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How Brands Can Successfully Market Themselves at SXSWi: Be Useful

Pennzoil and Nintendo treated SXSW attendees this year to Mario Kart Reimagined, to celebrate the launch of Pennzoil Platinum with PurePlus Technology, a new offering made with natural gas and Mario Kart 8! Participants had a chance to race their favorite character’s kart on the track, complete with interactive Pennzoil and Nintendo icons that sped up or slowed down the kart. Karts were also equipped with GoPros for others to watch the races live and for drivers to upload to their driving experience to their social media channels! (client)

Source: Mashable 3/6/14

Chips Ahoy! Campaign Brings Back a Familiar (Chocolate-Chipped) Face

The Chips Ahoy! mascot is making a comeback. The Cookie Guy, formerly the Cookie Man, will begin appearing in TV spots timed to the brand’s 50th anniversary and release of a new ice cream. The Cookie Guy received a slight update after his four-year retirement, to look more human. Originally, Cookie Man appeared in comic strips on the back of packages and in TV spots during Saturday morning cartoons, however, the new animated Cookie Guy has the potential to make a bigger impact, especially through social media.

Source: The New York Times 3/6/14

Pizza Hut Eyes Fancy Touchscreen Pizza-Ordering Tables

Pizza Hut has created an interactive touchscreen table that allows diners to build their dream pizzas from scratch; from fun toppings to extra cheese, in addition to side orders. While waiting for their order to arrive, diners can play interactive games on the touch screen.  Pizza Hut sees this as the future of its dine-in ordering experience.

Source: TIME 3/4/14

DC Comics Pop Up in Your Fave Breakfast Cereals

General Mills has announced a partnership with DC Comics that puts collectible issues of “Justice League” into cereal boxes. The comic-filled cereal boxes will be on shelves until the end of April. To stick with the superhero theme, kids can cut out costume pieces on the back of each box and share them on social media using the hashtag #SuperHeroing.

Source: USA Today 3/6/14

Kenneth Cole Activates Google Glass For Latest Fragrance Campaign

While chivalry might be dead, Kenneth Cole is trying to revive it with a modern twist. The “Man up for Mankind” challenge encourages men to perform a gentlemanly deed once a day for 21 days with the help of Google Glass. Participants are encouraged to take photos of themselves carrying out the good deed of the day and share them on social media channels using the hashtag #manupformankind.

Source: Brand Channel 3/5/14

Stella Artois Turns Its Chalices Into Musical Instruments

Stella Artois has tied the brand closely with its gold-tipped chalice. Now the attractive Stella glass has been manipulated to become an impressive instrument. Dubbed the Chalice Symphony, instruments were created out of chalices, to show the chalice is not only an elegant creation, but it also sounds beautiful. The instruments, which are named the Hive, the Pryophone, the Star Harp and the Violina, will be displayed in a Manhattan gallery.

Source: PR Daily 3/6/14

Lady Gaga to Perform at SXSW For 1st Time, in Doritos-Sponsored Lineup

Lady Gaga announced that she will perform at this year’s South by Southwest for the first time, appearing at the Doritos #BoldStage at Stubb's on Thursday, March 13. Keeping in line with Doritos' "BOLD" theme, Little Monsters wishing to land a ticket to the show must take up a bold challenge from the brand.  Doritos is using SXSW as an opportunity to launch its new “Bold Missions” campaign that will use Facebook, Twitter and Vine to dare its fans to pull off a range of stunts and challenges in return for prizes. At SXSW, the prize is one of 2,000 tickets to see Gaga. The show will be Gaga's first at the Texas festival and will benefit the singer's Born This Way Foundation.

Source: Los Angeles Times 3/6/14

App Sends Automated Messages to Nurture Relationships

BroApp lets guys send pre-programmed text messages to their wives or girlfriends, so that they can hang out with their “bros” uninterrupted. The boyfriend can select pre-programmed texts to send to his girlfriend, but app users are encouraged to either edit those, or write their own, original versions. He then sets the time and date to send the text and the app does the rest. It will cancel a scheduled message if either member of the couple recently called or texted the other.

Source: PR Examples 3/1/14

Pints on a Plane! Craft Beer Favorites Are Now Just a Flight Away

Minneapolis-based Sun Country Airlines may have just become America’s favorite airline for beer geeks, as it has started carrying Surly beers on its flights. Typically, Surly is only available in Minnesota and the Chicago Metro area; the scarcity has made the brand an object of desire for beer connoisseurs. Now passengers flying Sun Country will have the option of three of the brewery’s well-crafted beers.

Source: TODAY 3/6/14

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