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How a 113-Year-Old Company Boosted Holiday Sales on Facebook

With the 10th anniversary of The Polar Express film, the 113-year-old toy company, Lionel Trains, launched the “Polar Express Sweepstakes” to promote its officially licensed model trains to fans. They timed the campaign from September through November to create awareness about the brand, product line and boost holiday sales. Lionel gave away one free Polar Express train set for three consecutive months and participants had to visit Lionel’s Facebook page to enter the contest.

Source: Mashable 12/3/13

Billy Joel to Be a Madison Square Garden ‘Franchise’

In an unprecedented announcement, Madison Square Garden welcomed “Billy Joel at the Garden,” the first-ever music franchise to call the world’s most famous arena home. Beginning with a sold-out run of four shows in 2014, the legendary “Piano Man” singer will play one show per month at the Garden as long as fans want to hear him play. Joel’s name already hangs from the rafters after setting the record for most consecutive sold-out shows at MSG with 12 and his new residency will only add to his total of 46 performances at the arena since 1978.

Source: NY Times 12/3/13

‘Star Wars’ Launches Official Instagram Account With Darth Vader Selfie

Star Wars has made a landing on Instagram. “Star Wars: Episode VII” is still two years away, but Disney is building up momentum. Now you can check out Darth Vader posting “selfies” and you can also see some behind the scenes photos, like an early concept model of the Imperial Star Destroyer or Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader dueling with non-lit sabers.

Source: The Verge 12/2/13

Liquid-Plumr Lets The Hot Faucet Flow With Its Sexy Plumber Calendar

Fantasies of handsome handymen fixing things around your house has come to an end! Don’t forget to pick up Liquid-Plumr’s 2014 calendar dedicated to provocative plumbers. Each month features a hunky plumber with innuendo filled centerfold stats, a clever distraction from what this product is really used for: toilets and clogged drains. As the New Year approaches us, don’t forget to pick up your sexy calendar!

Source: Adweek 12/4/13

ThirdLove’s Techie Take on Bra Shopping Debuts Gift Card

A San Francisco start-up company, ThirdLove, promises to make the bra shopping and fitting experience easier than ever before. A camera driven iPhone app instructs a user to snap a photo of them self, which then uses an algorithm to successfully measure and calculate a size. After a measurement is taken the app directs users to the ThirdLove bra selections available in the calculated size.

Source: USA Today 12/3/13

IKEA’s Matchmaking Service Brings Lonely People Together on Christmas

Christmas is a time that’s best spent with good friends, family and delicious to food to round it all off. There are times when people end up alone at Christmas though, which is why IKEA Switzerland has offered a helping hand with a new initiative called “No Empty Chairs at Christmas.” The company’s dedicated site offers a match making (not dating) service that means people won’t have to be alone between Dec. 24-26.

Source: PSFK 12/5/13

Wienerschnitzel is Now a Historic Landmark

The infamous hot dog chain, Wienerschitzel, was granted landmark status to the chain’s first-ever location in Los Angeles. LA’s Office of Historic Resources said the structure is “an early drive-through and walk-up food stand associated with Los Angeles car culture.” Wienerschnitzel is the second fast food stand in Los Angeles to get historic landmark status. The first is the curiously named Munch Box.

Source: MSN 12/5/13

Interactive Christmas Sweaters Bring Holiday Scenes to Life

Mark Rober, a former NASA engineer, designed the “Digital Dudz,” which takes the ugly Christmas sweater to a whole new level. The secret to the animated sweaters is a hole in the fabric that fits a smartphone, linked to an app. Depending on the sweater, the app will show a fireplace crackling, a flurry-filled snow globe, Santa’s watchful eyes or a cat singing carols, like an interactive GIF for clothes.

Source: NY Daily News 12/5/13

Bark Activated Washing Machine Helps Dogs Pitch In With Chores

The Woof to Wash is the first ever dog-operated washing machine! This voice-activated machine has been specially designed with dog-friendly buttons, a chew toy door handle and an automatic detergent dispenser. The device was created with the intention of helping service dogs who assist their disabled owners with daily tasks, including laundry.

Source: PSFK 12/3/13

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