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AXE Challenges Young People to #KissForPeace in Honor of International Peace Day

Axe recently launched its new Peace campaign in order to promote peace-building and awareness of International Peace Day on September 21st. The brand is striving to spread the word among the younger generation by encouraging them to post their best kissing photos throughout social media with #KissForPeace in the caption. To take it one step further, Axe has partnered with Peace One Day, a non-profit organization and has come out with its own peace-themed products.

Source: PSFK 8/21/14

Uber Announces Same-Day Delivery Service to Compete with Amazon, Google

Uber’s next goal: to become a drug store on wheels. The popular app-based car service announced it is testing the launch of a same-day delivery service that would compete with the big guns – Amazon and Google’s Shopping Express. The service, titled Corner Store, is currently available only to Uber users in Washington, D.C. but is a clear sign of Uber’s ambition to move beyond a simple driving service and test the same-day delivery market alongside tech and retail giants.

Source: 8/19/14

Starbucks Announces Early Return Of Pumpkin Spice Latte, So Get Ready For August 25

At Starbucks, fall will be coming a little earlier than usual since the chain announced that it will be offering its popular pumpkin spice latte a month earlier. The exciting announcement was made on the latte’s (affiliated with Starbucks) official Twitter account. The latte’s official return date is September 2nd, but some customers will be able to enjoy the latte as early as August 25th. The Twitter community has been jumping with joy since the news broke, including Starbucks employees that have excitedly been posting pictures of the syrup. Jimmy Fallon even announced the good news in his opening monologue on “The Tonight Show.”

Source: Huffington Post 8/15/14

Dating Site Launches ‘Aphrodisiac’ Dining Events

Dating site giant is now hosting pop-up events centered on menus serving aphrodisiac ingredients designed to get singles ‘in the mood’ for meeting the love of their life. Locations of the pop-up events were released 48 hours before they started. To launch the aphrodisiac dining events, daters were invited to test an aphrodisiac menu free of charge at the Aphrodisiac Café in London’s Soho Square on August 14th.

Source: PR Examples 8/19/14

Montreal Area Tim Hortons Painted Black

To introduce the chain's first new coffee blend in half a century, Tim Hortons decided to go big – and go black! With its new dark roast coffee blend now on the menu, the brand played-up the dark aspect and “darkened” one of its stores in Quebec, covering every square inch in blackout material. To top it all off, Tim Hortons also blacked-out a Jeep!

Source: Eater Montreal 8/18/14

The Mystery of The Missing Diamond Dropped From Space

77 Diamonds launched a $20,000 diamond into space attached to a balloon, with the expectation that when it landed, the two GPS trackers in the case would allow them to run a scavenger hunt with the diamond as the prize. When the balloon popped and the diamond landed in a GPS dead zone somewhere near the small town of Lea, England, becoming untraceable, things got interesting. Now, the diamond’s location is a mystery, the town is full of treasure hunters and 77 diamonds is getting all the press. Plus, when it’s all over and someone finds the prize, they’ll get the same results they were expecting from the beginning, only with much larger fanfare.

Source: The Telegraph 8/19/14

Sonic to Reveal ‘Mystery Disappearing Slush’ Flavor on Snapchat

Sonic made the most of its Snapchat debut by revealing the new “Mystery Disappearing Slush” flavor as part of its latest drink promotion. To create excitement leading up to the big reveal, Sonic teased its single-day limited time offer secret on the brand’s Facebook and Twitter accounts throughout the week. Consumers had to act fast because the single-day limited time offer disappeared almost as fast as the Snap.

Source: Nation’s Restaurant News 8/20/14

Jockey Believes Greatness Starts With Underwear Support

Men’s underwear giant Jockey believes greatness starts with the support you get from your underwear. This month, Jockey kicks off a new campaign to “Support Greatness” with commercials featuring the likes of legendary Americans like the first man to walk on the moon, Buzz Aldrin. In the commercials, Jockey boasts that if Buzz had been wearing Jockey underwear he wouldn’t have stopped with putting a flag on the moon, he would have taken over the whole solar system.

Source: AdRants 8/19/14

Craig Robinson Croons Love Ballads to Verizon FiOS in Mock Infomercial

Most of us remember a time before DVR, when you had to record your favorite shows on VHS tape (Gasp!) – before technology changed our lives forever. In this hilarious new Verizon FiOS ad, Craig Robinson, known for his role as Darryl Philbin on “The Office,” shows his love through his two disc TV love song compilation, featuring hits such as “Record Your Heart Out,” “I Save Every Show About Hoarders,” and “Girl, I’m About to Bing with You.” This lighthearted ad might not turn people into die-hard FiOS fans, but it’s enough to get a few people to laugh, if not consider changing their provider.

Source: AdWeek 8/20/14

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