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CVS Health Changes Name, Kicks Tobacco For More Than #OneGoodReason

CVS pharmacies across the country have removed tobacco products from its line of sales a month earlier than expected, to align with the rebranding of its corporate name to “CVS Health.” The brand believes that selling tobacco contradicts its walk-in clinics and pharmaceutical programs to encourage healthy living. In conjunction, CVS Health has launched its #OneGoodReason social media campaign to generate awareness of the detriments of smoking.

Source: Forbes 9/3/14

Guinness Africa Thrillingly Celebrates Being ‘Made of Black’

Guinness’ provocatively themed “Made of Black” campaign links the color of its beer to the vibrant spirit of young Africans. The campaign launched last week with a five-hour takeover of MTV Base. “Made of Black” is a celebration of an attitude that epitomizes individuals who aren’t afraid to express themselves. “Made of Black” ties in with Guinness’ global “Made of More” campaign. The campaign includes lots of video, social outreach by Fuse OGD and other stars sharing their personal stories, along with hand-painted print ads. The central theme is that “Black is not a color, it’s an attitude.”

Source: Adweek 9/2/14

The Metropolitan Museum of Art Unveils Its First-Ever App

The Metropolitan Museum of Art rolled out its flagship app, celebrating the launch by hosting a concert by the band Interpol. The Met finally joined the ranks of other New York City museums that already have its own apps, like the MoMa, the Guggenheim and the American Museum of Natural History. “The Met” app serves as the go-to for visitors looking for information on timings, tickets, current exhibitions, must-see highlights of the museum, any special events of the day, upcoming events, staff picks and members-only specials.

Source: Digiday 9/4/14

Reebok Sends Running Human Couriers to Online Shoe Shoppers

Reebok recently created a Human Dispatch Service to promote its newest sneaker, the ZJet trainers. The stunt took place for one day in New York City where fans were able to tweet @Reebok using the hashtag #ReebokHDS and a team of runners delivered a sample pair to try on. The Human Dispatch Service would even take the shoe back if customers were not pleased!

Source: PR Examples 9/3/14

Perfect High Five Wins Free Trip to Amsterdam

KLM Airlines is pushing the technological envelope with its new interactive installation called the “KLM Live High Five.” To celebrate World Deal Week, the purpose of the challenge is to encourage strangers, who live 3,600 miles apart in New York City and Amsterdam, to create the perfect high five. The duo that succeeds will win a free trip to the other city compliments of KLM Airlines. The airline viewed the idea as a universal gesture of success and accomplishment that could span continental divides.

Source: PSFK 9/3/14

AmEx Uses Bloggers to Take Fashion Week to Social Media

To coincide with New York Fashion Week, American Express is using social media to show off looks from top online fashion experts. Amex recruited top fashion bloggers to dish fall fashion advice through its social media outlets, as well as the fashion bloggers’ own sites. The posts were also accompanied by a sketch of each of the personalized outfits.

Source: Adweek 9/4/14

Dyson Builds Its First Robot. Surprise! It’s a Vacuum.

Dyson is releasing its first robotic vacuum, the 360 Eye. Originally intended to launch in 2001, the design was shelved when executives weren’t satisfied with the model’s performance. After years of reinventing, the new design uses eight sensors and a 360-degree camera to map out a detailed floor plan and navigate a room. The Dyson 360 Eye will only be available in Japan starting in spring 2015.

Source: Fast Company 9/4/14

Tom Brady And His Dad Team up in UGG ad

This fall, Tom Brady tugs at heartstrings by teaming up with UGG in a campaign that shows him and his dad spending quality time together. The new “Time-Out” commercial is UGG’s first-ever global brand marketing campaign with the message, “life’s biggest moments are actually the small ones – a place where the brand lives in consumers' lives.” The small moments profiled in the ad are the regular golf outings that Brady has taken with his father, Tom Brady Sr. The commercial is the first in a series for UGG set to come out this year, including one called "Pre-Game" that will feature Brady's mother.

Source: Boston Globe 9/2/14

IKEA Channels Apple in a Hilarious ad For Its New Catalog ‘Bookbook’

To play up IKEA’s new digital catalog known as the “bookbook,” the Swedish furniture chain has released a parody of an Apple commercial. Jörgen Eghammer, also know as Chief Design Güru, teases that the 2015 IKEA catalog comes “fully charged with an eternal battery.” The over-the-top product descriptions create a clever and entertaining poke at Apple.

Source: Time 9/3/14

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