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Fabergé Big Egg Hunt Kicks Off In NYC

NYC has been transformed into a huge egg hunt, courtesy of Fabergé! Approximately 250 couture eggs – all more than two feet tall – have been placed throughout New York’s five boroughs. Egg hunters can “check in” at the location of each egg and scan QR codes to place the eggs in their virtual basket for a chance to win prizes and donate to charity.

Source: CBS 4/1/14

Air France Brings Back The Glamorous Getaway in Set of Gorgeous Posters

Air France is flying across the radar of all of social media to remind people of the feet-up, perks-filled way to travel domestically. Its campaign’s tagline, “France is in the Air,” touches upon the nostalgia of glamorous travel. The ads are popping up across Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and other digital platforms, as well as radio and print in 12 different countries.

Source: Adweek 4/3/14 Launches Pet Adoption Website, the online retail company, has launched a pet adoption section to help find homes for shelter animals. The website contains 200,000 profiles for adoptable cats, dogs, reptiles, birds, horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits and even two alpacas named Tito and Marco. The technology pulls in data feeds from 6,000 shelters in the United States. Once an animal is registered on a participating shelter's website, that information — its picture, age, description and more — appears in Overstock's pet adoption search, as well.

Source: MSN 4/7/14

Amazon Introduces Fire TV Set-Top Box, Gaming Console Hybrid

Amazon released an Internet-connected set-top box called Fire TV to compete with Roku, Apple TV and Xbox One, as it also serves as a gaming console. Selling for $99, Fire TV also serves as a predictive engine called "ASAP," which pre-loads content it thinks users are going to watch, so it can start without any buffering or load time. This feature learns over time and gets better at suggesting content users like.

Source: Mashable 4/2/14

JCPenney Teams up With Elle Macpherson For Lingerie

JCPenney is launching an exclusive lingerie collection in the U.S. with a partnership with Elle Macpherson. The collection will be in 300 of Penney's 1,100 stores starting April 11. The collection builds on Macpherson's lingerie business she founded in 1990. The Body Bras top out at around $50, having four distinct silhouettes designed to suit varying needs and body shapes.

Source: AOL 4/4/14

Bracket Very Busted? Lowe's Gives Spring Commercial a Final Four Twist

Lowe’s capitalized on the NCAA March Madness with a clever commercial. The campaign focuses on guys attempting various DIY projects and carries the tagline, “Need help?” In the ad, a man stares as his freshly finished bathroom tile work begins to crumble. The ad attracted attention on Twitter from consumers comparing the ad to their busted brackets.

Source: Adage 4/4/14

Domino’s Creates 100% Edible Pizza Box

Based on customer research, Domino’s discovered that the most popular part of the pizza is the crust, thus the “edibox” was born. Expert Crust Technicians at Domino’s developed the world’s first “snackaging” innovation, creating a 100 percent edible box, taking “think outside the box” to a new level. Domino’s is using the hashtag #DominosEdibox on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: PR Examples 4/1/14

'Paleo Ale' Made Brewed With Yeast on 35-Million-Year-Old Whale Fossil

Bone Dusters Paleo Ale is a beer made from the yeast on a 35-million-year-old whale fossil. Paleo Quest, a non-profit dedicated to advancing paleontology and geology, teamed up with Lost Rhino Brewing Company to create this unique brew. The beer is available at Lost Rhino's tasting room and at local restaurants and bars in the Washington, D.C., and Northern Virginia area.  Best of all, the brewery will donate a portion of the proceeds to underprivileged schools’ science programs in partnership with Paleo Quest.

Source: Fox 4/3/14

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