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Lime Shortage Drives Up Prices at Bars and Restaurants in U.S.

A shortage of limes has driven up prices and caused what some are calling the “great lime crisis of 2014.” With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, brands are responding with suggestions on how to make it through the crisis. Beam, Inc. is urging consumers to replace limes with lime cocktails, such as Hornitos Lime Shot, to ride out the lime shortage. (client)

Source: Wall Street Journal 4/24/14

With a Mouthful, A&W Hopes to Draw Baby Boomers’ Offspring

The restaurant chain A&W introduced a 304-character hashtag in the effort to appeal to Millennials. Making a comeback from its initial popularity in the ‘60s and ‘70s, A&W is using the hashtag in an ad campaign to promote its Hand-Breaded Chicken Tender Texas Toast Sandwich, which is also “a mouthful.” The too-long-for-Twitter hashtag is attributed to the brand’s character, Rooty the Great Root Bear.

Source: The New York Times 4/22/14

Ticks That Carry Lyme Disease Infecting More Dogs, Report Says

Banfield Pet Hospital launched its annual 2014 State of Pet Health Report, which focuses on the rise of infectious diseases in pets. Specifically, the report found a 21 percent increase in the number of dogs infected with Lyme disease and a 48 percent increase in the prevalence of the FIV infection in cats.  (client)

Source: TODAY 4/19/14

Forty Years Later, The Rubik's Cube Still Puzzles

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube, its inventor Erno Rubik has teamed up the Liberty Science Center and Google. A 7,000-square-foot interactive exhibition, Beyond Rubik's Cube, celebrates the design, engineering and mathematics of the puzzle. Highlights of the exhibit include Rubik's original wooden prototype; a car-sized, walk-in Rubik's Cube and a robot that solves the Cube in seconds. The exhibit is on display at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, N.J. through January 2015.

Source: USA Today 4/25/14

Post Honeycomb Instagram Push Features Teen Idol

Honeycomb cereal has launched an Instagram account to engage with teens and tweens. The brand is amplifying its engagement with movie and music star Jacob Latimore. Each Monday through May 26, Honeycomb’s Instagram page will award weekly prizewinners including headphones, speakers and a guitar signed by Latimore. Teens and tweens are being encouraged to get together with their friends to showcase their music, dance and fashion talents using the hashtag #HoneyCombShine.

Source: Media Post 4/24/14

7-Eleven Cranks Up App Downloads With Mobile-Exclusive Sweepstakes

The newest campaign from 7-Eleven highlights the growing role social media and mobile apps play in consumer engagement. The 7-Eleven “Pizza for Life” sweepstakes will deliver free pizza to one lucky winner for life. Consumers can enter the 7-Eleven sweepstakes via the “what’s in store” tab in the company’s app. An online entry form integrates with social media platforms to share sweepstake information via the hashtag #GIMMEPIZZA4LIFE.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily 4/18/14

Name That Fake Flavor: Doritos Brings Back The Mystery Chips

Some shoppers may want to know everything about their food – where it came from, what’s in it, etc. But for those who like to take a ride on the wild side, Doritos is bringing back its mystery chips and giving snackers three mystery-flavored varieties of tortilla chips this week to test out. Sold under such appetizing names such as Test Flavor 2653, those brave enough to taste them can vote for a favorite to join the repertoire this fall.

Source: BusinessWeek 4/21/14

GE Takes ‘Spring Break’ Literally And Destroys Things For Science Today With Their #SpringBreakIt Campaign

GE has launched its #SpringBreakIt campaign to promote its next generation “Super Materials.” GE is taking ordinary objects, such as a rubber band ball, gumball machine or rubber ducky and recording them becoming obliterated in tests the new “Super Materials” can withstand. By tweeting to GE, consumers can receive a video of an ordinary object being smashed, crushed, or blasted, all for science!

Source: GeekoSystem 4/23/14

Gadget Watch: Whistle, a Fitness Tracker For Dogs

Whistle is an activity tracker for dogs! The device wraps around a dog’s collar and syncs with a smartphone app, collecting data on how much activity or rest the pet recieved. Users have reported that after reviewing their dog’s stats they were motivated to take their pet for more walks, in turn becoming more active themselves. The Whistle is sold in PetSmart stores and online at

Source: MSN 4/24/14

Pizza Cake? Pizza Mints? Chain's Kickstarter-esque Campaign Brings Fan Picks to Life

As part of its new “Pizza Game Changers” campaign, Canada’s Boston Pizza is asking the public for creative pizza innovations for the chain to create. Fans can visit the campaign’s website and “like” the ideas that are submitted; ideas that generate the most enthusiasm will be brought to life! A pizza cake and pizza mints are among the submissions Boston Pizza has made so far.

Source: Adweek 4/22/14

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