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'Friends' Central Perk Pop-up Coffee Shop Hits Manhattan

Good news Friends fans, Central Perk is back in business! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the iconic sitcom’s first episode, Eight O’Clock Coffee will be launching a pop-up store modeled after the gang’s favorite hangout this month through mid-October. The shop will feature Eight O’Clock Coffee’s Central Perk-themed blend, and will have original props as decorations. Visitors will have the chance to participate in Friends- themed contests and trivia, as well as listen to music from the show.

Source: Entertainment Weekly 8/27/14

Mtn Dew Aims For Snackable Content With Dewdles

Have you met the little dewd from Mountain Dew? Mtn Dew recently launched a series of bite-size videos featuring a pint-size animated character, in the hopes of attracting attention on mobile devices. Entitled "Dewdles," the videos are a series of eight 15-second videos that feature animation on top of live action and are shot with a variety of cameras, including iPhones. While the campaign launched with a 30-second buy during the MTV Video Music Awards, the primary focus is digital. The videos will be released natively across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and likely, Snapchat.

Source: Ad Age 8/24/14

Special Nail Polish May Help Detect Date-Rape Drugs

Four male students from North Carolina State University are developing a nail polish that changes color when exposed to popular date-rape drugs, to help women detect drink tampering. Promoting the project as "The First Fashion Company Empowering Women to Prevent Sexual Assault," the product sheds a light on the fact that while date rape drugs are often used to facilitate sexual assault, very little science exists for its detection. The students are now raising money to continue developing the product.

Source: CBS News 8/25/14

Instagram’s New Hyperlapse App Helps You Shoot Time-lapse Videos Like a Pro

Instagram has announced Hyperlapse, a new standalone app that’s designed to allow users to shoot videos using their smartphones that look like they are professionally produced. Users simply record a video and then pick the speed at which they want the video to playback. Then the video can be shared using Facebook or Instagram. This app is designed to make videos look like it took much time and effort and was taken with an expensive camera, when in reality it will take a few seconds using a free app!

Source: The Verge 8/26/14

IHOP Pits New Menu Items Against One Another in Twitter Contest

Restaurant chain IHOP is hosting a contest enticing crepe lovers to try its new entrees and tweet their favorite using one of two hashtags. Through Sept. 8, customers can try the new crepe entrees featuring one sweet crepe dish with strawberries and cream and one savory, classic crepe with eggs and meat. The “Colossal Clash of the Crepes” is asking participants to tag @IHOP and vote using one of two hashtags: #IHOPSavory or #IHOPSweet. If participants share their favorite crepe on Instagram, they will be entered to win a $50 IHOP gift card.

Source: Mobile Commerce Daily 8/27/14

Ralph Lauren Debuts Wearable Technology For US Open Players

To coincide with the start of the 2014 U.S. Open tennis tournament, designer Ralph Lauren is debuting his latest creation—a smart athletic shirt called Polo Tech. The ”smart shirt” comes with sensors that read the users pulse, breathing, stress level and energy output. The data obtained from the sensors is either stored in a “black box” on the shirt or sent directly to a corresponding app on the users smartphone. Due to the strict clothing rules set by the U.S. Open, players will only be able to wear the shirt during practice rounds, but ball boys will wear the shirts throughout the tournament.

Source: The Verge 8/26/14

Bissell Cleans a Grimy Subway Floor, But That's Not The Crazy Part

Bissell pulled off a stunt to show off the effectiveness of its new Symphony All-in-One hard floor cleaner by using it to scrub the floor of a subway station. After vacuuming and steaming the subway floor, the senior brand manager proceeded to eat a full meal off of the subway floor – certainly disgusting, but proves to be an effective stunt.

Source: Adweek 8/27/14

Capture Your Canine’s Exploits With The New GoPro Dog Mount

GoPro’s latest gadget is for the dogs. Literally. The high-definition video camera maker revealed the Fetch dog harness and mount with camera that can be strapped to pets to film the world through their eyes. The Fetch harness is the first pet accessory from GoPro, which hopes to inspire viral videos of pets as its mountable cameras have done for humans. 

Source: Wired 8/27/14

College Application Process More Appealing to Gen Z Via Plucked

Academy of Aerospace and Engineering senior, Denisha Kuhlor, created the app Plucked after she went through the college admissions process herself and realized that there were many flaws in the system. Kuhlor wanted to give students a resource that was both simple and successful when trying to find a school that was right for them.  Plucked helps students apply to schools in which they are not only academically qualified but meet their self-specified needs as well. Students have the ability to regain control of their admissions process by not having to rely on guidance counselors and testing agencies to send their SAT/ACT scores and unofficial transcript.

Source: PSFK 8/28/14

McDonald’s Selling Chicken Nuggets You Season Yourself

A McDonald’s in Sacramento is opting to give customers even more opportunities to customize their meals by testing Shakin’ Flavor Seasoning. This pilot meal option allows customers have to order either McNuggets or fries, choose the seasoning, Spicy Buffalo, Garlic Parmesan or Zesty Ranch, and then shake it up!

Source: Foodbeast 8/25/14

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