may be coming to a neighborhood near you!

Source: PSFK 11/7/13

Bloomingdale's Balances Selfies With Beauty Tips in Instagram Contest

Taking advantage of the popular social movement, the selfie, Bloomingdale's is hosting an Instagram contest for a chance to win a $1,000 Bloomingdale's gift card. Fans can submit a selfie sharing a favorite beauty or styling tip using #BloomieSelfie. Once a submission is made, it's placed on the voting board where fans select what they think is the most useful and informational tip.

Source: Luxury Daily 11/4/13

Abercrombie Targets Plus-Size Shoppers

In an effort to attract new customers, Abercrombie & Fitch will sell a new plus size line. The label plans to expand its women's tops collection, to offer a broader range of sizes, as well as launch a shoe category.

Source: Vogue 11/8/13

This Store Shelf is Stalking You

Microsoft Kinect is changing the way companies target consumers by placing sensors on the shelves at Mondelez, the global supermarket. The sensors track who looks at the products and their age and gender. The data is used to create advertising and marketing messages tailored to a particular demographic and to analyze how marketing affects what products humans choose.

Source: Adverblog 10/28/13

This Doughnut Tastes Just Like a Thanksgiving Dinner

Just in time for Thanksgiving, Zucker Bakery in New York City is selling a pumpkin-flavored doughnut, stuffed with turkey and either cranberry sauce or gravy. The bakery also sells a version without the turkey and a sweet potato doughnut filled with marshmallows.

Source: MSN 11/8/13

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