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Diet Coke Finally Rolls Out Slurpee at 7-Eleven

For the first time in its 31-year history, Diet Coke has mastered the formula for blending its cherry-flavored Diet Coke in frozen form. That’s a cool relief to Diet Coke and Slurpee fans as 7-Eleven locations nationally, as of Feb. 26, have begun to offer the exclusive new frozen treat. Known as Diet Coke FROST, the drink will also launch nationwide at other stores with frozen beverage machines in May.

Source: USA Today 2/26/14

Dyson Replaces Curling Brooms With Lightweight Vacuums

In the spirit of the recently-concluded Olympics, Dyson not only decided to show consumers the strength of their cleaning technology, but also how technology can improve curling.  While Great Britain dominated the competition, Dyson stated that their sweeping of the ice looked tiring and inefficient.  That is why they offered the team a solution of using a Dyson digital slim vacuum instead of the broom.  Dyson offered to let the Great Britain team test them out and filmed the occasion, which proved that the Dyson DC59 was effective in performing the functions of a standard curling broom.

Source: PSFK 2/21/14

Chipotle Introduces Tofu And Vegan Options to Its Delicious Menu

Chipotle has a new addition to its menu, a vegan-friendly option that is surprisingly healthy. After vigorously testing the Sofrita, a meat substitute that consists of organic tofu, the brand will permanently add the vegan burrito to its menu. This is the first menu change in Chipotle’s 20-year history and will be available March 3.

Source: Elite Daily 2/27/14

Meal Cooked on Asphalt Raises Awareness About Global Warming

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) partnered with Oniria\TBWA to send along a powerful message about the dangers of global warming. Together, the organizations hosted a cooking session on the asphalt of the hottest city in the world, Asuncion, Paraguay. In addition to being the hottest place in the world, Paraguay is one of the most deforested countries in South America. To raise public awareness, Chef Rodolfo Angenscheidt was given eggs and meat to whip up a meal on his makeshift asphalt stove, demonstrating how high the temperature can reach. Through this stunt, they have made it their objective to make people realize the importance of taking protective measures before it’s too late.

Source: PSFK 2/25/14

Mess With Boeing's New Smartphone And It Will Self-Destruct

Boeing's first smartphone isn't meant to be used by the average person. The company that's known for its airplanes is joining the smartphone game with the Boeing Black, targeted at people who work in the security and defense industry. The phone will have screws with a tamper-proof coating, revealing if a person has tried to disassemble it. The phone has an advanced sensor suite with better location capabilities, as well as an extra battery pack with a solar charger.

Source: ABC News 2/27/14

The North Face Launches Mountain Athletics Collection With Virtual And In-Region Training Programs

The North Face launched The Mountain Athletics Collection, along with a new digital training platform. The Mountain Athletics Training Program is a six-week timeline that gives athletes a playlist of instructional videos led by The North Face Athlete Team members, along with a downloadable training plan. The North Face will also debut an original Train Smarter web series that will document the journey of four weekend warrior athletes in pursuit of personal goals through the help of Mountain Athletics and The North Face athletes.

Source: CBS News 2/24/14

Ben & Jerry's Nails it With New Core Ice Cream Flavors

Ben & Jerry’s, famous for its unique ice cream offerings and witty appeal, has launched its newest innovation in frozen concoctions – Ben & Jerry’s Cores. The new products feature two flavors in one pint PLUS a filling center, like raspberry jam, caramel and fudge, that runs from top to bottom in the carton. The new flavors are set to launch this month, and the concept surely solidifies why the world has come to know and love this brand.

Source: The Huffington Post 2/25/14

Selfie App CamMe Wins 'Most Innovative App' at Mobile World Congress

Mobile World Congress in Barcelona named selfie app CamMe the "most innovative app” in its 2014 Global Mobile Awards. CamMe, created by PointGrab, uses gesture controls to allow users to take selfies from up to 16 feet away without touching their phones. To take a picture, users raise their hands and make a fist to trigger a three-second shutter timer. CamMe is currently available in the iOS App Store.

Source: Mashable 2/25/13

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