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Pennzoil Unveils Doc About Hot Rodders to Launch a New Motor Oil

To celebrate the launch of Pennzoil’s new line of synthetic motor oils made from natural gas, Pennzoil showed a private screening of the new Breaking Barriers documentary. The story reflects on the history of record-breaking enthusiasts and entrepreneurs since the earliest days of the automobile. Narrated by Tim McGraw, the doc also features the Hennessey Venom GT production vehicle that set the new record at 270.49 mph! Breaking Barriers aired during the week of the NYC Auto Show, but you can check it out on 5/7/14 at 8 PM EST on the National Geographic Channel. (client)

Source: AdWeek 4/16/14

Watch Giant Construction Equipment Have an Epic Jenga Battle

The Caterpillar construction company recently launched an ad showing a variety of construction equipment such as fork-lift cranes stacking giant wooden blocks into different shaped towers, a game also known as Jenga. In the ad, Caterpillar calls it "the world’s largest board game" and makes reference to more short films coming soon. The game took 28 hours to complete in an arena larger than two NFL football fields combined.

Source: TIME 4/15/14

No Vacations, No Salary: Mother's Day Ad For American Greetings Goes Viral

Twenty-four people responded to a job posting that cited: unlimited work weeks, no vacations, must have degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts and you won’t get paid. The interviews, conducted through an Internet video chat, turned into a Mother’s Day advertisement for card company American Greetings. The video titled “World’s Toughest Job,” has already surpassed 7.1 million views on YouTube. The company is also asking moms on twitter to list out the never-ending job requirements of motherhood.

Source: Fox Business 4/16/14

Vodafone Sends Two Dutch Grannies on Their First Airplane Ride

As part of Vodafone's "Firsts" campaign, two 70-something grannies from the Netherlands got to experience a VIP first flight. The brand tells the story behind An and Ria's adventure and follows the two on their private jet adventure to Barcelona. In a seamless bit of product placement, the ladies are seen taking photos and connecting with loved ones on the brand's simple-to-use unaxone tablet, designed by Vodafone for elderly people.

Source: Fast Company 4/11/14

Chicken of The Sea Names Its Mermaid After 60 Years

In order to celebrate Chicken of the Sea’s anniversary this year, the seafood brand invited consumers to submit suggestions of names for the iconic mermaid on its cans. More than 49,000 entries were submitted and the winning name was Catalina, chosen by a contestant in Ohio. The winner will receive a $10,000 Great American Gratitude Award and is encouraged to pay it forward, while ten first prize winners will be awarded Chicken of the Sea seafood for one year and 20 runners-up will receive a Chicken of the Sea-branded prize.

Source: Retailing Today 4/16/14

Evian Baby Spider-Man 'Rescues' Fans With Twitter Answers

For part two of Evian’s “Amazing Baby and Me 2” campaign, the brand invites followers of its Twitter account to share their dilemmas in which baby Spiderman will respond with a funny and creative solution that can be in the form of tweets, Vines or illustrations. In addition to this, Evian has also taken to its Facebook page to ask fans how they would take advantage of having a “secret Spidey sense.” The four best answers will be selected each day and the winners will be given a limited edition Amazing Baby water bottle and cinema tickets to see “The Amazing Spiderman 2,” in which this campaign coincides with the release of the film.

Source: Campaign 4/17/14

Groupon's Deal of the Day: Meeting Brad Pitt?!

Brad Pitt and Groupon launched a campaign offering 10 lucky winners the chance to spend an evening with him at a charity gala in New Orleans. The gala will be held on behalf of Pitt’s Make it Right foundation, which provides affordable and eco-friendly housing for people in need. By making a $10 contribution through Groupon to the charity, contributors are entered into a sweepstakes for the chance to win a trip for two to the foundation's annual bash in the Big Easy on May 17.

Source: Yahoo 4/17/14

All The Joe You Can Drink for $45/Month; There's an App For That

A startup and app called "CUPS" gives subscribers unlimited coffee or tea for $45 a month at dozens of independent coffee shops in New York City. Users can buy packages for between 5 and 23 drinks, or get monthly plans. Unlimited espresso drinks are also available and cost $85. Users are limited to one drink every half-hour. The app is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Source: NBC 4/17/14

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