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Toys"R"Us Encourages Customers To #Stir4ACure During Its 2014 Campaign To Benefit Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Toys“R”Us has announced its fourth year of partnership with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for childhood cancer. To celebrate, Toys"R"Us is debuting a new campaign and consumer engagement initiative, #Stir4ACure, which invites social media users to spread awareness for the charity by sharing who or what they stir for – whether it's a cure, a family member or all children fighting cancer.  (client)

Source: Yahoo! 5/29/14

Banana Boat Wants You to Defy The Sun Like a Man

Banana Boat has squeezed itself into a new market, creating sunscreen specifically for men.  The new line of sunscreen defends men against sun, odor and dryness. Banana Boat’s new spots feature men mowing lawns, traveling across the desert and enjoying a day out on the golf course, all “defying” the sun and managing to stay manly.

Source: Fast Company 5/23/14

You Can Help Bring Reading Rainbow Back to Life

LeVar Burton launched a Kickstarter to revive Reading Rainbow, which aired from 1983-2006, with re-runs through 2009. Burton’s idea is to reach children everywhere through re-launching the show online. He’s hoping to fund a free web-based app which would allow reading education for children worldwide. In order to do so, he placed a video pitch online and is trying to raise $1 million dollars by July 2.

Source: TIME 5/28/14

Rite Aid Re-Rocks Its Skin Tour

Rite Aid is again sponsoring the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Road to Healthy Skin Tour for the 7th year. The tour uses a RV equipped with two private exam rooms and local dermatologists who provide full-body cancer screenings. Since 2008 the tour has educated the public about cancer prevention and diagnosed more than 7,000 suspected cancers and pre-cancers.

Source: Media Post 5/28/14

The Real Reason Hipsters Love PBR

Pabst Blue Ribbon has released a new study explaining how it became the beer of hipsters. The brand attributes its newfound success’ to its grassroots marketing tactics and its avoidance of a major mainstream marketing campaign. PBR leveraged its “classically cool” appeal and launched the Drink and Draw campaign, in which artists are invited to make PBR-themed artwork, keeping autonomy by deviating from the norm.

Source: The Huffington Post 5/29/14

The Countdown to Chicken Waffle Tenders Begins!

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is bringing back its Chicken Waffle Tenders! The brand has brought back this limited time offer in conjunction with a social media campaign. Popeyes is encouraging guests to try the tenders and share their reactions to Chicken #WaffleTenders on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

Source: The Wall Street Journal 5/26/14

Take a Virtual Stroll Through Marseille With Google Night Walk

Taking Google Maps to the next level, Google Night Walk in Marseille allows users to take a 360-degree virtual tour of the city, while physically walking through the streets or sitting on your couch. Serving as more than a map, this app acts as a cultural hub, featuring music, narration (in English or French), videos, and more taking the user on an interactive journey. With more than 30 “hot spots” along the tour that include information gathered by Google Knowledge Graph about Marseille, the consumer can gain a rich understanding of the city, unlike the traditional Google Street Maps.

Source: Mashable 5/29/14

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