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Pennzoil Powers a ‘Perfect’ Trick Shot With Tim McGraw & Dude Perfect

For the first time ever, Pennzoil® is the proud sponsor of the Eastern Conference Finals (ECF) on ESPN and ABC this year. To bring that sponsorship to life, Pennzoil took basketball trick shot extraordinaires, Dude Perfect and brand ambassador, Tim McGraw to the courts of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, TN to develop a :30 second commercial to air during the EFC as well as a long form video to live on Dude Perfect’s heavily trafficked YouTube page. The videos are part of the brand’s overarching campaign of ‘reimagination’ which kicked off with the launch of its new Pennzoil Platinum line of motor oils, the first of its kind synthetic motor oils developed from natural gas. (client)

Source: Huffington Post 5/20/14

Foca Beer Registers Soccer as a Religion So People Can Leave Work to Observe Their 'Beliefs'

Foca Beer, a Brazilian brew, knows how much its fans love soccer. The brand has recruited a lawyer to bring the people what they want: soccer recognized as a religion. Foca has suggested diehard fans join a “religious cult,” to practice freedom of religion so they can get out of work and other commitments to enjoy a game. The brew will become the cult’s official “holy water.” Fans can log onto a site, enter in which games they need to watch and the program sends a note to their boss excusing them from work to pay respects and “pray.”

Source: Creativity 5/20/14

Selfies From The Animal Kingdom

Animals have the right to look good in photos too! A new creative advertising campaign from National Geographic portrays animals taking selfies with the tagline, "there are lots of terrible animal pictures out there." We are living in an era where cell-phone snapshots are preferred over high quality photographs, so these wild amateur photographers bring a different take to the images National Geographic offers fans!

Source: ABC News 5/16/14

Facebook Introduces New Way to Flirt With Relationship 'Ask' Button

Facebook has introduced an “ask” button for users who have left their relationship status blank in their profile. Once someone “asks” about a person’s relationship status, a box will then appear for the person to comment on why they are asking about their relationship status. Facebook believes this feature may be used to rival dating websites.

Source: Mashable 5/20/14 And Sweet 'N Low Unite For Diet Tip Campaign

Sweet ‘N Low is teaming up with to help women tackle one of their biggest issues: staying slim. Through a series of short video ads, the artificial sweetener brand offers their average consumer lifestyle tips including low calorie cocktail recipes, food recipes and calorie-burning workouts.

Source: Adweek 5/20/14

Schick Turns to X-Men Fans to Recruit New Customers Through Mobile Game

Schick is challenging male X-Men fans to play a mobile-first trivia game accessed through Facebook as part of a collaboration tied to the new X-Men film. Recognizing the large adoption of gaming and social media consumption happening on mobile devices, Schick is enticing consumers to engage in branded content incentivized by weekly and grand prizes. The trivia game requires players to race against a seven-second timer for each allotted question and ante up with friends to prove who is the bigger series buff. Now in its four-week mark, the challenge has more than 16,000 registered players, with an average of 2.2 plays per user.

Source: Mobile Marketer 5/22/14

Mattel Experiment Tries to Show That Barbie Isn't as Evil as You Think

As conversation continues to spark around Barbie and how young children idolize the doll, Mattel is telling parents to go directly to the source on the topic, their kids. With the new initiative “The Barbie Project,” the toy company is asking parents to observe their children playing with Barbie dolls, and get a first-hand look at how they use their imaginations to create stories and are empowered by the possibilities created during play. Parents are encouraged to share images and stories of their kids interacting with the brand on social media with #barbieproject.

Source: Adweek 5/21/14

Used Water Bottles Become Vegetable Gardens With Special Seed Caps

Thanks to Petomato, folks can reuse those plastic water bottles that are everywhere by transforming the bottles from trash to planters. Petomato is easy to use- the device screws into a plastic water bottle, seeds are placed inside, then watch it grow! Consumers can choose from seven different plants, such as cherry tomatoes, sweet basil, arugula and more.

Source: PSFK 5/16/14

Tado Turns "Dumb" Air Conditioners Into Smart, Energy-Saving Devices

Tado Cooling system is a Wi-Fi enabled device that turns any air conditioner operated by infrared remote control into a smart device. The small wall mounted unit essentially replaces the AC’s remote control and syncs it to the user’s smartphone. The system is able to track when the last person leaves the home and automatically turn the cooling off to save energy. Then, when a resident is approaching home, Tado turns the air conditioner on again to pre-cool the home to the user's preferred temperature.

Source: Gizmag 5/22/14

Real-Time Emoji Map Shows Moods Around The World

Silicon Feelings, a new web app, displays all emojis tweeted around the globe in real time. A rotating globe recognizes the top 400 emojis that are in use at that moment. Developer Bradley Griffith hopes the app will be the beginning of the destruction of language barriers.

Source: PSFK 5/20/14

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