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McCain Unveils Potato-Scented Taxi

McCain has launched a potato-scented taxi, which offers free, five minute rides – the time it takes to microwave a McCain Ready Baked Jackets potato. The specially designed taxi is fitted with a giant jacket potato on the roof, which fills the air with the aroma of an oven-baked potato. The taxi is currently touring in the United Kingdom.

Source: The Drum 11/25/13

Beer-Flavored Cigars Kill Two Birds With One Stone

Now you can have the best of both worlds: cigars and beer. Samuel Adams and Ted’s Cigars have created a cigar that’s seasoned with beer. Named “Utopias” after the blend of beers used, these cigars will only be available through December.

Source: PSFK 11/25/13

Boomf Turns Your Instagram Photos Into Marshmallows

Boomf will print your favorite Instagram photos on marshmallows. Just choose nine images from Instagram, and Boomf prints them on to nine, 4cm-by-4cm square marshmallows. This clever edible gift idea is currently only available in the UK, but by early next year, Boomf will begin a worldwide expansion and then it is marshmallows for all.

Source: Geeky Gadgets 11/26/13

'Family Guy' Fans Petition to Bring Back Brian

After “Family Guy,” a Fox animated comedy series, killed off a popular character, Brian Griffin, the family’s pet dog, fans started a petition on pleading with creator Seth MacFarlane and Fox Broadcasting to bring Brian back. MacFarlane has yet to comment publicly on Brian's death. If Brian were to return, it wouldn't be the first time a TV show has resurrected a character, but Fox did already air a farewell to the smart and comical pet.

Source: CNN 11/26/13

New Call of Duty App Pits Fans Against Professional Athletes

With millions of millennials purchasing and playing the 10th installment of the uber-popular video game, Call of Duty, it should come as no surprise that a start-up company would develop an app for fans to find real-time players.  What makes the OverDog app stand out above the rest is that it links players to professional athletes from the NFL, MLB and NHL. OverDog has partnered with COD’s parent company Activism to encourage fans via a new ad campaign featuring NFL star Adrian Peterson playing the new COD:Ghosts.

Source: AdWeek 11/25/13

Twitter Helps 'Time' Mag Pick Person of The Year

To choose its ‘Person of the Year’ this year, Time magazine is teaming up with Twitter. Using the hashtag #TIMEPOY, readers are asked to submit their choice by Dec. 4. Time will then take the tweets into account when they independently select the honoree. Vine videos of the top contenders will be shared and some reader’s posts will also be displayed on Be sure to tune into the Today show on Dec. 11 to see Managing Editor Nancy Gibbs announce the Person of the Year!

Source: Mashable 11/25/13

Viddiverse Is Designed to Be a YouTube/Vine For Kids

Viddiverse is a start-up video/social media property that is designed specifically for kids 8-13! Like other social networks, children will be able to build profiles, gain followings, chat with friends and share content. However, Viddiverse has a safety feature, a parent must approve sign up and the site cannot be used to share names, phone numbers or email addresses.

Source: Adweek 11/25/13

'Invisible Girlfriend' Startup Provides Fake Love For A Price

A new matchmaking site, Invisible Girlfriend, allows you to have a significant other who won’t nag, whine or break the bank. With three monthly subscription options- “Just Talking,” “Getting Serious” and “Almost Engaged”- Subscribers can enter into the virtual relationship of their choice with benefits that can include text messages, voicemails, random gifts and, of course, a relationship status change on Facebook. The company also plans to roll out an Invisible Boyfriend site in the future.

Source: Business Insider 11/23/13

20K House Project Aims to Make Home Ownership More Affordable

The 20K House project was launch by Rural Studio, an undergraduate program at Auburn University. The program was developed in an effort to address the need for affordable housing. The price tag of $20,000 originated from what was considered to be the highest mortgage a person receiving Social Security checks could realistically afford to pay.  The houses themselves range greatly in size and shape, with 12 different layouts, each of which cost roughly $12,000 for materials, with $8,000 of the budget set aside for contracted labor and profit.

Source: Gizmag 11/25/13

Smart Power Strip Lets You Control Appliances Remotely

With Wi-Fi and a smartphone app, Smart Power Strip allows users to remotely control their plugged-in home appliances. Still in the early stages, the Smart Power Strip is on KickStarter. Those contributing $99 or more are promised a Smart Power Strip with four plugs by April.

Source: Mashable 12/1/13

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