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New Jersey Hospital Launches Health Center Modeled on Apple’s Genius Bar

Morristown Medical Center, a hospital affiliated with the Atlantic Health System, recently launched HealtheConnect, an app bar modeled after Apple’s Genius Bar to empower patients to improve their health management using health technology. Conveniently located off the hospital lobby and staffed with a full-time specialist, the app bar will provide patients with guidance for using health-specific mobile apps and technology recommended by physicians. (client)

Source: PSFK 12/15/14

ABC Family is Bringing 'Lizzie McGuire' And More Classic Favorites Back to TV For a Week That Will Keep You Up Late

ABC Family is giving its fans a blast from the past and the chance to re-watch their favorite tween shows. “That’s So Throwback” programming will feature Disney Channel classic comedy series like “Lizzie McGuire,” “That’s So Raven,” “Even Stevens” as well as original movies like “The Cheetah Girls.” The nostalgia begins Monday, Dec. 29 and ends Friday, Jan. 2 at 2 a.m.

Source: Bustle 12/26/14

Andes Beer Bottles Have QR Codes That Reveal Unique Video Messages

Argentinian beer brand, Andes, has launched the "Message in a Bottle" video promotion. Using QR code technology, bottles of Andes beer are imprinted with a code that links to a unique video created by a consumer. When the consumer shares their bottles with friends they can scan the QR code and the video linked to that QR code is played. Once the person for whom the video is intended watches it, the video is automatically removed from the cloud.

Source: DamnGeeky 12/27/14

Pinterest Pushing Deeper Into Ads

On New Year's Day Pinterest will start selling ads to marketers. The new ads will look similar to current content on the site and brands will be able to pay to create a Promoted Pin ad to target certain groups of people based on their location, sex and the type of topic they have shown interest in.

Source: The New York Times 12/28/14

Netflix Countdown Will Help Parents Fool Kids on New Year's Eve

Netflix streaming service has launched an on-demand New Year's Eve special just for families. The animated three-minute New Year's Eve countdown stars characters from the film Madagascar and can be played anytime! Now parents can get their kids into bed early, while still allowing the whole family to ring in the new year

Source: CNNMoney 12/29/14

With a Night Campaign, Kellogg’s Aims For Snappier Sales

Kellogg’s has launched a new commercial that begins with the sounds of crickets and the exterior of a house in the middle of the night. Inside the house, a table is set with bowls, spoons and boxes of Kellogg’s cereals. The goal of the ad is to encourage consumers to plan for breakfast the night before and encourage existing consumers to restock sooner. In order to have the message reach the target consumers at the intended time, Kellogg’s will decrease running this commercial during the afternoon and morning (a typical time for cereal marketers) and increase the frequency of the commercial during the prime time evening time slots.

Source: The New York Times 12/17/14

MTA Targets 'Manspreading' in New NYC Campaign

Manspreading, the phenomenon of men spreading their legs too wide and taking up nearly two seats on the subway, is an issue among subway regulars. To combat this, posters around subway stops in New York of men committing this hated act are captioned with, "Dude… Stop the Spread, Please." This comes as a part of the MTA’s newest campaign titled, "Courtesy Counts, Manners Make a Better Ride."

Source: USA Today 12/23/14

New Target Ad Features Adorable Toddler With Down Syndrome

The retail giant, Target, has released an ad featuring Izzy Bradley, a toddler with Down syndrome. Target contacted the Down Syndrome Diagnosis Network (DSDN) to see if it had pictures of any children that would be willing to model. DSDN is an organization that provides information and support to parents whose children are born with Down syndrome. Izzy was selected and took part in a photo shoot. The advertisement is a huge step in raising awareness about the genetic condition and hopes are that this will inspire other children with Down syndrome.

Source: People 12/20/14

Kodak Wants to Reinvent Itself as an Android Brand

Kodak, the company best known for its film and cameras is joining the Android smartphone game. With plans still in the works, the company intends to show off its first device at the 2015 International CES. A major focus in the announcement is the user interface, which Kodak promises will be focused on users seeking a high-end device without a complicated interface. Kodak is also promising a tablet and connected camera.

Source: Gizmag 12/27/14

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