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Latin Burgers Crush it at South Beach Wine And Food Festival’s Burger Bash

This year’s South Beach Wine and Food Festival hosted its 9th Annual Burger Bash, and Latin flair was definitely the theme of the night! Celebrity chef Marc Murphy helped declare chef Michell Sanchez of Latin House Grill in Miami the winner of Red Robin’s Best of the Bash Award. Sanchez also received $10,000 for his Mexican-inspired Madlove Champ burger, which combined brisket, chuck and sirloin burger with three cheeses, Applewood maple-glazed bacon, butter lettuce, plum tomatoes, avocado and candied jalapeno. (client)

Source: 2/21/15

Starbucks' New Twists: Iced Coffee From a Keurig, Protein in Your Joe

Starbucks has announced two new innovations that will be hitting shelves this spring. For iced coffee lovers, Starbucks has designed a concentrated K-Cup for Keurig. After the hot coffee is brewed, ice can be added, creating the perfect ice coffee mix. Next up is the Doubleshot, which has both caffeine and 20 grams of protein, perfect for early gym-goer!

Source: TODAY 2/26/15

Kylie Jenner Requests Lucky Charms Marshmallows Only – And Receives a One-of-a-Kind Box

Kylie Jenner made a wish on Instagram, and it came true! After expressing her love for Lucky Charms marshmallows in a post, the quick minds (or leprechauns) at General Mills responded by sending her a customized box containing only marshmallows. However, this isn't the first time the brand has sent a "marshmallows only" box to a celeb; Blake Shelton and Jessie Pitts have also received boxes for mentioning the brand.

Source: 2/24/15

Cottonelle Wants You to 'Go Commando' With a Butt so Clean it Doesn’t Need Undies

Cottonelle is waging a war against underwear! The brand claims its CleanRipple texture imparts a clean so superior that it’s confident that you can walk around without underwear. Cottonelle has hired a documentary filmmaker to intercept random people who’ve just used the toilet and ask them to go commando – they receive an undies storage bag and some Cottonelle for participating.

Source: Adweek 2/24/15

JetBlue Starts its Own Kindness Campaign

JetBlue’s new campaign, Flying it Forward, is one small but very powerful initiative. It is essentially a free flight that’s been passed from one person to another, to another and so on. It all started when the airline didn’t charge Tameka Lawson for her flight to New York to represent her nonprofit at a conference. The condition was that she had to pass along the flight to another deserving passenger. The effort is now 10 free-flying passengers deep.

Source: PR Daily 2/25/15

Lands' End Offers Trip to British Virgin Isles

Warm weather and bathing suit season is almost upon us, and Lands’ End is offering consumers a trip to the ultimate swimsuit destination. As part of the Lands’ End Getaway Tour, the company is offering a chance to win a getaway trip for two to the British Virgin Islands. Consumers can enter The Lands' End Getaway Tour Sweepstakes until April 1 at

Source: MediaPost 2/24/15

TOMS Debuts a New Line of Bags With a Purpose

Each year, 40 million mothers give birth in unsafe conditions. Inspired by this staggering number, TOMS has launched a line of handbags. The handmade line includes travel-inspired backpacks, duffles, campus and tech bags. Each bag adheres to TOMS' one-for-one purchasing policy; when a bag is purchased, TOMS will provide a birth kit and training to medical staff.

Source: StyleBistro 2/27/15

Google Launches ‘YouTube Kids,’ a New Family-Friendly App

Google has launched the "YouTube Kids" app, a family-friendly version of YouTube, available on iOS and Android. YouTube Kids limits content to family-friendly videos, channels and educational clips, including such titles as Thomas the Tank Engine, Reading Rainbow and National Geographic Kids. The service also offers parental control options, allowing children to safely find videos on topics they want to explore.

Source: Wired 2/23/15

Dove Tackles Cyberbullying in #SpeakBeautiful Campaign

Dove is taking a stand against cyberbullying and has recruited Twitter for help. The beauty brand unveiled its newest campaign, #SpeakBeautiful, encouraging users to send positive and supportive messages in an attempt to rid cyberbullying from the social media platform. Additionally, every time a negative tweet is posted, the technology developed by Twitter and Dove will cancel out the post and then reply to the tweet with constructive advice from the brand’s self-esteem experts.

Source: InStyle 2/23/15

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