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Kanye West Slams Zappos For ‘Sh-t Product,’ Company Responds by Selling $100,000 Toilet

It’s no secret that Kanye West isn’t one to keep his opinions to himself, especially when given the opportunity on a major platform.  Such was the case when the rapper taped a very insightful podcast where he chatted about a number of topics including film and fashion. During the podcast, Kanye West slammed Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos, complaining that Hsieh is trying to sell people a “sh-t product.” In response, Zappos launched a new "sh-t" product page on its site, featuring a toilet and plunger for a mere $100,000.

Source: NY Daily News 11/20/13

Pet Food Maker Gives Away ‘Collar Cams’ to Document Your Dog’s Day

To encourage celebration of the bond shared between pet parents and their pets, Nature’s Recipe® pet food launched “Nature’s Recipe for Moments,” a campaign designed to offer pet parents the unique opportunity to capture and share special moments with their pet. Using a first-of-its-kind lightweight collar camera for cats and dogs, pet parents are able to capture memorable photos from their pet’s point of view and create and edit digital scrapbooks on which can be shared on social media channels using the hashtag, #RecipeForMoments. (client)

Source: AdWeek 11/18/13

Get Your Granny on With Coke Zero’s Ugly-Sweater Generator

Tacky Christmas sweaters are back again this year, and to embrace the holiday spirit, Coca-Cola and Droga5 have teamed up to create the “Coke Zero Sweater Generator,” a website that lets fans design their very own gaudy ensemble. Over the next two weeks consumers are encouraged to generate as many votes for their wacky designs as possible, and on Dec. 1, the 100 sweaters with the most votes will be handcrafted and sent to their lucky creators to wear proudly during the holiday.

Source: AdAge 11/18/13

Revamped Gatorade Site Aims To Engage Teen Athletes

Gatorade has unveiled a revamped site that’s specifically geared to engaging teen athletes. now features an interactive section called "The Science of G," in which Panther’s quarterback Cam Newton’s body serves as a virtual guide showing what happens internally during football play, and how Gatorade "fuels him every step of the way."

Source: MediaPost 11/20/13

Frat Joins No-Shave November For Brother With Cancer

Brian Levitas, a student and fraternity brother at the University of Indiana, was diagnosed with non-Hodgins lymphoma in late October. After learning of their brother’s diagnosis, fellow members of the fraternity banded together, participating in “No-Shave November,” raising over $57,000.  More than 100-fraternity brothers put down their razors, and Levitas’s biological brother even got the movement going on his campus at the University of Michigan.

Source: TODAY 11/21/13

Michael Kors Loves Instagram

Michael Kors (@MichaelKors) recently became the first brand to advertise on Instagram. After its first post, the Kors account gained 34,000 followers. Sponsored posts are seen by everyone, even those who don’t follow the account, so gaining followers becomes easier, too.

Source: Adverblog 11/18/13

British Airways Unveils Digital Billboards to Remind Customers How Magical Flying Can Be

British Airways, the United Kingdom’s largest airline, unveiled new digital billboards in London’s Picadilly Circus and Chiswick that ‘interact’ with planes flying overhead. The billboards are part of the airline’s “Magic of Flying” campaign to remind people of how magical flying can be. Using custom-built surveillance technology, as soon as a plane passes overhead, the digital displays change to show a child pointing into the air, the flight number and city where the aircraft departed.

Source: The Drum 11/19/13

The Latest Crazy Hybrid: Mac And Cheese Pizza

Annie’s Homegrown has created a new commercial for its latest creation, the macaroni and cheese pizza. The commercial places mac and cheese and a slice of pizza in front of a child, who is then told to wait 10 minutes and they won’t have to choose between the two, but instead could have all the Mac and Cheese Pizza they wanted. The two-minute film provides some insight into child psychology, and plenty of laughs as well, as kids try their best not to touch the food in front of them.

Source: Yumsugar 11/19/13

Pinterest Adds Place Pins For Better Travel Planning

Pinterest has added a new type of pin called Place Pins, which enables users to map out the locations of all of the items they share on their pinboards.  For example, if a user pins a cheeseburger, they can also add the restaurant’s location to the pin.  Pinterest hopes this will help users better organize and plan their travel.  People already pin 1.5 million places to Pinterest per day, and over 750 million pins include destinations. This is the fourth major Pin-type announcement Pinterest has made this year, including Recipe Pins, Product Pins and Article Pins.

Source: Mashable 11/21/13

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