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Kevin Bacon’s Brother and Oscar Mayer’s Turkey Bacon Team Up to Challenge Their More Famous Siblings

Kevin Bacon’s brother Michael and Oscar Mayer’s turkey bacon have teamed up to celebrate the story of the #UnsungBacon. The campaign urges people to follow Michael on Twitter, with the eventual goal of overtaking his movie-star-brother’s number of followers — a lofty goal.  Oscar Mayer says it embraces each one of its products for its own qualities and that’s what fans should do for the Bacon brothers.

Source: Media Bistro 5/13/14

Chocolate Chip Salad Dressing?

Saladshots, a Millenial startup company, is working on new, wacky salad dressing flavors including mac ‘n cheese, root beer float, chocolate chips and pancakes with syrup. The company is looking to change the game by targeting the flavor route like Chobani did for yogurt and Ben & Jerry’s did for ice cream. A fundraising campaign began on Kickstarter with a goal of $30,000 to get this interesting idea up and running.

Source: USA Today 5/13/14

Nescafe Turns Its Coffee Cap Into an Alarm Clock

Nescafe has come up with an innovative way for coffee to wake consumers up before even taking a sip! The brand has redesigned the cap to double as an alarm clock. To turn the alarm off, all consumers have to do is unscrew the cap and breathe in the coffee aroma.

Source: Fast Company 5/13/14

Where's the Beef? A.1. Drops 'Steak' From Name

A.1. Steak Sauce is no longer just a steak sauce. The brand has dropped steak from its name as part of new campaign that positions the sauce “For Almost Everything. Almost.” The new advertisements show the brand breaking up with steak and courting new dishes like fish tacos, crab legs and even quinoa.

Source: Ad Age 5/14/14

How NASCAR Plans to 'Own' Father's Day

NASCAR is taking over Father’s Day by capitalizing on its legacy of connecting fathers and their children with its new promotion, “NASCAR with Dad.” Fans are encouraged to share their NASCAR memories involving their dads for a chance to win the grand prize- a ride in the Goodyear Blimp! Ten runners up will get the chance to drive a racecar down a NASCAR track.

Source: Adweek 5/13/14

You Can Now Turn Your Instagrams Into Shoes

Adidas is now allowing consumers to design their shoes photos they have taken on Instagram. As a spin off of the maiadidas customization capabilities, the Adidas Photo Print App encourages consumers to paste images of anything from a cheeseburger to a beach seascape on their ZX Flux shoes. The app is set to launch in August 2014.

Source: TIME 5/16/14

These People Thought They Were Getting a Driving Ticket — What The Cops Actually Gave Them Was Way Better

Drivers in California were randomly pulled over and cited for a mysterious driving violation. Officers asked the drivers if they heard of vehicle code 339472, confused drivers consistently replied no. That's because vehicle code 339472 is a made-up law for "driving without ice cream," and the stops were organized by the Unilever brand Wall's Ice Cream.  Officers then handed out ice cream cones to the amused, but relieved, drivers.

Source: Business Insider 5/13/14

1600 Pandas Tour The World

The 1600 Pandas World Tour, an exhibition by French artist Paulo Grangeon is still going strong. While the sculptures have already hit Rome, Paris and Berlin, its next stop on the tour is Hong Kong. The project was first organized by the World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF), which wanted to bring attention to a 2004 survey that determined there were only 1,600 pandas left living in the wild. The sculptures are made from "Papier Mâché" which consists of a recycled paper pulp.

Source: MSN 5/12/14

RE/MAX Unveils New Ad Campaign:

RE/MAX, LLC has launched its first campaign, "Dream With Your Eyes Open," which highlights the bond between homebuyers and RE/MAX agents. The commercials feature eager homebuyers hoping that they have discovered their dream home. They soon realize they'll need a guide to help weigh all of their options. A dream sequence presents how RE/MAX agents are experts and by their client’s side to help them find the best home.

Source: Digital Journal 5/13/14

Thermos Will Send Gourmet Joe Cross-Country to Arrive at Your Door Piping Hot

Genuine Thermos Brand wants to prove how well insulated its Stainless King Beverage Bottles really are. On May 22, the "Overnight Coffee Challenge," will deliver bottles filled with coffee from San Francisco to select fans, even if they live thousands of miles away. Upon arrival, the coffee is guaranteed to still be hot as the bottle is able to keep beverage warm or cold for up to 24 hours.

Source: Creativity 5/16/14

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