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Weight Watchers Unveils 'World of Food' in New Ads

Weight Watchers launched its new ad, “World of Food.” The ad depicts a world in which food is everywhere – from keyboards made out of cheese, water coolers that release jelly beans and a phone made out of chocolate. The goal of the ad is to convey the complex relationship people have with food and to generate demand for Weight Watchers’ latest offering, personalized one-on-one coaching with an expert that is available to all members.

Source: AdAge 12/24/14

How Timberland Used Customer Data to Reboot Its Brand

Timberland surveyed 18,000 people, across eight countries over the course of two years to diagnose its problems and zero in on its ideal customers. The end result produced a profile of an urban dweller with a casual interest in the outdoors.  Using this data, the brand revamped its advertising to emphasize its commitment to performance and sustainability.

Source: The Washington Post 1/2/15

PlayStation Offers Holiday 'Thank You' After Lizard Squad Attack

PlayStation experienced a nasty viral attack over the holidays, costing gamers precious playtime. In response to this attack, the company is now offering to make it up to loyal subscribers. PlayStation Plus members who had an active or trial membership during the network outage will receive an automatic extension of five days. The brand also plans to give gamers a one-time 10 percent discount code to use this month in the PlayStation store.

Source: ABC News 1/2/15

Whirlpool Says Stainless is Out, Sunset Bronze is in

Whirlpool is replacing stainless steel appliances and introducing "Sunset Bronze," a warm, golden hue designed to create a distinctive look while matching existing kitchen designs. Whirlpool is debuting the new color at the 2015 International CES and will make the color available across an entire lineup of kitchen appliances, known collectively as the Sunset Bronze Kitchen Suite.

Source: 1/4/15

Can an App Cure Your Fear of Flying?

Japan's All Nippon Airways developed an app to help fliers cope with their flying anxiety.  Based on more than 1,000 passenger surveys, ANA determined that most people experience the highest level of discomfort during takeoff and to alleviate some of the anxiety passengers will listen to music or play games. With those data points in mind, ANA created the Takeoff Mode App, a relatively engaging game with some relaxing ambient noises, hoping to distract players during stressful moments while aboard a plane.

Source: Fast Company 1/5/15

Girl Scouts Add 3 New Cookies to Iconic Lineup

The Girl Scouts are adding three new cookies varieties to its lineup this year. Rah-Rah Raisins, an oatmeal cookie, Trios, a gluten-free peanut butter oatmeal cookie, and Toffee-tastics, a gluten-free butter cookie with toffee pieces, are the three new flavors for the 2015 cookie season, which embrace the latest food trends. The inclusion of gluten-free cookies for the first time nationwide speaks to the rise in gluten-free lifestyles across America.

Source: ABC News 1/5/15

This Smart Baby Bottle Holder Monitors Food Intake

The Baby GiGL by Slow Control helps parents keep track of how much and how fast their baby is drinking. The smart bottle works with an app to give feedback on how to properly hold the bottle at a particular angle so the baby doesn't swallow air and send an alert if there are lumps clogging the bottle. If a baby is left with a nanny or sitter, parents can receive an alert on their smartphone that reveals data about the feeding, such as time and quantity consumed.

Source: Mashable 1/5/15

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