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South Dakota State Hosts World's Largest Pillow Fight

South Dakota State University hosted rival South Dakota, but another, more playful, battle occurred at the end of the first quarter when NSYNC's Joey Fatone and Super 8 motels led the crowd in setting a world record for largest pillow fight. Over 4,500 people joined in on the bedding battle at Coughlin-Alumni Stadium, easily breaking the previous record of 4,200, according Guinness Book. The event was part of Super 8's 40th anniversary celebration and the economy hotel chain chose the SDSU Jackrabbits due to the schools proximity to Aberdeen, S.D., site of the first of the chain's more than 2,400 locations. (client)

Source: Sports Illustrated 11/24/14

18,850 Pairs of Denim Turn Levi’s Stadium Into Actual ‘Field of Jeans’

 When Levi Strauss & Co. won the naming rights for the San Francisco 49ers' new stadium, fans nicknamed it the "Field of Jeans." Soon after, Levi’s trademarked the term and brought the phrase to a reality with a denim drive that brought in over 18,000 pairs of jeans. Levi’s ran the denim drive, asking fans to donate their used jeans to demonstrate the impact of recycling used clothing instead of sending it to the landfill. The donated jeans will be sent to Goodwill to benefit the nonprofit’s local job training programs.

Source: Mashable 11/24/14

American Girl Announces 'Share The Wonder of The Holidays' Giving Campaign

In the spirit of giving this holiday season, American Girl announced an unparalleled charitable giving program - ending Dec. 18 - through the Children's Hospital Association. American Girl will match any doll purchase made online, in-store or through the phone with an 18-inch doll donation (up to 1,000 dolls each day) as part of its 2014 “Share the Wonder of the Holidays” giving campaign. This donation will result in nearly $3 million and will bring comfort and joy to thousands of children and girls receiving medical care in 200 hospitals.

Source: Business Wire 11/25/14

Giant Cuckoo Clock Visits Vancouver

The Portland Oregon Visitors Association and Travel Portland created the tallest free-standing cuckoo clock in the Pacific Northwest. Carved from a single Oregon maple, in the national forest just outside Portland, the clock features references to a number of Portland icons—Mt. Hood, Portlandia, beer, wine, bikers, farmers markets, roses, rivers, bridges and even Sasquatch. The clock supports the “Portland is Happening Now” campaign to promote travel to Portland, and features hourly activations, including Portland-themed surprises, like coffee and donuts, a poetry reading, a comedian performance, a tax-free tea party and naked bike riders.

Source: The Vancouver Sun 11/20/14

Dads With Daughters Will Love This Christmas Ad From Dick's Sporting Goods

Get ready for a tear-jerker, this holiday spot from Dick's Sporting Goods is part of its "Gifts That Matter" campaign. A father buys his young daughter a basketball hoop and, through the years, it becomes part of the family's daily life and an icon of the neighborhood. This goes to show that we all have certain possessions, which often enter our lives as gifts during childhood and helped shape who we are today.

Source: AdWeek 11/24/14

This Company Dropped A Massive Axe on a Yellow Cab to Celebrate Its Newest Game

In celebration of the release of Warlords Of Draenor, the latest expansion pack to Blizzard Entertainment’s World of Warcraft multiplayer online phenomenon, the video game company made a warring statement in the heart of NYC after impaling a taxi cab with a giant axe straight from the game. The scene was blocked off with Warlord-branded police tape to keep passersby from getting too close and to promote the new game, which retails starting at $50.

Source: Business Insider 11/11/14

‘50 Shades of Grey’ Nail Polish is Coming

OPI nail lacquers will be releasing a limited edition collection of “50 Shades of Grey” themed polish. The shades include Dark Side of the Mood (a stormy charcoal), Cement the Deal (a cool gray), Embrace the Gray (a moody gray crème), My Silk Tie (a gleaming silver), Shine for Me (a shimmering metallic silver) and Romantically Involved (a deep red crème).  The limited edition bottles will hit select stores, salons and in January for $9.50 each.

Source: Yahoo! 11/19/14

McDonald’s Has Released an App to Protect Your French Fries

McDonald’s Canada has released the “Fry Defender,” an app designed to protect a user's french fry order from possible theft. The app turns the user's phone into a motion sensor and will detect if someone tries to reach in and a steal a fry. If the motion sensor is activated, a loud alarm will sound alerting the user and busting the thief.

Source: Fast Company 11/25/14

Fathers Are Thrilled Their Boys Are Men in Old Spice's 'Dadsong'

In a 60-second sequel to Old Spice’s “Momsong” ad, “Dadsong” showcases fathers happy that their boys are now turning into men, thanks to the brand’s female-luring body sprays. The advertisement is a showdown between mothers and fathers in a play-like format with amusing lyrics coming from both parents.

Source: AdWeek 11/24/14

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