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'Annie' Star Wallis Hopes to Become a Veterinarian

Banfield Pet Hospital®, the world’s largest veterinary practice, launched its first-ever children’s book titled “My Very, Very Busy Day!” in partnership with Quvenzhané Wallis, writer of the book’s foreword and star of the upcoming musical movie “Annie,” at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan. During the launch, Wallis and Banfield veterinarian Dr. Ari Zabell read the book aloud to NYC-area children to teach responsible pet ownership and the importance of pets receiving regular preventative care. Books are now available at all Banfield Pet Hospital® locations nationwide for a suggested donation of $10 to Banfield Charitable Trust, which will provide preventive care to pets in need. (client)

Source: Associated Press 10/15/14

Teal Pumpkins Make Halloween Safer For Kids With Food Allergies

The Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) has launched its new campaign, the Team Pumpkin Project, to make Halloween safe for everyone. According to FARE, one in 13 children in the United States has a food allergy. The Teal Pumpkin Project encourages awareness of food allergies by providing non-food treats and painting a pumpkin teal to indicate that house has non-food treats for children with food allergies or sensitivities.

Source: TODAY 10/16/14

Mr. Monopoly Rolling Out New Lotto Game

For the first time in more than 12 years, officials are launching a new multi-state game with a top prize between $15-$25 million. The Monopoly Millionaires' Club, based on the popular board game, has launched in 23 states. Unlike other multi-state games where there can only be one winning ticket, the Monopoly Millionaires' Club game promises to make more millionaires, offering players three chances to win. Tickets will cost $5 and the chances of winning are about 1-in-73 million!

Source: CBS News 10/17/14

Target Takes Trick-or-Treating to Instagram

Target is tapping into its Instagram presence to share DIY tips for Halloween. The brand has created “Halloween Hills,” a series of neighborhoods on users’ Instagram feeds to present a trick, a Halloween-themed craft, or a treat, a holiday-inspired recipe. It also includes a bonus feature that links directly to pet costumes.

Source: Ad Age 10/14/14

This North Face Store's Floor Disappears, Forcing Startled Shoppers to Climb The Walls

Shoppers in South Korea were faced with a challenge while shopping in a pop-up North Face store. Unsuspecting shoppers became startled when they were involved in a stunt when the floor began to slowly disappear, forcing them to grab hold of the rock climbing holds attached to the walls.  A North Face jacket descended from the ceiling with a 30 second timer, leaving the shoppers a choice of climbing down to safety or jumping to grab the jacket.

Source: Adweek 10/14/14

Ricola's Cough Medicine Ads Show Sickness Getting in The Way

Ricola has cough sufferers rethinking their conversations. The brand has released a series of ads with statements like "You look good," "She's just a friend" and "We're having a baby." However, when these words are interrupted by coughs, it changes the meaning of the phrases that were supposed to sound positive.

Source: TrendHunter 10/9/14

Human Stupidity Gone Viral Makes For Brilliant Organ Donor Ads

Reborn to be Alive, an organ donor foundation, has released a new campaign using videos of humans performing ridiculously haphazard acts to raise awareness about organ donation. One video features a man swinging a chainsaw over his head from a rope, while trimming the hedges, a caption reads "8 of his organs can be donated. Luckily for us his brain is not one of them."

Source: Gizmodo 10/17/14

Greene Turtle Restaurant Chain Gamifies Loyalty Program For Mobile

The Greene Turtle, a sports bar restaurant chain, has teamed up with Paytronix and Gamescape to develop a new mobile loyalty program centered on games.  The chain is offering game-related rewards, via a mobile application to its guests, which include prizes, such as $10 off of food or merchandise for each game won.  Users who sign up to register their rewards cards through the mobile app will receive a free appetizer 24 hours after registering. Guests also receive one reward point for each dollar spent at the restaurant.


Gerber Searching For Cute Wee Ones

Gerber is launching its fifth annual "Be Our Baby" Photo Search.  To celebrate its mission to nourish happy and healthy babies, the baby food company is asking parents to submit a recent photo of their baby for a chance to win $50,000, one year of Gerber food and the opportunity for their child to star in a future advertisement for Gerber. In addition, Gerber is awarding $5,000 each to six winners in Gerber's Milestone categories – Birth+, Supported Sitter, Sitter, Crawler, Toddler and Toddler 2+. The entry with the highest number of votes in each milestone category will win.

Source: MediaPost 10/13/14

Brand Returns to New York For Another Art Exhibition That Promotes Less Soda, More Water Through Street Art

Drinking water has never been so cool! The brand WAT-AHH! is bottled water marketed specifically for children and teenagers.  The brand gives each bottle a hip design, causing kids to want to drink more water! The company linked up with non-profit Partnership for a Healthier America for its Drink Up initiative, which works to get both kids and adults to drink more water and less of the other stuff.  They reached out to street artists to create graffitied work based on the idea of hydration.

Source: PSFK 10/15/14

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