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Dunkin's Shark Week Donut is Not For Use as a Flotation Device

Dunkin' Donuts partnered with Discovery Channel and concocted a special donut just for Shark Week. Enter the Shark Bite donut – an iced donut resembling a life preserver! Dunkin’ Donuts also created a social media campaign entitled “Take a Bite, Take a Pic,” encouraging fans to do just that and share. The Shark Bite donut will be available in select stores across the country starting Aug.4… just in time for Shark Week, which returns Aug. 10.

Source: Adweek 7/28/14

Dodge is Giving Your Ringtone Some Horsepower

Dodge recently unveiled the most powerful muscle car available for purchase, the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. To rev up some additional horsepower for the launch, the brand is giving fans the opportunity to download a free Hellcat Ringtone.  The ringtone features the powerful purring of the Hellcat’s 707 horsepower engine (a typical vehicle only has about 550 horsepower). (client)

Source: 7/30/14

Positive Pants From Fruit of The Loom

Fruit of the Loom has kicked off a new campaign, “Negative Names, Positive People,” to help put a smile on the faces of those with names that could be considered negative. Facebook users boasting the names Nancy, Gus or Debbie can receive a free pair of cotton underwear by simply connecting to the brand’s Facebook page and proving that they truly are a Negative Nancy, Grumpy Gus or Debbie Downer.

Source: PR Examples 7/21/14

TD Bank Turns ATMs Into Automated Thanking Machines

Starting the season of giving off early this year, TD Bank literally paid it forward to some of its “regulars” with a unique ATM experience. The “Automated Thanking Machine” presented gifts such as plane tickets, a trip to Disney World, flowers, a MLB experience and more. In addition, thousands of others using TD phone and online banking service were informed that they would receive a deposit directly into their accounts. A total of 30,000 customers were surprised!

Source: Forbes 7/30/14

Remember Mr. Sketch Scented Markers? They're Back, With a Sketchy Ad

Everyone always looked forward to using the fun, smelly Mr. Sketch markers in school, and now they are back on the market with their classic drawing pens, debuting ads for the first time in two decades for the back-to-school season. The ad features a farting blueberry, insinuating that Mr. Sketch markers obtain their scent from the gas of these fruits, which kids are finding hilarious if social media reactions are any indication.

Source: Mashable 7/26/14

‘Made in Tennessee’ Campaign Natural For Blount

The Tennessee state department of tourism has launched a new slogan and marketing campaign. The new slogan “Made in Tennessee,” focuses on the beauty of the state. The campaign will currently focus on the state’s core feeder markets, while plans to launch nationwide are still in the works.

Source: The Daily Times 7/27/14

Foursquare Shows Off Its New Look For Local Searches

Foursquare announced on its blog that its redesigned app will no longer let people check-in to a location. If users want to check-in, they will need the spin-off app Swarm. Foursquare will be the app that tells you what’s happening in your area — which puts it up against other services like Yelp. The redesign is meant to personalize the users’ experience and give different options depending on their tastes.

Source: Engadget 7/23/14

‘We Are The World' Feline Style: Internet Celebri-Cats Band Together to Save The Tigers

Greenpeace, a leading environmental organization, raised awareness about worldwide tiger endangerment. For International Tiger Day, famous felines of the worldwide web, including Lil Bub and Pudge, starred in a clip that explained that while tigers are the largest felines in the world, there are only 3,000 tigers left on Earth today. The kitties also uploaded the clip and images to their social pages with the hashtag #CatsSaveTigers.

Source: People 7/29/14

Christian Louboutin Launches Red Nail Color

French Designer Christian Louboutin debuted a line of signature nail polishes that aims to give back to the beauty of nails product that largely influenced his work many years ago. Back in 1992, the vibrant red, underpart of the iconic shoe was painted by a simple bottle of nail polish. Similar to the shoe’s spiky heel, Louboutin’s collection of signature nail polishes comes packaged in tall spiky bottles. The signature red color is available, while the rest of the brand’s colors will be available in September.

Source: Forbes 7/30/14

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