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Wrangler And Drew Brees Redefine Comfort in Texas

Wrangler is kicking off a promotion for its new jeans along with New Orleans Saints quarterback and Texas native Drew Brees. Brees will become the mayor of Comfort, Texas while the town’s name gets updated to “Advanced Comfort” for the next six months. During the promotion, Wrangler will be conducting a community-based initiative to improve towns across America. A video series will be released to showcase the people and places of Comfort where people will be able to watch and learn how to nominate their town to be the next to #GetMoreComfortable with Wrangler.

Source: Retailing Today 7/14/14

Talking Beer Tap Chats You Up at Bars

Shock Top, a craft beer brewer owned by Labatt, has been drumming up awareness of its brand in Canada by introducing talking versions of its mascot in unexpected places: a six-pack of beer in Montreal and a bar tap in Toronto. Armed with a Bluetooth microphone and basic animatronics, the sunglasses-wearing citrus talks unsuspecting customers out of purchasing the competitor’s products. The stunt was “crafted” to be humorous and bring the brand’s logo to life.

Source: The Globe and Mail 7/22/14

Real Customers With Varying Body Types Inspire Mannequins

JCPenney’s “When it fits, you feel it” campaign goes beyond standard and plus size to show the variety of body types of its consumers. A new window display in the New York City JCPenney shows off six vastly different mannequins, a major change from the standard mannequins found when window shopping. The mannequins currently gracing the windows have real life counterparts—actual customers across the country of varying body types and backgrounds served as the inspiration.

Source: PSFK 7/22/14

The Newest Face of Old Spice: Mandroid

Old Spice presents its newest and strangest campaign, the Mandroid! He is half man, half robot and is not quite secure when it comes to keeping his robotic parts intact. In the commercial, Mandroid is talking to an attractive woman when his face falls off, but it doesn’t matter what body part falls off of him, because he’s wearing Old Spice! The brand has a history of over-the-top commercials that drive home the concept that consumers will always be attractive when wearing Old Spice.

Source: Mashable 7/14/14

Virgin Trains Teddy Trackers Return Lost Toys to Kids

Virgin Trains is the first travel operator to introduce The Teddy Tracker, a personalized tag that is tied around an item, allowing Virgin staff to track any stuffed animal or personal belonging when lost. Virgin Trains has also recruited twelve additional volunteers to its priority boarding team, who will be on the lookout for passengers traveling over the summer holidays needing a bit of extra help.

Source: PSFK 7/21/14

USA Swimming Asks Kids to Trade Basketball For Cannonballs

USA Swimming is kicking off its newest campaign “Swim Today,” which promotes participation at all levels to get kids back in the pool. In one spot a girl does a cannonball into the pool, while a voiceover says "Basketball, softball, cannonball: which sounds the most fun to you?" The spots position swimming as the #FunnestSport to help kids embrace the sport and be completely comfortable with it.

Source: Adweek 7/22/14

Gum-Packing Coffee Cup Sleeves Prevent Burns And Bad Breath

Orbit chewing gum knows the only thing worse than an early morning is coffee breath, which is why the gum company has created a new direct marketing campaign titled “Coffee On The Go, Clean Teeth On The Go.” In partnership with Seattle Coffee Co., Orbit gum is outfitting coffee cup sleeves with free samples of Orbit gum, ultimately helping early risers start the day energized and refreshed.

Source: Gizmodo 7/21/14

AT&T Chants Up The Yankees

AT&T shows its support for the New York Yankees through a television campaign that embraces the “Let’s Go Yankees” chant. The commercials include everyday people communicating through chants. The company is encouraging Yankees fans to add their own chants online or on Twitter using #MyYankeesChant for a chance to win team gear and tickets.

Source: Media Post 7/21/14

Mattel Unveils The Hot Wheels Star Wars Cars

Mattel revealed its new Star Wars-inspired Hot Wheels lineup at the 2014 Comic-Con festival, which will officially hit stores this fall. The new Hot Wheels will include Chewbacca as a flatbed truck, R2-D2 as a hot rod and a sleek black Darth Vader Corvette. Mattel also introduced toys exclusive for Comic-Con, such as a Darth Vader vehicle packaged in the form of the notorious villain’s lightsaber.

Source: Fox News 7/22/14

This Genius Machine Feeds Stray Dogs in Exchange For Recycled Bottles

Turkish company Pugedon has invented a vending machine that provides food and water to stray dogs in exchange for recycled plastic bottles. The machine, which has been named Pugedon Smart Recycling Boxes, operates by releasing dog food once a plastic bottle is deposited enabling an efficient (and free) way to sustain animals that rely on locals to feed them and encourages recycling habits.

Source: Huffington Post 7/23/14

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