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Dunkin’ Donuts Is Debuting A New Peeps Donut For Easter

To celebrate the beginning of the spring season, PEEPS® and Dunkin’ Donuts have announced a partnership with a new donut! The Dunkin’ Donuts PEEPS® Donut will be shaped like flowers with either green or pink icing, and will be topped with a pink or yellow PEEPS® Marshmallow Chick. The donuts will only be available for a limited time at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants beginning Monday, March 31. (client)

Source: Buzzfeed 3/26/14

Why Your Air Freshener Smells Like a Baby's Bottom

Air Wick’s new line is inspired by and licensed from products it doesn't own and includes Snuggle fabric softener, Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and Baby Magic infant personal-care products. The baby-scented freshener was inspired by new moms who described the first few months with their baby as a 'shining golden moment' in their lives.

Source: AdAge 3/25/14

Hard Rock Cafe’s New Menu Destined For Worldwide Platinum Status

Hard Rock unveiled a newly redesigned menu and gave select media a sneak preview of the fresh, scratch-based appetizers, cocktails, entrees and desserts debuting on the new menu. After more than 14 months of culinary development, intensive research and guest evaluation, Hard Rock has officially rolled out its revamped menu of new offerings and updated fan favorites to its guests in the United States and Europe. (client)

Source: Hombre Magazine Online 3/25/14

Monopoly Rules Are Changing: Find Out Who Will Decide the Game’s New ‘House Rules’

Hasbro released a survey that states 68 percent of Monopoly players have never read the official rules of the game and 49 percent make up their own. Due to the results, starting March 26 through April 3, Hasbro has decided to add the popular house rules to the official game guide and the public will decide. Hasbro’s Monopoly Facebook page will host an open debate over 10 house rules that are in the running to be added to the official rules, allowing fans to argue and choose which ones will be added.

Source: EOnline 3/26/14

How 1970s-Era Cans Are Making Miller Lite Groovy Again

To revive its brand, Miller Coors is looking backwards to the 1970s and going back to its original can design. Due to its success of the limited edition packaging late last year, the brand is making it the cornerstone of its 2014 marketing plans. The brand also plans to return to TV with a series of 15-second ads that are straightforward, touting the credentials of the brew, including its pilsner characteristics. This summer, Lite will convert bottles to the original design as well.

Source: AdAge 3/27/14

American Eagle Trolls Internet With Doggie Apparel

American Eagle Outfitters announced a new clothing line for dogs called “American Beagle Outfitters.” AE released a “dogumentary” video introducing the clothing line, which includes looks for the dogs that match similar AE styles for people.  While the AE features ASPCA advertisements, touting that $1 from every order will be donated back to the organization many are questioning whether the ad is just one big April Fool’s joke.

Source: Mashable 3/25/14

'Ronald McDonald' Hypes New Taco Bell Breakfast

Taco Bell gathered 25 guys, whose real names just happen to be Ronald McDonald, and featured them in a new ad praising the chain’s new breakfast menu. The ad ends with the group of seated together all saying unison: "My name is Ronald McDonald, and I love Taco Bell's new breakfast."

Source: USA Today 3/27/14

Black Keys Announce New Album ‘Turn Blue’ Via Mike Tyson’s Twitter

The Black Keys used a new way to announce the launch of their new album – via a video on Mike Tyson’s Twitter account. This viral marketing concept allowed The Black Keys to reach nearly 4.2 million followers compared to their 608,000 and it also went outside their normal fan base. The Key’s eighth album is called ‘Turn Blue’ and it will be released May 13.

Source: Billboard 3/21/14

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